Hack: Firmware adds working clock to eVic VTC Mini like VTwo's

I was discussing with MicroSir some of the new Hacked VTC firmware and ClockSelect commented on his work, here is a bit of the discussion:

Am I reading correctly that @ClockSelects recent hacked firmware will display a working adjustable clock for eVic VTC Mini?

@CosmicTruth: That’s correct.

This looks like a pretty thorough rewrite of the eVic VTC Mini firmware with added functions and a working clock. I’m not brave enough to install it yet but Thought you all might want to read the features of this Hacked firmware, and if your brave install it?
Please let me know if it bricks your Mini so I can avoid installing it.


@jojo I know you wanted Joyetech to make this, but it looks like someone beat them to it…

I haven’t tried it, and since I never use the clock on my VTwo it doesn’t interest me much, but it looks like is has the ability to manually reset your resistance…

Seems that would be nice for when it gets stuck on the value of an old coil and you know your new coil is a different resistance, but I’m not quite bold enough to install it just for that.


Seems to work okay. I just installed it and messed around with it a little. It’ll definitely take some getting used to, but no bricking. Time will tell how well the clock stays in sync.

Couple issues: On some of the menus, holding the + button doesn’t scroll; date format is dd/mm/yyyy and no way to change it; you have to go into a menu to change between C and F as it doesn’t scroll past to change anymore; the display sleeps really quickly when you’re editing settings so you have to be kinda quick.

Will report back, but so far I really like it.

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hehe thats for sure
but from the readme:

Clk Speed

For owners of VTC mini (useless for VTwo owners) The VTC mini does not have the needed 32kHz crystal soldered on the pcb to regulate the clock speed; so, another time source is used to drive the clock. Since its frequency is quite different, a clock speed ratio is needed to regulate the clock. As long as the box is awake (you’re using it), the clock is regulated by the external 12.000MHz crystal, which is an accurate time source. Problem arises when the box enters sleep mode, since the crystal is switched off and the only clock source is the somewhat unreliable 10kHz internal oscillator of the processor. Clock drift mostly occurs when the box is switched off or sleeping.

The procedure to adjust the clock speed ratio is as follow:

First, setup time accurately via the date/time menu or the “evic-usb time” command line.
Let the box enter sleep mode (leave it alone or switch it off) for several hours. I suggest you’re doing this before sleeping yourself.
Awake the box and go into the “Clk Speed” menu; do not let the box enter sleep mode again in between, or you’ll have to redo the whole thing.
Using + and - buttons, adjust the time shown on top of the screen to catch up the real time. The number shown in the center of the screen is the clock speed ratio; reasonable values should be around 32~34000.
Once you have adjusted the time to the real time, click fire to save the new clock speed ratio. Your clock should now be as accurate as it can. If not, try to repeat the procedure. Accuracy of a few seconds per day can be achieved this way.

I saw that. Sounds like a lot of work for a couple seconds. Maybe wind up having to do it once a month or so. I mean, if it’s only a couple seconds a day, a month would make it a minute off. I can live with that.

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