Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!

I have had my share of mixing obstacles, my husband and I started our mixing as polar opposites, him liking fruits, me liking deserts. He bought concentrates strictly to mimic recipes while I bought the concentrates that would be versatile, and could be used in many things. I have been mixing well over a year, and my usual favorites are Vanilla, custards, and dessert-y flavors. About 4 months ago, I decided I needed to branch out and try new things and saw that one mixer was using the flavors I usually enjoy with tobacco flavors. Pmvart was the reason I decided to try out Ry4 Double, Soho and various other flavors when I was never really into tobacco flavors. It started with a few recipes, and I found that I loved using the versatility of these flavors. I recently just got my hubby to mix up my Ry4 Ice Cream recipe (he said he would never use a tobacco eliquid) and he loved it. I probably never would have tried any of the concentrates that I now absolutely love, if it wasn’t for Pmvart’s suggestions and flavor help. Thanks to Pmvart for helping me find my mixing MOJO. :blush:


Too many to name but one that I would say has been my biggest inspiration is @Skullblade789 He has pushed me to be a better mixer and guided me like a true brother. Most of his recipes have been added by @Grubby

In no particular order, my ears perk up when these folks post

Told you it was so many to name. And I am sure I have left a bunch off the list and hope they are not offended



Told you it was so many to name. And I am sure I have left a bunch off the list and hope they are not offended.

There are also others that I would just love to pick their brain about they way they mix and the experience they have

This site is my absolute favorite place to be becaus I am constantly learning.


In addition to above


And that’s just off the top of my head…toooo many to name!! :blush:

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Shit! I forgot @fidalgo_vapes he is a testing machine,and admire his stamina. @mixologist13 is another.

It would probably be easier for me to list the One person that inspires me to punch babies than to list all the great people here.


I did not forget @Lolly either. It is just difficult to describe how she inspires me with her great attitude and and willingness to help everyone.


Not to forget @woftam, @Beaufort_Batches, @DarthVapor


You are a love! :slight_smile:


Woftom was on my original post but when I copied and pasted I lost him some how. So add @woftam as an inspiration.


I was stuck using only flavorings from TPA until I found that the best mixers who inspired me to try different flavor concentrates were @Wayne_Walker, @Amy2 @Ken_O_Where @DarthVapor


Thank you @Lolly and @VapinDave

I appreciate the shout outs !

I’d say I’m inspired by all of my peers and always looking forward to everyone’s recipes and input as a community.

I guess when I was first coming up I was inspired by the work of HIC and Arnie I really liked their style although they’re kinda polar opposites but hey those are my two I followed as a beginner.


My biggest inspiration is my mother, she was known for her cooking skills back in the day, always coming up with amazing deserts and baked stuff, and all my mates are fat due to her infamous chocolate cake…and although sadly she’s not really up to it anymore I can still go in her kitchen like I did this morning and I can almost feel it talking to me…


Totally off topic, but can you clarify what the tea towel says? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Like I said…it talks to me…

I never said it liked me…



Bahaha! Nice catch! I’m dying over here.


You know I sent that pic to the Mrs this mornin as it genuinly wasnt set up, i walked out of the dowstairs loo and clocked it…spat my coffee everywhere…anyway…I sent it to her later on and said 'Look what I was confronted with at 6am this mornin’
She just said “OMG did I leave the oven on?!?!”

Sharp as a marble that one…


Bahahaha! To be fair she is busy growing a baby and clearly doesn’t have a gutter brain like mois :laughing:


thank you my friend i hope my opiniins will help people find at least the right percentage


the list is long but ELR itself and the people on this forum have moved me to want to do better im inspired by someone here everyday , i know thats lame right but a list would start with


these guys have been here b4 me and have always helped me when i was stuck
i hate things like this because there are people like @woftam @TheTinMan1 and @Rob62 who i could always ask anything to as well then there are at least 20 more lol but more than inspiring me all the members here i am thankful for


I love all the answers here! I wanted to make the heading kind of short and to the point, and so many people on here have inspired my recipes. I wish I would have actually used the forum when I started making recipes, but I didn’t even use it until recently. It would have helped tremendously. It has been really nice to see everyone’s responses. Such an awesome community of people.