Happy and safe 4th, Murican's!

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th this year. Ill be heading up to my usuall destination for this time of year, The UP. Bringing lots of old gear in hopes of converting some people.

What are your plans? Going out of town, staying home? Be safe in all that you do.

If i may be so bold, sometime during the day take a moment and consider what Independence day is all about. Silently, or loudly if you wish, thank those who came before us for the sacrifices they made.

Again, Happy 4th!


You as well! Enjoy and stay safe.

edit: I will be at a couple of bbq’s and hanging with my little nephew :fireworks: :smiley:


Here here. We will be staying home for the 4th but going to family’s on the 16th if all goes according to plan. :slight_smile:


Getting the smoker ready for a pork butt tomorrow… pork rules!


MMMMmmmMMMM! Im on my way! hehe


Staying at home and doing hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Every year a bunch of the weekend getaway city folks around here set of some amazing firework’s that we get to enjoy sitting outside at the picnic table. Cookout and fireworks with all the comforts of home.

Will do but I fear our FOUNDING FATHERS would be very disappointed with how things have turned out so far

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th.


For those that don’t know, or have forgotten…

Independence Day of the United States, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth in the U.S., is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, by the Continental Congress declaring that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and no longer part of the British Empire.

Happy 4th, Everyone!!


Have fun & safe travels ! Happy 4th to you all ! I will be working making the USD lol. I think if I am lucky I may get to see some fireworks on Sat. I’m off that day we’ll see.


I completely agree. Sad state of affairs…


Will be home watching the fireworks go off all around us. Usually a good show. And trying to keep my furbabies as comfortable as possible. Love the beauty of the fireworks and our country’s independence. But still a hard holiday for my dogs and their sensitive ears and a tense night for me from ptsd. Maybe burgers on the grill and a lawn chairs n the backyard and smores in the fire pit? I always remember my dad on this day too. A Vietnam Vet who loved the 4th…he always ordered a huge $1000+ order of fireworks from I think North Dakota? We’d start at 7 and be there til 2am or later. Always this huge dishwasher sized box of stuff. Used to love going through it and seeing everything as we planned firing order :slight_smile: Good memories. Miss you Dad :heartpulse:

Happy Indepence Day everyone, hope everyone has a great time!


I’ll be doing this…

And watching the hubby do our annual fireworks show in the cul de sac!


I was thinking of doing a pork butt also, but they are calling for rain… thought I had stocked some away from the last one I had done a month ago in the deep freezer… but it looks like someone must of found my hiding spot and robbed me while I was on my last trip out of town :angry:


Nothing lower than to steal a man’s butt when he ain’t lookin’. Mine’s in the fridge and rubbed down with some Habanero Death Dust just waiting for tomorrow.


I’ll be on the deck of my pool, lemon kissed sun tea in hand. Enjoying the fireworks that our neighbor does every year.


My Saturday plans are to go to my Sisters house on the Lake .Her husband is my best friend and just as importantly is a Grill Master. He will cook Boston Butts ,Ribs and Brats.I will drink Shiner Bock ,tell jokes and watch fireworks.
Monday depending on the weather I probably will go fishing but that is the day I reflect on what Independence day means to me.I will give thanks for the Freedoms that I enjoy and Pray that I can enjoy a few more.I will watch a few movies over the weekend including The Patriot and just unwind a bit.
I hope everyone has a Great 4th!


We’ll be heading up to the UP in about a month. Our usual haunt, the Munising area.

Be safe and don’t eat all the pasties.


Totally agree on that last bit Santa…

It rubs me raw every time I hear “Murrica” (nothing against you personally Ken, I know it was ‘for a smile’). South America, North America…etc. Sadly the only giveaway there is the poor language skills.

So many have lost appreciation for doing things ‘properly’; speech, intelligence (not simply ‘education’), hard work, pride in a job well done (not just simply ‘completing it’), quality over quantity (while $20 dvd players fill the landfills a year later), …etc. etc…

I wish folks would focus on getting back to the basics that BUILT this country. (see above) We lost sight of things WAY before they started exporting jobs IMO.

Anyways… sorry. Happy 4th to our fellow USA folk! Here’s to a change in the overall mindset of those that don’t already share the above opinion. May we get things back on track before we lose the chance to altogether!


Pork butt on the smoker… baby backs almost done… cooler full of beer. I’ll be in hog heaven soon :grinning:


Looking good :beers:


As a veteran, I’d like to say thank you to all of my fellow brothers in arms past and present, and to each and every American out there…

Happy 4th of July, long live the spirit of this country, and may we not forget those who gave their lives, their time and their rights to volunteer in protecting this land of ours.

As I sit here with a beer in one hand… hamburger in another, that I say to all of you, let freedom ring - no matter what country you live in, we all share the same earth… let’s make the best of it.