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Guess what I got


I bet you was thinking about something nice, guess again, this ain’t vapemail.
Dayam your a good gesser,



And another not so free ER visit and hospital stay.


Well doesn’t that just


oh no! That’s terrible @CosmicTruth!


Lmao! :joy: Oh my Lord!


Sry to hear, hope its not a long stay but for the best, get well soon.


Get well soon. Did you opt for the shoot in the buttocks?


Take care of yourself man (or let them pretty nurses do it). Hope you feel better soon.
I had it when I was still smoking… made me quit effortlessly for a week… no fun :frowning:





Oh wow @CosmicTruth the double P’s doesn’t sound fun at all. Sorry to hear that brother.


That’s sad to hear, man. I hope you’ll get better soon @CosmicTruth .


Get better. We need you here! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Really sorry to hear this. All our best wishes that you pull out of this soon. Not what you needed to happen, that sucks!


Feel better soon brother. Get as much rest as you need and listen to your doctor(s)!


Sorry to hear that brother. I’ve suffered through many bouts of that horrible shit.
Would rather have my junk pounded flat with a mallet than go through that again!
Get well soon! :blush:


Oh Boy :boy:
Sorry to hear that, take care of yourself.
Here’s to a speedy recovery :ok_hand:


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Well I guess I’ve never had Pneumonia !! lmao

Get well @CosmicTruth


May your recovery be speedy!:tea:


Best wishes to get well soon. :+1: