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Gummy Concentrate Best of


I have gone through a few gummy concentrates and none have really caught my attention, thus far.

So far I have tried:

Gummy Candy (PG) Tpa
Jelly Candy CAP
Gummy Candy PUR
Jelly Candy PUR
Sour Gummy RF SC

Tpa was harsh and not very accurate. Jelly Candy CAP is the most used so far, I have really come to enjoy that one. I still haven’t quite found a happy level with the PUR concentrates. I have yet to try OoO Gummy as I have not heard anyone’s experience with it.

I have no idea how to make a vote maybe @JoJo or @Ken_O_Where could help me out, but I want to know what everyone’s most used flavor is for creating a gummy profile. Something that actually tastes like gummies and not just sweetness. A lot of these taste kind of cloudy whereas I am looking for that clear tasting gummy.



What is your most used flavor for creating a gummy profile?

  • Gummy Candy (PG) Tpa
  • Jelly Candy CAP
  • Gummy Candy PUR
  • Jelly CAndy PUR
  • Sour Gummy RF SC
  • Other (please specify below)

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Have tried gush clone? http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/349185/Gush%20Clone

FW gummy candy is pretty good. I also liked a few Swedish fish flavors that I feel like gave a gummy kind of feel to them. TFA and RF Swedish gummy were both pretty good.

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Now that there is something i have never done, I apologize for not being helpful. Looks like it is taken care of tho.


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I’ve got some bickford gummy but have yet to try. As soon as I do, I’ll send word

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Ok warning, flavorist trade secret alert… You can make your own gummy flavor at home using flavors you already have :smiley:

Combine grape with cherry to mimic gummy bears


Blend Watermelon, Raspberry, and a hint of strawberry to get a jelly bean type blend.



:wink: shhh we won’t tell! I thought the “gummy” flavor included some mouthfeel component …no?

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A few items combine in those flavors to give that mouth feel :stuck_out_tongue:



oops wrong thread



Thx @Walt_RealFlavors …you are The Sauce Boss! :sunglasses:



It’s not specifically a “gummy” flavor, but Flavorah’s candy roll tastes like gummy bears to me. :slight_smile:



I have a peach gummy from flavorah. It creates a good gummy profile for me anyway :slight_smile:

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I think candy roll tastes like smarties haha. Just another proof that taste is super subjective!



sour candy roll

Don’t I remember seeing a flavor profile for a concentrate resembling this?
Like a sour candy roll or etc, not the FLV Candy roll that’s supposed to be smarties candy, but a gummy candy roll like fruit by the foot-ish.



Strawberry (Sour Belt) OOO- https://www.oooflavors.com/products/strawberry-sour-belts-flavor

Sour Gummy (Real Flavors) - https://www.diy-ejuice.com/Sour-Gummy-by-Real-Flavors-p/real-sourgummy.htm

What I Could find so far. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got some of Capella’s Silverline 27 Bears coming from NR. Haven’t played with gummy flavors before but the reviews on it seem promising…

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LB has a sour gummy flavor now. It’s not exactly sour, but it’s not bad. My final notes say “Bright, sour, waxy, fruity, gummy. Not bad for what it is but I don’t see myself using it all that often.”

NicVape’s Gummy Candy definitely gives that gummy vibe/feeling but it doesn’t have much actual flavor. Their white gummy tastes like a pineapple gummy bear. I was pretty impressed with it.

Purilum’s Gummy Candy tasted like smarties to me at first and then it started to get more of a gummy vibe. In the end, it tasted like the kind of gummy jelly candies you buy at an asian market.

@Laura5 you’re right, candy roll also tasted like smarties to me. Kind of a smartie flavored gummy bear. LoL Which seems like an oxymoron cuz gummy bears are gummy and smarties are chalky. :woman_shrugging:



Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) is an old candy flavoring …guessing could be a simple 3 flav gummy with your choice of Sour …might taste predictably familiar

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I use 27 bears silverline cap
27 fish silverline, cap
Dragon fruit
Crazy fruit fa
Forest fruits fa
Cactus inw, .
blueberry candy TFA
And many other fruity flavours
To mix up a lot of different gummy types,
Forest fruits 27 fish an 27 bears work’s well together then a few drops of cactus and dragon fruit for 1 of my mixes



First time I’ve seen this thread. Thanks for reviving it, @Heavy_handed!

Going to try Walt’s trade secrets and see how it goes.