Harsh tasting DIY juice

Hi everyone.
So, i am extremely new to DIY juicing. Started today to try and make a simple one flavour pear drops mix and it was horrible. So harsh that i couldn’t vape it.
looking through through other single juice recipes i thought a good start point would be: 70/30 VG/PG, 15% pear candy (TFA) flavour, 6mg nic (72).
When i have bought liquid from my local juice shop i have asked for 6mg nic. but on the sticker it says 0.6% but this seems extremely low??

Have read through all of the different posts about harsh tasting mixes and followed that, VG fine, PG fine, Flavour fine but when adding the 6mg nic in it goes harsh again.
So, i dropped the level to 0.6% (0.4mg on the calc) and it was ok.
why would i need to drop it so much for it to stop killing me??

my set up, Reuleux rx2/3 with Smok tfv8 running the RBA deck with twin claptons running at .36 ohms.

still haven’t managed to get a good flavour out of it tho but i’m sure i can work on that with the % and maybe a little sweetener in there (if anyone has any hints for flavour ratios and mixing etc would be much appreciated)

just trying to get my head around why it was so un bearable to vape when almost all recipes have 6mg in.

thanks in advance guys and any help would be much appreciated.

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If you are adding 0.4mg nic now, what were you adding before?

my first mix was 6mg nic

If you purchase 100mg nic it’s only 10% nic in a solution of 90% VG or PG or a combination of both. If you have 72mg nic it is 7.2%. The ELR calculator tells you how much nic to put in your mix to achieve a 6mg nic level. But that level is a 0.6% level of nic which is safe. Even though the store bought bottles say 3, 6, 12, 18, it’s meant as .3% .6% and so forth.


Like @TheTinMan1 said, 0.6% and 6mg are the same thing. 0.6% refers to the % of actual nicotine vs other components, while 6mg means there are 6mg of nicotine in every 1ml of juice.

If your PG and VG are fine, have you tested your nic to make sure its the right strength? Nic can sometimes be harsh or peppery if its not high quality, old, or oxidized.


i put 0.83ml of nic in my first batch.
10ml total.
0.83ml of 72 nic
0.67 PG
7 VG
1.5 Flavour.

almost killed me!!! but thats at the 6mg nic level on the calc… im confused.
have i done something wrong?

was just a shake and vape just to try

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brand new bottle of nic from darkstar vapes 7.2%

No, you did it right. Next question would be where did you get your nic from?

UK vape supply?

yes. ordered all of my stuff from there. darkstarvapour.co.uk

Maybe @Pugs1970 @Lolly can chime in about the nic from there.

I’m not familiar with DarkStar or where they get their nic from.

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Thanks. will await their input.
@DrChud thats the one. got the PG based one

This is what I’m having trouble understanding.

Description looks good.

Is the nic clear in color Major?

never had an issue with Darkstar Nic at all, always been top notch, got a shed load of the stuff in the freezer…saying that…I wouldn’t be able to vape 6mg, wayy too much for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t an old/dodgy batch, I’ve never heard anyone else say that with there nick so it’d be a rare incident, don’t know what to suggest there really, I vape at 1mg.


Everything I’ve made lately has been peppery but I thought it might be due to pg. @pugsley hasn’t had a problem with his nic from there though

Thanks for chiming in sir.

I know it’s not often you get called sir, but it’s Sunday morning and I’m in a good mood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry ill try and explain better.
First batch was the recipe i posted above. 6mg nic on the calculator. tried to vape and it was horrific!!
Decided to make a new batch with the read out at the bottom saying 0.6% nic as thats where i thought i had gone wrong. which turned out to be 0.4mg at the top of the calculator. This vaped ok and wasnt harsh at all.

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Stop putting pepper in it…what’s wrong with you…:grin: