Hardware - Quick Reviews thread

Thanks dude.

When you pay a premium price you should get a premium product and these fell short. The new Kylin rta, which is a lot less $ performs just as well.

Not a lot of new stuff anymore, going to start digging into my stash and just enjoying what I know works for me. Saving money? What a novel concept :crazy_face:


Yes, yes, and MORE yes @mjag.


LOLZ, yes it is !!!


And whats new has already basically been done by another company. I got the L200 aegis but thats old. I havent been spending on hardware much lately. Did you ever get into the billetbox style stuff


I did get the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO.5 kit, 2 actually when they were on sale for about $40. I also got the Kylin mesh boro for it and that is my favorite setup over the single coil boro that it came with. I actually prefer the Marvec Priest with the RBA it came with for a single coil but the mesh deck is pretty good.

It is a bit bulky to carry around for me so don’t use either one very much. Maybe it is the customization that everyone loves but I have other gear I would rather use.

Your right, most stuff is just a rehash of what has already been released.


@mjag thanks for your review mate, straight to the point and answered my questions as I had been toying with the idea of getting the Osiris 25mm. I did pick up the new Kylin V3 but I haven’t got around to putting a build in it yet but I’m glad to hear that it’s a good RTA.


@mjag your comment(s) reminded me of how I started to get a (kinda) bad taste in my mouth over many of my high end Lost Vapes Paranormals, as they were QUITE expensive, and apparently (yes, I realize they’re stabwoods), STAYED pricey …

Having spent the money that I did (multiple times), only to have the sliding battery tray lid fail on me multiple times, seemed MORE than UNacceptable. I baby-d them like no other mod, even used white lithium grease to keep them lubed, and still they would break/fail.

NO EXCUSE when you are spending top dollar.


I actually used the Kylin V3 again yesterday with the same juice and actually like it better than the Osiris. Maybe the Osiris just needs a different build than my usual dual 3mm 3-core AVS SS316L build. I am running low on AVS wire though but that works on the majority of my dual coil tanks. I really wish I liked them both more but it is what it is, just had to relay my experience.

@SessionDrummer that sucks with Paranormal, I know I still have one and thanks for letting me know what to look out for.


C frame for the win hate sliding doors


Yeah @Grabbo, it’s kind of hard to argue with the C frames.


I always preferred the magnetic panels especially if you could buy extra ones in different colours and materials for customisation. One of my old Hotcig mods has a couple of sets of different abalone panels that are absolutely stunning.


Well thanks to your review you have saved me from wasting 40 quid on a lesser RTA than I already have and I am grateful for it. Thanks again mate.