Hardware sales as an individual

Are posts of items for sale permissible as an individual or must one be a vetted vendor? I have one mod at the moment that I’d like to post here to see if theres any interest. Its a semi-custom DNA 250C mod that I personally built. I have it posted to Reddit here if anyone’s interested.

It’s a beast of a mod with a MaxAmps 2800mAH lipo battery. I built two and on the one I am using, at 120 watts I can vape 2.25 days on a single charge.

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looks nicw

Just probably needs to be moved to the “Trade” section of the forums


It’s a really great mod in my opinion and not just because I assembled it.

I’ll assume then that it’s okay to post so long as it’s done in the trade section. Thanks!

Don’t see anything. Says it was removed.

NEW Semi-Custom DNA 250C w/ 2800 mAH MaxAmps lipo Battery prob due for merge or whatever

Since it is now posted in the trade section I will just close this one.

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