Hardware - Quick Reviews thread

Eh, if it can’t withstand a fall I’ll use something a little more reliable


I’ve fired this back up because I can’t find an appropriate thread to put it in. Empire squonk fun for those that need to know so far alls well the chip in this mod is easy and works my stubby has been working well with no issues and if it does blow I’ll buy another chip same goes for the empire easy to fit alls needed is a screwdriver.The main problem I had was listening to those that hold this in their hands for a day and come up with the idea that it’s no good for left handers take a look below and you can see if anything it’s for the left hand ,the switch is on the curved side ,there for you don’t hold the flat side in your hand you want the curve in your palm.
For firing I just squeeze and fire with my knuckle it works a treat comfy.also the grippy bits not cutting into that bit skin that holds your fingers together
I drive a lorry all day and it’s in my hand most of the time (it’s a bad habit) using this way it works nice. At the end of this it looks like it’s going to be a handy mod we will see in time

No good

Much better

Pain and the squonk in the wrong place

Hopes this helps happy squonking


Thanks, I’ve been watching on the empire, stubbies been OK for me too, vc said they’ll have spare chips and bottles available.

You have a single or dual in that rda? What’s the resistance and wattage you’ve got going? I love the side fire on boro and do the same knuckle fire thing when they’re a little off for my left


That’s the mongrel single .22 50 watts mainly I use single coils on it the duels coils drink to much juice ,it’s one of my daily bangers for work along with a duel coil rta of some sort on duel battery mod an mtl tank and a pod just about covers all bases and get me though the day just,I’m pleased with it and as I said and you know when it goes wrong it’s easy fixable


And just to add to the above the sith rda easy to build not bad flavour only 510 drip tip but I don’t find that a problem worth a go when if it’s going cheap


Almost forgot about this thread…
I received the 28mm Wotofo Profile X Mesh RTA today and thought I’d let you all know what I think of it.

This is a big Hulk-version of previous Profile RTAs and holds 8ml of juice (with the included bubble glass (7ml with the the straight glass). I won’t get into the specs, but you can read about all of it on Woto’s website Wotofo Profile X RTA.

The design is pretty much the same as on privious versions with one big difference. On the deck, there are three coil hold-down screws on each side. The center screw opens and closes the mesh clamp, and the other two are used to secure the legs of traditional wire coils. Warning: The screws are very short so be careful backing them out lest you lose them. The deck can accomodate single mesh, single traditional coil, or dual traditional coils, I haven’t used traditional coils, cuz I bought it for the mesh.

The mesh is the wider version. I think the Profile 1.5 RDA version used this if I remember correctly. Wotofo gives you a sample packet with four different mesh types (A1) and two fused clapton coils (A1).

The airflow comes from the top and the AFC collar is honeycombed so the air is smooth. There is a lot of airflow. At my usual 50 - 53 watt setting, I had to close it off by 1/3. At 65W, I opened it to full and it handled it great.

Wicking is the standard Profile mustache style method. I just assumed that this would be the way to go, because I didn’t read the instructions (who does that???). This worked perfectly on the first try. Zero dry hits.

Flavor is excellent. My usual ADV tasted perfect. I have the Profile Unity and the M, and the X at 50-55W is on par with those. Maybe a tiny bit better because of the larger surface area on the mesh. At 65W, I found it to be much better than either the Unity or the M. I felt I could go higher, but didn’t want to irritate my throat.

No leaks! Zero, nada, zilch thanks to top airflow. The parts all fit nicely, but there is a little crunchiness where the barrel meets the deck. I’ve found that to be true of most of my Profile RTAs. Wish it was smoother, but no big deal.

Am I gong to buy another? Yep.


That looks a well balanced combo cheers


Thanks a lot @Lostmarbles.


Yeah i have been stalking this for a bit and i am on the fence because how the m was for me. I hated the rubber gasket on the m. Stupid design and this doesnt have that which is a plus. I think you sold me on it :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Thanks for reading it and you’re welcome.

I hate that gasket. I wanted to make sure that this one didn’t have it before I even considered buying it. Plus the larger capacity is a big plus. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal on the M, but I was wrong.


Thanks Grabbo. I think it pairs up well too. Just realized that I’ve been using the Ursa every day for a while now. It’s becoming a favorite mod.


I like the form factor of a 21700 on a hand friendly mod with a hoofing big tank on top I’ve got some small Hyperion mechs those with violator from qp work so well


And that’s a nice looking rig :+1:

Thx for the review. I guess you like it…lol


@Grabbo I Have a few of the URSA Pros in my arsenal and I like them very much, very sturdy and dependable.


The Profile RDTA uses the wider mesh also. Too bad the wide ones aren’t available in SS316 so I can take advantage of the DNA’s “Replay” option. :frowning_face:


Wire Optim sells the 16mm x 6.8mm Stainless steel mesh. Think I saw they have 40% off thru the weekend.


Have you tried this? The 200 works really well, but working with it might be a little challenging as its a bit softer than the strips, making it easier to crease while installing - at first. You get used to being a bit more careful.


Yes i use that and i use the digi flavor mesh. Vv is better


Vaperz Cloud Osiris and Osiris Mini review

Now I am a big Vaperz Cloud fan, love the Valkyrie, Asgard…other tanks I cannot recall at the moment. When I heard they had 2 new RTA’S I knew I had to have them.

The Osiris is a 30mm bottom airflow, the Mini is 25mm but the same design. First off the 30mm Osiris.

My first build was a normal dual 3mm triple core build, my goto. It was good but tank after tank it didn’t wow me, it was just good. I kept thinking good but not at the level of the Valkyrie or even the Trilogy, my 2 favorite RTA’S from VC. Build after build it just never lived up to the other 2. I then tried a 6mm single coil spaced quad core, 6mm so I had enough wick for the juice wells on either side.

And it barely fits…

It is actually pretty good but would I want to do this build again? No. I have other 30mm tanks I can use on my single 21700 mods that hold 30mm tanks and giv off as good performance without being a pain to build.

Overall the Osiris 30mm is a disappointment, I would take the Valkyrie or Trinity over it every time without question.

The Osiris Mini 25mm I am enjoying a lot more, better flavor and an overall easier build. It doesn’t do anything any other great flavor 25mm RTA does but works well. Would I buy a replacement if I lost or broke this one? No. I would just move on to the Reload 26 or QP Juggerknot V2 I already have. It is a very good RTA but nothing that Wows, the engineering could have been better. The deck reminds me of the original Reload RTA which is a good thing, it is a very good RTA. The wicking slots are better on the original Reload though.

Vaperz Cloud took a step back with the Osiris, nothing like the Valkyrie or Trilogy, both better RTA’S in my opinion.


Thanks for an honest look at it @mjag.