Happy Accident

So I reuse all my plastic bottles the biggest problem is getting all the sticky label residue off. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work 100% so I just gave up and started using blue painters tape to make labels because it was big enough to cover the sticky glue. This morning it’s time to mix so I start to clean bottles peeling off the blue tape. After being on there for two weeks it was very easy to get off the bottle when it came off all the sticky old glue came with it. My old sticky bottles are like brand new :slight_smile:


Yup, painters tape works great. It is designed not to leave residue. Does soak liquid a bit though.


Did I mention sharpies, and the 10€ milligramme scales from Amazon/eBay/‘the sex shop’(according to one of the forum’s member)


I only use Ghetto Brand masking tape for my labels. :sunglasses:
The problem with plastic bottles is they are porous, to a certain degree. That means they will trap any residual flavors/aromas regardless of how clean they are. I’ve re-used plastic also but only for the same or similar flavors.


Yup I’ve noticed that about plastic bottles… I made a POG flavor for my girlfriend ( God it was nasty ) it stunk up the house and ruined all the plastic it came into contact with…eventually it went down the drain the bottles in the trash.


Oops, that was for Zen.


I’m glad you found a fix… But I thought I’d offer the following tip!

Goo Gone works wonders, and I can only think of 2 or 3 instances over 30+ years of use where it didn’t work for very particular adhesives.


It’s found just about anywhere (Walmart, target, hardware stores, etc), and it’s cheap.

The only downside is that it leaves an oily residue. You can easily clean that though with some rubbing alcohol, windex, or simple soap (dawn) and water.

Also. While I’m sharing tips lol…

If you’ve ever used a Sharpie on a solid surface, you can can remove it in seconds by spraying Lysol on the area, let it sit for a few moments (seconds to minutes), and then wipe up with a paper towel! (Marks that have been in place a while will probably need some elbow grease and a reapplication of Lysol.)


Really no sh!!!t did not know that great tip :slight_smile: I’ve used goo gone in the past :thinking: its ok kind of stinky


How important to you are the type of labels you’ve been using? I ask because all this seems like more work than it needs to be, especially if you start using chemicals to clean the plastic. I don’t know shit about molecular properties and such but it seems to me that if the inside surfaces of a plastic bottle can react to residuals from concentrates, so too can the outside from chemicals. Pretty soon you’re looking for a cleaner to clean the cleaners.
This is why I’ve been using masking tape. Easily removed after soaking in warm water with a bit of Dawn, and leaves pretty much no sticky sticky.


Possibly not a bad idea to let the Sharpie dry on the label, writing on the roll of masking tape before putting on bottle if you want to be perfectly safe. Tend to do that for practical reasons ( I use wide tape so write on it sideways on the roll, the pull and cut with scissors )


Love it, but didn’t know there were such term. I do use that version too, didn’t think there was a high end upper East side masking tape, but you know it wouldn’t surprise me anymore lol.

Mine is a weird light yellow color, looks like dirty white, it barely sticks to the bottle, but it sticks enough to remove it easily without leaving residue. If a bottle leaks a little the tape falls off lol.

Anyways, glad you shared that hack with us, I’ll give it a try if I ever get the high end tape :wink:


Agreed @TorturedZen.


I’m still having good luck with the Brother continuous tapes. Sticks pretty good, and can come off when you need it to.


Yup this a great point :! SX425
Still my fav


These work great for plastic, stay in place and remove easily.

You can find them cheaper, but can’t find that link now.


Woah! You got that love potion #9 Panty dropping juice!


Sometimes ya just feel like…


Be very careful


I’ve used a sharpie on my vinyl labels thinking I could scrub them clean but not so easy. I’ll give your Lysol tip a go. Thx


It might help… But to my understanding, vinyl is a porous surface, not a hard one (in label cases, unlike say vinyl flooring). So it may or may not work in that instance. (Fingers crossed for you all the same though! Maybe you’ll get lucky!)

When I originally mentioned it, I was thinking more about glass (specifically), but it also works a treat on metal, formica, etc.

As TorturedZen mentioned above, probably not the best idea for plastic bottles (leeching). But being as my first thought is always glass when it comes to storage, it didn’t even enter my mind. (great catch TZ!)