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Greek Yogurt?


well i was wondering if someone could give me any ideas for yogurt recipes, maybe a yogurt stone or any creams or other flavors that could combine well with it… thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

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Theres a metric ton of recipes containing yogurt on the recipe side and all you have to do is to use the search function to find them.



tyvm sir :slight_smile:

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I just tried this yogurt for the first time, and it’s the best ever! I’m going to take some time and try to replicate it. I’ll let you know if I find a good combination of flavors to use.



here’s a yogurt base i work with, i love to mix with Mango,Berries, or nuts - pistachio especially… possibilities and variations are really endless.
i’m not an expert and this is really work-in-progress, i keep adjusting it, but hope this helps as a starting point

the core flavor here is the Yogurt FA, and the Cream Fresh ups the “milkiness” - the other flavors provide sweetness and creaminess - so you can play around with these to your preference. also add Sweetener to you preference - or a Sour note.

2% Caramel (FA)
0.5% Cream Fresh (FA)
2% DX Bavarian Cream (TPA)
3% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
2% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) [optional, can also use TPA VBIC]
3% Yogurt (Old) (FA)

Flavor total: 12.5%



thank you very much sir :slight_smile: this is almost what i was looking for… :slight_smile: thank you very much )



it seems tasty :slight_smile:

just a note: though never tasted it… keep in mind that REAL greek yogurt comes out from sheep or goat milk… not cowmilk :stuck_out_tongue:



I did not know that! That sounds much better. I’m a big fan of goat’s cheese, so I’ll probably dig some sheep’s yogurt. Might have to poke around the fresh market/whole foods type places and try to find some. This one is delicious, though. Thanks for the info!



that was just the useless info i could give you :stuck_out_tongue:

greek people never really had a tradition with cows… on the other hand the industry is using cows because they are make more profit… (they can produce more milk/day while they produce more meat at the same time while the cycle of fertility is the same… they give birth to like 1 or 2 animals per time) but the original products are coming from goats and sheep… :slight_smile:

when it comes to mix flavors of course isn’t an issue… we work with whatever we can find and tastes better in our pallate :slight_smile:



Just the other day Fresh03 & Brian had a nice mixing show about Yogurts if your interested.

Fresh From The Kitchen Lesson 28-Creamy Yogurt In Your Mouth



tyvm :slight_smile: i will check it right away :slight_smile:



@Amorphia, i suggest you also try this recipe http://tjek.nu/r/cK1j

adapted from this recipe by @Chewy (big thanks!) with a slight tweak - it’s one of the best fruit yogurty mixes i tried so far once it steeps well.

feel free to use the same base and get creative with the fruit you mix it with … good luck!



thank you sir :slight_smile: i will try to get the flavors and test it :slight_smile: looks delicious :slight_smile: just one question
can Boysenberry (Flavorah) be swithed with another one at your knowledge? unfortunately i am not sure i will be able to find in local stores here… so for making it faster could you suggest any good alternative? thank you very much :slight_smile:

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for me the Boysenberry augments the Strawberry flavor with that “different” berry note - so you can drop it and up the Red Touch another 1%, or you can use something like Blueberry Jam CAP, same % - either won’t be the same but should still be nice. really up to you, the Yogurt would still be there :slight_smile:



ofcourse i don’t expect to be the same by asking for a good alternative…
but since i don’t need to order right now some big quantity of flavors from sites outside of Greece because i can’t find it here my options are finding a good alternative for it OR waiting until i need to make a an order unfortunately…
thank you very much sir :slight_smile:



understood. pls share back your findings for my learning too. that would be great.
it’s the same here…
we don’t have any of these flavor brands locally - so what i do is, i keep a running table of (next order), and keep adding to it flavors that others here like or i’d like to try next (or running out of), and when that list hits 25-30, i make a new order with ChefFlavor. it became my go-to shop given the variety, price and speed of delivery (with DHL) - i knew about them here in ELR :slight_smile:
cheers and good luck!



I just got organic yogurt extract NF in the mail, RF yogurt is on the way. Can’t wait to dial these in and hopefully have some good results to share.



i will m8 :wink: thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

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This is a good one if you get these flavors in. 1st attempt on this, surprisingly, pretty much nailed it. Only 6 days in and it’s pretty darned realistic.



seems really very very promissing… though there’s no chance to find the flavors localy :frowning: dang… :frowning:

though waiting to get paid to try @TheFlavorSeeker 's recipe :slight_smile:
thank you very much for your time :slight_smile: