Harsh vape from flavourings with Linalool, geraniol

Hi. I love fruit flavours, most lime, mango, some berries. I am searching the whole internet about the problem with a really strong harsh throat hit. I think I have found out, not approved, that it could be some of the ingredients. Some flavours I have this problem are China lemons/frozen fruitflash from Dexter’s juice lab, inawera mango, pink panther… I will test next time the voodoo and purple blush. I think it could be one of the ingredients that are listed…a friend if mine has exactly the same problem! I think it is maybe linalool, but I love eating fresh coriander, there is linalool in it…no problems, maybe geraniol, alpha and beta pinen, or caryophyllen, maybe furaneol Anybody out there who has same problems with one of this ingredients?!

It really sucks…
I love all that Citrus stuff… But barely can vape it…



have you tried tfa/cap/fa/flv?
Perhaps it is the source of the flavors too.

Then again, I could be so totally wrong. who know?


Harsh throat hit? maybe use a buffering agent, Malic Acid, commonly labeled as “Sour” , I use this in many of my citrus mixes.
Notes from flavor Sour (TPA)
“Malic acid is used as an acidulant, an antioxidant flavoring agent, a buffering agent, and a chelating agent. In pharmaceutical formulations, the substance is used as a general-purpose acidulant. The (L)-enantiomer possesses a slight apple flavor, and is used as a flavoring agent to mask bitter tastes and to provide tartness.”

“Malic acid is the primary acid present in apple and the secondary acid present in citrus fruit rather than citric acid. It imparts a smoother fruity flavour than any other acid. Malic acid is a crystalline white solid with a melting point of 100°C. It is water soluble and less hygroscopic as compared to others, so as to provide a good storage shelf-life. It is widely used in low-calorie drinks, e.g. cider (apple wine). It enhances the colour and flavour in carbonated and non-carbonated fruit-flavoured drinks [3].”

“Malic acid is a dicarboxylic acid with pK values of 3.40 and 5.11. Malic acid has a smooth, tart taste that lingers in the mouth without imparting a burst of flavour. Malic acid is highly water soluble. It is inhibitory to yeasts, moulds and bacteria, probably due to its impact on pH (Doores, 1993). It is used in beverages, hard candies, canned tomatoes and fruit pie fillings.“

“Malic acid is one of the general-purpose additives in the FDA list of GRAS substances. It is commercially synthesized as a racemic mixture of D- and L-isomers from maleic and fumaric acids in the presence of a suitable catalyst. However, it is found in nature as the L-isomer in many fruits and vegetables and is the second most prevalent acid in citrus fruits.
Malic acid has a smooth tart taste resembling that of citric acid, and although its degree of ionization in water is similar to that of citric acid, malic acid has a much stronger apparent acidic taste (25). Another function of malic acid is its synergistic effect with antioxidants to prevent fats and oils from becoming rancid (26).
Hence, the addition of small amounts of malic acid in the production of [e-juice?] will not only extend shelf life but will also give a smooth and tart taste. Most importantly it will act as a flavor potentiator with many of the flavoring materials used.”

“This is a key ingredient that takes your juice from homeade to vape shop quality!”


Excellent, Rocky… but I believe the op is using EU and China flavorings…
I could be wrong again too…

I do not see any recipes from the OP either, as to know how much or little the OP is using…
That too, weights in a bunch. who knows?


Listed where?

There are several brands of flavorings made in China. Which one(s) are you referring to?

Are you saying that you’ve found listings that contain the chemical components used in each flavor by Inawera, X’ian, Super Concentrates, and others?


I’d be very interested myself in these “listings” if they can be found, especially Super Concentrates, which I’m a little leery about myself. Although the Cappuccino is so good IMO, IDGAF what they put in it!


Sounds interesting and I will find out what it is in German and how to use it. Maybe you have a percentage for me :wink:


Hi, I’m from Germany, I use EU flavours and capella… China lemons is the name of a German flavouring from Dexter’s juice lab. Frozen fruit flesh is also from dexter. Inawera is from Poland.


In the EU I think they have to write some ingredients that could be harmful(allergic skin reactions) onto the bottle… Only these are listed with the advice to wash the hands immediately! No other ingredients information is written there :unamused:


The Dexter stuff is recommended between 7-12% I mix them with 10% and stretched it to 7%… Not really a difference… Maybe a bit less harsh… But taste also weakens. Most inawera stuff recommended between 1-4% I mix 2.5% and now stretched it to 1.5% throat hit is barely decreasing, flavour decreases more :cry:


It is Malic Acid at a 20% dilution in PG, I generally use it at up to 1% in a recipe :ok_hand:


Thank you for the additional information.

Ahhh, now I see where you’re coming from.
Thank you again for the clarification!

I’m guessing these are not finished eliquids then?
If that is the case, then you might want to check your nicotine. Especially considering the following statement:

There are usually two reasons for this.
More commonly, the cause is the nicotine (in particular, the brand OR the age
[read as: it has become oxidized]) or possibly a sensitivity to PG (more common in folks who use a 50/50 ratio (any ratio that’s high in PG).

I’ve had sensitivity to PG from the start. Though I have read here where others have developed a sensitivity to PG over time.
Something to consider anyway.

I hope you find the source of your problem though.


Thank you so much… I ordered it. Does it help to lower the throat hit in a mixtures that has steeped without it, when I fill it in the steeped liquid? Or does it only work with fresh juice? Do you know that?!

Thanks man, great help

I hope :wink::grin:


Sounds like you need to invest in other flavor companies.
Even if it is just simple fruits, try things out that at least the general “forum” populations are talking about.
I know the German and Polish forums talk about all kinds of flavors, but check elr’s recipe wall and look at the “common” flavorings used. Might help a bit more than the struggle you are going thru now.


play with the ratings and the time periods, read notes, see what you think before dipping into your funds.

Still sounds like your nic tho.


I would say if your adding Sour to a mix that has already steeped, I would give it 1day (overnight) at least. I would also try your mix without nicotine to see if that may be the problem as others have suggested👌


Hi again, it’s done…0.8% in my china lemons… But now I found something on a German vape supplier site… There was a warning written, don’t use with nickel or nichrome… 90%+ of my builds are nichrome or a mixture between steel and nichrome… Have you used it with nichrome ever? What could/is happen then? I’m a bit afraid… Sorry? I hope it is only a corrosion issue…after a while…hope that’s not making it toxic!! Thanks for reply :wink:


I asked a IG coilbuilding bro, and he had no problems with nichrome and malic acid…angle the metallurgy/chemistry says… Nickel compounds like nichrome and nickel copper and so on are really strong in terms of corrosion…so my concerns decreases… And the coil building friend told me another thing to try. Vape wizard MTS from flavour art…anyone tried it, he only heard about it… By the way, awesome builds he made, gravelthroated on IG, maybe you want to check out :wink: he builds for acolytes of Ohm team


I have had no problems myself using Sour with NI80 but cannot say for certain if there are any adverse effects🤷‍♂️
But then again I like to vape Onion flavors, so take what I say with a grain of salt👌


Onion flavour? I hope like barbecue onions…sweet and smooth…that would be amazing :wink: if that’s what you like and vape, please tell me how to get it…I’m pretty sure that could be fantastic for me, too


Hmm… yes that WOULD be amazing, thanks for the inspiration, barbecue onions is now on my to do list👌
In the meantime here’s a Great Onion vape:

And another for dessert: