Ground coffee steeped in propylene glycol?

Has any one ground coffee beans and steeped it in propylene glycol? I did…
it is interesting to say the least. it is not bad. Though it does not taste like coffee, it does have a very nice earthy undertone.
I am wondering if it will go bad. will it have a limited shelf life? does any one know?


Yes, we’ve had a few similar threads before :slightly_smiling:

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thanks. i will check them out

I do a lot of work with an organic solvent called hexane. It is the prime component of gasoline, but it is also widely used to extract active substances from food…and as I am reading lately, drugs.

That said, I have been considering doing an extraction from coffee (I roast my own and am very particular) using hexane and probably polishI g in ethanol. I also have a couple of lbs of tobacco that I’m Interested in trying this way.

One thing I will note, prior to the link, is that I do not believe chemical purity (eg 99.x%) is the main concern with these methods. Instead I believe it to be evaporation residue. If whatever contamination is more or less as volatile as hexane, who cares? It will be driven off along with the hexane. I see this all the time (I clean laser optics) with acetone. The purest, most expensive acetone you can buy often leaves behind a film of contamination. There areally several possible explanations, but you cannot find acetone with a lower evap. residue than hexane.

Final warnings, use at your own risk, I actually am pretty expert at chemical processes. So what I do may not be safe for you. Alcohol is definitely safer, but still burns invisibly, so be careful! As you look into these extractions you will find a lot of references to various drugs, Marijuana and meth in particular, so FYI there.

Ah, one more thing! DO NOT use methanol! I don’t care what the Internet says it is a very dangerous alcohol that directly attacks your optic nerve. I personally know a PhD chemist harmed by chronic exposure. . .you won’t like it.


I too am quite familiar with these substances and have done various extractions on tobacco. Hexane, Butane, Alcohol, and just plain old good soaking in a base. I found that the flavor i got from each solvent to vary a bit as I believe they strip different properties of the materials. The only thing that bothers me about these processes is that I haven’t done the proper research yet to see how much nicotine im extracting with these methods :confused:

I do agree with you that the evaporation of the solvent is essentially more important than the purity in the beginning. I use mild heat and a vacuum chamber to eliminate residual solvents


…nice to see a few more adventurous NET folks! :wink:


Butane and tobacco… Sounds like an adventure haha… Maybe co2 extraction is the way to go for tobacco, just a little bit expensive haha.
And yes I’ve tried soaking and heating fresh grounds and the results weren’t bad at all. Just not coffee flavor I was hoping for, but not bad at all. I made a few bottles but wishing id waited for more flavors in my stash, probably would have blended well with a couple creams and vanilla.

They butane worked amazingly with some orange peels I was saving! it made the most delicious orange oil, super potent and spot on flavor! Ive done co2 extractions as well :wink: though I dont own the equipment so I have less experience. I personally think that the results through chemical extraction were better than the use of supercritical fluids but again I havent had enough experience to properly give my thoughts

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I did my own but was actually afraid to use it much LOL it definitely smelled and tasted like coffee in the one recipe I used it in, but I bought FA espresso because I didn’t want to freak myself out worrying it might not be good for me LOL

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@Oldmeat123 has a recipe where he tells you the recipe of the coffee diy maybe he can expand on it.


It does have a shelf life. Keep it in the fridge and it should last about a month. Stronger coffees work best and in a higher quantity in solution. In other words, make it really strong and adjust usage just like any other flavoring. Hope that helps.


I did a small PG extraction from Brazil Minas grounds. Started with 40ml and got 13ml of very dark and pretty tasty extract.
Mixed that with 50/50 at 5% and it’s enjoyable. Coffee obviously, but maybe hints of wood and tobacco in there. And earthy as another poster said. Reminded me of the smell of a turkish coffee near the bottom of the cup.

Vaped it on the way to work today. :slight_smile:

Does it induce a caffeine like buzz?

5prock3t… yes the caffeine is there. i don’t know about the “buzz”.

I didn’t pick up any caffeine effect. My understanding is either the caffeine alkaloids are degraded by the heat or are not absorbed by inhalation.