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Gottlieb resigns


Good thing/Bad thing?
Devil You Know/Devil you don’t?

I dunno!


Lets hope he wont be replaced with one that is worse!


Good point @woftam

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True that on the devil part.

Of course I am wishing on fishes that whoever fils the spot looks at vaping with new eyes and sees the complete picture outside of all the politics and big money.


Ya that would be nice but …

I just hope it is someone who can read statistics and refrain from making shit up


The commissioner is appointed by the president of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate.

What is Trump’s stance on vaping? Does it matter? Whoever writes the biggest check?




Whoever big pharma wants as FDA head, will be FDA head.


Very well said. :rofl:
I concur.

/generally speaking
Well, he got his back-channel payday I’m sure…
Guess it’s time to cycle the next sycophant in for theirs. sigh

I can see the orange spray paint on the wall.


I wrote a big check - don’t think it will work


I can’t imagine the next person would be better sorry , but our Department heads havent been the greatest lately


…couldn’t have stated the future outcome any better myself. :smirk:

If I just had an address, I would religiously send Gottlieb’s 3 Daughers Juul kits for their birthdays every year… :birthday: XOXO :tada: Uncle Kinnikinnick :kissing_heart::dash:


I’m glad and scared at the same time. :anguished:


Looks like it may be a good time for a massive twitter pro vape campaign with trump tagged.


One of Gottlieb’s first initiatives was to overhaul the agency’s tobacco policies. He introduced a sweeping plan in the summer of 2017 to lower the nicotine in combustible cigarettes to minimally or non-addictive levels while trying to get more adult smokers to switch to e-cigarettes.

Really :question:


I don’t believe in coincidences…

On Tues Feb 26, 2019 there was a very high profile Senate committee hearing diving into corrupt business practices of big-pharma

7 days later On Monday March 5 2019 the head of the FDA (Scott Gottlieb) resigns his post because, he says, the commute from his home to his office in DC was “just too stressful on his family”. No other reason for the resignation he claims.

I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, … Scott Gottlieb needs to consider the words of Jai Haze who famously sez , “I’ve kept it real have you ?”