Hardware - Quick Reviews thread

So I got to thinking while using the new Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank that it is just ok, the Geekvape Zeus Max and Horizon Sakerz subohm tank kill it for flavor. Thought it wasn’t a good idea to derail the handcheck or vape mail threads with this info but thought others might like to know. I just don’t have the time to do full length reviews anymore but that doesn’t mean I have stopped buying stuff.

I also thought it would be nice to hear from other’s about how a product is working for them. Not sure if this is a great idea but figured why not try?

Welcome to the Mini Review thread, let us know if what you just got is a hit or a miss. Include pics if you like but it is not necessary. This will just be a place to share our experiences with the community.

I am thinking it might be best to keep it short, long form reviews would probably be best in its own thread.

I will update the Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank if I find a way to improve it’s performance but as of yet it underperforms compared to the Geevape Z Max, Horizon Sakerz and Freemax Mesh Pro. I do realize the R Tank is a rebuildable but you pretty much are rebuilding a subohm coil.


Blotto Single coil mini review

Been giving this little one a go and put the same build in it as the New Yachtvape Eclipse RTA. For shits n giggles I decided to put the same build in the QP Juggerknot MR and Reload S RTA too, 2 of my favorite single coil RTA’s. I wasn’t expecting a lot from the Blotto Single but it surprised me, the flavor was close and even matched the 2 more expensive RTA’s. Airflow is still a little too tight for my liking, just a smidgen more would have suited me better but that is probably my only complaint so far.

Edit: Looks like I am having a condensation build up problem, explained here: Hardware - Quick Reviews thread - #39 by mjag


Awesome Idea…I have a few things coming so ill drop some thoughts . I like this ideas bc I’m NOT a reviewer and never have wanted to be one. I have a few times given my opinion so a mini review is perfect for me …


Looking forward to it brother :+1:

Love to hear others thoughts so this seems fun so we can all share our experiences.


Great idea @mjag I haven’t received much vape mail for a while with all the bans here in NYC and shops were shut down for quite some time too. I do have an atty coming in a week or so and a mod in a few days though :crossed_fingers:


Well, we need to clarify what is a mini: some class it as a 25mm and the wild cards call a 28mm+ a mini.

Personally, when it comes to minis and smaller, I favour the following:

A Naval Brass Asgard Mini as the cauldron for my chosen daily tobacco.

A Drop 1.5 for fruit and cocktail blends (I tend to put it on lighter mods: as lifting by the top-cap can make it fall off).

A Nightmare for daily randoms.

And, a pile of Pulse 24’s for testing and any others.


Oh mini as in short - mea culpa!


Got my Brunhilde SBS mod yesterday. I like the performace so far, but find it to be a bit too small. I’m used to firing with my index finger and have to adjust to use my middle finger to fire comfortably. I’ll put it through some TC testing this weekend and see how she do.


I got one in a kit and PIFfed it to someone: I have done it with all tanks that came with a mod this year.

A silly part of my traditionalism - adding drops seems so natural to me.


I didn’t get the full kit, just the mod. MTL vaping is really not my thing. I wanted to like it, but it was a no-go.


Is the size the main issue?


I managed to cope with the Paramour with my ogre hands, and only sent it back as there was a connection failure due to faulty wiring.


As far as the mod, I guess it would be the only issue so far. It fires nicely and it looks great (the engraving could use a slightly bolder look IMO) but the small size makes it a tad uncomfortable and I have small hands. Not a big enough problem for me to shelve it though. I do really like it.


Did you get one with the rhinestones? I think it was the pink, red and gold which had them included: I thought that would be a grip improvement.


Maybe it would, but I’ve never been fond of rhinestones. I bought the gunmetal version.


I pondering getting one with them: so my dodgy hands have an easier job on a cold day.


I recently received Lost Vape’s Hyperion mod. DNA 100c chipset, dust and waterproof (supposedly-not gonna test that), comfortable semi-squishy padded carbon fiber grip and rubberized frame, accepts a single 21700 battery or 18650 w/adapter, fast 3 amp USB-C charging.
Out of curiosity I plugged it into my Samsung Galaxy charger and yeah, it’s fast! The only negatives I can think of is the battery door, which requires it be unscrewed via a little half-moon latch that pops out. But it’s tight and strong and threads are smooth precision machined.
Lastly, the USB port can be fiddly (at least for me) because there’s a rubber plug covering it and I have to wedge a fingernail behind the little tab to unplug the port. Very minor. If you lack fingernails I suppose teeth would work. :grin:
All told, I am quite happy with this bad boy!


Anything of extra note about it? With the price tag, I have been tempted to get an original VV Jackaroo for a third of the cost instead.


Lol, I did think about that before snoozing last night. Thought hmmmm, I hope people don’t think this is where you review hardware for your Mini Cooper…or… some vape hardware like the with Mini in the title. If anyone has a suggestion for a better name then please let us know :pray:


In my opinion DNA devices are for users who like to tweak and tinker. By that I mean you would have to have a working knowledge of the Escribe software to allow access to the more advanced functions. The Jackaroo isn’t in the same ballpark.