Harsh TPA Juicy Peach

Hi there,

I love peaches, and I love how TPA Juicy Peach smells but I just realised that the mysterious harshness I was getting from time to time in my recipes happens when I go above 2% TPA juicy peach. It seems I have the same problem with TPA Blueberry Wild. Sometimes the first vapes are fine, it’s after a few that it starts to feel bad, like very dry.

Which peach alternatives would you recommend? I have FA Peach which I use as an add-on to TPA Juicy Peach (I add some drops, have no idea if this is harsh too or if it improves the juicy peach, just feel like doing it). I’ve read that FA White Peach is very good. Also read good things about INW peach and CAP yellow peach. Will these three be harsh for me?

I don’t mind living without blueberries, but peaches… they are so good



From what I read and learnt, capella peaches (yellow and juicy) are good. I dont know about the harshness though. White peach FA is good, but I found it harsher than tfa juicy peach.


I have an intolerance to juicy peach (and strawberry ripe), so I feel your pain.

There’s a thread about it over on reddit and the people there recommend INW Peach and FLV Peach, but I haven’t tried them.

(Google the term “TFA Peach (Juicy) Unofficial thread on harshness, chest tightness, coughing” for the post)


Thanks ghoti1 and delltrapp!

Reading that reddit thread it seems there are a few candidate chemical compounds in juicy peach to explain its harshness. It would be nice to have a survey on who’s sensitive to which flavours. That would allow identifying sensitivity profiles and identify the exact compound each one is sensitive too. Once identified, you could predict which flavours is not even worth trying. Getting scientific here :slight_smile:


This is what interests me, now this is a flavour that I haven’t been able to work with at all. It hasn’t mattered what peach it is, they all come across harsh to me in any different profile. Lucky it’s not strawberry. :rofl:


hehe, I think I’ll try INW peach before resigning from peach -may do a test on FA peach alone. Juicy peach is fine for me at low percentages, it’s part of many of my recipes. I wonder if revealing harshness at high % means we (juicy peach sensitive people) shouldn’t even use it at low %.


Now it’s not TPA, but FA White Peach I was getting the harshness as low as 0.3% and that’s where I gave up on peaches.

The most annoying thing was that the flavour was good, just my throat couldn’t handle it.

I even tried complementing the peaches with softer sorts of fruits and dumping heaps of cream, but no cigar!


I’ll let you know how is INW Peach for me, maybe there’s hope for you too :slight_smile:


I hope so! Do like a good peach in real life, also just got JF Honey Peach so I will be revisiting peaches. :drooling_face:


Umm, I’m trying to resist recommending Medicine Flower. all over the place. But hey! I’ve rarely ever seen a clearer need for the stuff, so here I go again. Unless you have issues with acual peach fruit, you guys should be fine with this:

or this

Alternatively , if you’re on a tight budget, and living in the USA, you could try this:

Or any other organic Peach flavour you can find.( I say “organic” because so -called “natural” flavours are often highly synthetic in fact. and might well contain the same chemicals)


I have looked and researched Medicine Flower, many a time and peach was 1 on my list. It’s never been the price of the flavour. Rather the $50 postage to get it downunder.


hmm. I have two Aussie outlets for MF on my MF Suppliers thread but I just checked them. The website for one of 'em is currently down, and the other? I’m not sure they still sell MF, I’m having big problems with their search function.

If you (or anybody) would like to check these out for me a bit more thoroughly , then report back (on that thread) I’d be grateful. Similarly, any other retailers that crop up- please post 'em.

I know, USA postage is outrageous, but if you check out Good Earth Beauty , I think you’ll probably get a better postage deal there. It also might be worth trying one of the UK/ EU retailers, cos it looks like UK postage is generally a much better deal than US. Again, check out that thread for links. and if you find anything I don’t yet know about, please post it!


At least one of the links work, thanks!
22 pounds, WOW


Anyone know if the brand “Real Flavours” is only made of real fruits? If that’s the case it shouldn’t be harsh


I have been to the medicine flower site before, it looks familiar. It’s the same prices I remember, it’s either $48 or $120 and that’s US. Converted that’s about $230 for 5 x 15ml. :cry:


Juicy peach can be harsh it can be modified with some stevia to take most of the harshness out of it. I no longer use it as FA white peach is much nicer again there can be a little throat hit which a small amount of stevia will also fix.

Real Flavors peach is very good but will need something else to help it (some nectarine either tpa or flv and/or apricot fa or flv are very good modifiers ). It has no harsh notes or TH and usage is around 1.5 - 2.5% depending on other ingredients.

Medicine Flower is a very good peach and the usage is not as low as some MF .75 - 1% ish paired with fa white peach 1 - 1.5% is pretty good. It is hard to get past the buy in but it is worth the spend if you can bring yourself to do it.


It’s actually $22 (US) for the 15ml size, which , given the concentration, is prolly more than you need, unless you’re openining a juice factory. Maybe you were looking at the largersizes?

oops! yeah, i forgot, you pay extra in the UK, due to import duty and VAT. That said, if you’re in the UK, and order from the USA, you’ll have that added on by customs…on top of that insanely high US postage. So if you’re only ordering 1-2 flavours, it works out cheaper to buy from Uk retailers, if you live here.

I’ve heard of USA denizens paying less than we UK folk do, at certain sites, cos the VAT gets removed. Dunno if that works for all countries and all retailers .

Yeah, I know, it extremely pricy anyway, but the high concentration offsets that, and the gorgeous natural flavour makes it very worthwhile.


well. @Walt_RealFlavors used to post here quite a lot. he can answer that better than I can, but not sure he will (cos he hasn’t ben around so much lately)

I’ve used RFSC quite a lot, and do recommend them due to them being PG-free, highly concentrated, and pretty good besides. But, so far as I can gather, they’re “natural” in so far as the flavouring chemicals are extracted from natural sources, not necessarily the specified fruit. and they can therefore contain some quite surprising stuff like EM.

I see that you’re in the UK, so they’re surely worth a shot, if you buy the 10ml from RainbowVapes, but wouldn’t be surprised to find they’re chemically very similar to the other brands


I have been inspired to retry the peaches @federete, and I have just mixed the first peach mix in more than 6 months.

@woftam recommended JF Honey Peach :+1: and I’ve mixed it up in a recipe and it’s nice and with no harshness I’ve experience with other peaches and this is my initial taste test.

Sorry @jay210 didn’t explain it properly I got the $230 AU at checkout with 5 x flavours + postage of $48.


Great! After all this talking about peaches I am even thinking in getting some Medicine FLower :smiley: but will wait for my already ordered INW Peach first.