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Guess what I got


Sorry to hear. Hoping you have a speedy recovery.
Get well buddy.


That’s what the doctors are telling me. It’s painful,it has to run it’s course, I have to use large doses of pain meds and breathe as deep as I can


Best wishes to you. I dont know how you feel as i have not had it but last year the better half was wrongly diagnosed for several days until the doctors ordered an xray. One xray later, Low and behold the mrs was then diagnosed with pneumonia and in hospital for just over a week on a mixture of different meds.
Rest up and i hope you are up and running in no time. :+1:


All the best, CT! Get well soon!


Do your exercises and you’ll feel better.


…Looks like @Cutlass92 is recommending that new antibiotic …Buttsaflexin
Rest Up!


Hope you feel better soon @CosmicTruth…those damn human viruses can be quite the bitch!!!


Wishing you s speedy recovery!
Remember Aliens have special healing powers. :alien:


I’ve seen that movie, and I think I’d rather have the pneumonia!


I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. It’s those damn pesky human bugs, man! You gotta remember to use your rebreather when you’re out in public-Your alien body can’t take our germs!

Hope you get well quickly and with less pain!


Thanks, I am getting better… No one can be worse than your predicament, but I gotta ask, did you get the wire?


Sending healing thoughts and wishing you a speedy recovery. Pleurisy is miserable.


CRAP! Yes, I did. Thank you! I’ve been meaning to do a big Thank You post to everyone, but things are still so damn crazy right now that by the time I think of it, it’s 0-dark-thirty and I’m so tired I’m seeing dead relatives riding pink elephants!

I’m going to get on that tonight. I’ll carve some time out. Scout’s Honor. Now hurry up and get better-There’s probing to be done!


Today they installed a drain, it drained well at first, but now it’s just something more in the way, causing more pain


This is a horrible thing to hear. Get well soon. I know its no fun at all…best wishes.


Hate hear you are going through this. Hopefully the drain will come out soon.


How are you feeling today? Are you still in the hospital?


Feel better real quick!


Dang, had double pneumonia couple years ago. Felt better couple weeks later but took another 6 mo to get back to speed. Take care and don’t rush it. It’ll get there


Yeah still in the hospital. Taking myself off the injectable pain meds today. Yesterday they pulled the drain tube.