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Guess what I got


Betcha can’t wait to get home and fire up your mod! lol :grin:


Dr. Bo sez take a small flat bowl and add a teaspoon of Kosher Salt (coarse) Peel about 3-4 large cloves of raw garlic. Mash in the bowl using the salt to help grind. Add a TBLSpoon (or more) of softened butter and mix. Spread generously on some nice Italian/French bread (maybe some Parmesan cheese :wink: ) and broil till golden. Eat it all. Repeat. Ask your Dr. if salt+butter+garlic+mass carbs has any health or drug interaction with your current health condition or treatment and skip attempting to kiss any Significant Others during “treatment”.
Get Well Soon!


I’m home, but still down. Hope I can get up and around over the next week’s. Hope I can get my appetite back to try @BoDarc garlic bread


Glad to hear that you’re finally starting to be on the mend. Sorry for all you’ve had to endure, but glad you’re getting back on track!


Good to hear that you are home. Hopefully getting better will move along more quickly now.


Good to here you are back at home for Christmas. Happy Christmas to you and your family.