Gremlin DIY

Anybody else use these guys? I have purchased from them a few times and so far so good. They have some good discounts usually. But I was hoping we could get daath to get us a permanent discount.

We now have a permanent discount code for 5%: ELRECIPES


I like the fact that I can get Flavorah Vanilla Custard for 5.49 15ml there. Flavorah’s site has that flavor for 7.49 15ml.


Yeah, and they sell flavors you can’t get on Flavorah’s site yet unless you have a wholesale account.

I have been waiting what seems like forever to buy Chocolate Deutch. Gremlin has it along with some other unavailable flavors.


I am fairly sure it is but just in case is this the place your talking about.


I just placed my first order with them on Christmas day. Held off for the 20% discount.

It would be really nice if you could get a permanent discount code. I don’t want to have to hover over the site watching for sales.


Yes, it is…

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Yup, that’s it santa. If you catch a sale there they have pretty good deals.

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Looking it over now. I figured this was it but I suck with internet searches (always seem to find the wrong stuff) so wanted to make sure.

As time goes on with vaping I am finding myself in need of customer service occasionally I am finding most vaping related sites suck at customer service so I am relying on what others recommend here on ELR more and more.

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What I have found is that when other sites are out of stock, these guys usually have it. So I buy from them when I need something I can’t find. And when I do I usually migrate my cart from other sites to here and just purchase it all in one stop.

That is what I have been having issues with. I can never seem to find what I need at 1 place and be able to order enough to get free shipping

Highly reputable vendor, i used to order ejuice from them. They are pretty new to the whole DIY supply stuff but they busted their butts getting that store ready with everything they could before it launched. Ill look around the DIY sub and see if there is any perm discount over there.


Bronuts by ENYAWREKLAW listed as a flavor and if you order it you get all the flavors in 15ml bottles Problem with that and coming from someone that makes it regularly is you are not going to make much with only 15ml bottle of Chocolate Glazed Doughnut CAP

So just to see I have been trying to get every flavor for Alisa’s bust a nut and at ECX and BCV so far for the past 3 months I have not been able to get all of them.

Just now on Gremlin it is the same and also of the ones they do have 30ml is in stock but 120ml size is not. No Butter Pecan FW and no Sweet Cream FW and the SC is the one I am missing after 3 months of trying to include it in a once a month order from either ECX or BCV

I am not saying anything bad just pointing out nobody seems to have all the flavors for bust a nut anyway at least when I go to order once a month.

You can order direct from FlavorWest, if you just want the bust-a-nut flavorings right now.


That is my plan now that I know how amazing it taste probably have 2 tanks left can’t stop vaping this stuff.

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My cart has all 5 flavorings @4 oz (120ml) each. (Marshmallow instead of Sweetener though)
$45 after shipping is added.
I’ll be pushing that ‘checkout’ button on Thursday. lol

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Yea I was going to wait until February to order anything but I have decided to order for bust a nut on the first of the month but there are a few FW flavors I need to re-stock so will go direct to them for that.

Again thank you so much for the samples and I truly like them all I vaped 1 tank of each over the weekend and put the rest up to age a little but the Bust A Nut I just can not stop vaping Love it


Even Santa needs a gift now and then! :slightly_smiling:


I just wished more people thought that way

All I ever hear is I want I want I want

LOL Just Joking y’all


Bust-a-Nut (Clean)

0.25% Acetyl Pyrazine 5%
4% Butter Pecan (FW)
0.5% CARMEL (FA)
2% Custard (FA)
1% Hazelnut (FA)
1% Marshmallow (FA)
1.5% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 10.25%

Trying your Bust a Nut this way to make it clean :slight_smile:

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Let us know how that works out!

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