Has anyone had anything vape related explode, or blow up?

Just read this story. Very sad. Having vaped almost 10 years now, across loads of equipment, have yet to actually have anything explode, or blow up. Have any of you ?? Anyone you know ??


That is a shame but that will make the second device i own to have blown up and cause serious injury. Am still enjoying my vape even tho i know accidents do happen and could be 1 of the 133 incidents for the year…


Sad, but no. Closest I’ve come was accidentally pressing the firing button while tightening down a coil. Scared the shit out of me.


ohh, sry misread thats 133 U.S. incidents between '09 and '17


The newspaper also cited US Fire Administration statistics from 2017 showing that 133 acute injuries from e-cigarettes, vaporizers and other similar devices were reported between 2009 and 2016. Most of the fires and explosions occurred while the device was being used or stored in a pocket and none had resulted in death, according to the report.


It was 133 between 2009 and 2016. (EDIT: just seen you’ve already clarified that, must type faster, sorry)

This is very sad but the cynic in me can’t help but feel it’s been written in a way that condemns vaping at large and not specific incidents, what caused them and how people can vape safely as opposed to just not vaping all together.

And to answer @SessionDrummer’s original point, no, never known anyone to experience an issue personally


i gotta learn to proof read what i type or at least be faster at correcting myself



I did have what u may call an incident if melting a rda to unusable counts. i did post details and pics before but all i feel like sharing is a warning. Don’t leave your devices unattended w/ batteries installed and/or powered on. Don’t build below what the batteries can handle. Check your wraps and insulators for tears regularly.


It really is very sad! But I noticed new vaper was sold a Mech - I would cite really bad advice from a vape shop (I wonder if they put the build on it). Now isn’t it illegal over there for a vape shop to offer instruction on use? (I think i read that somewhere) If that is the case then the fault lies with the dicks that made that law equally with the vape shop that sold a new vaper a mech.


Glad that’s how you read it too @woftam, that’s what I interpreted it as but thought I might have the wrong end of a stick for some reason. That’s insane that a suppliers can’t advise on their products, I guess it’s a liability thing, but surely selling unsuitable kit is more of a liability?


As with everything it all matters in the use of verbiage, acute means severe and sudden onset of injury or illness. What criteria are they using for the severity of injury? Would burning my lip (blistered) vaping an uncapped drip atomizer if reported add to the statistic.


Good question @anon13011326. Look, I’m not one to flip the $@#$^$#% out, about vaping, I get the dangers, the hazzards, etc., and I’m ALL full and aware of how many knuckleheads toss a couple of fully charged batteries right in their pocket full of keys, and coins, and the news always reports on them, when they catch fire, but I started to wonder, about how many actual vape, vape, BOOM’s there were. Not sure if we can really extract that, from that report or not.


Wow! I did almost take a draw from one of my uncapped attires. And pocket change and mods don’t go together that’s for sure I’ve surely experienced a hot pocket before!


Almost put my mouth on coils bc i forgot to put top.of rda on lol …


Yea sad, Too young to leave this world.

No incidents with me. :crossed_fingers: Knock on wood.

Im getting a fire retardant man bag. THE ODDS ARE LESSOR ON MY SIDE carrying a bunch of these in each pocket.

And I’d imagine some of the candid videos below are smaller pod/vapes? with big flamage like that? You think? IDK


Well damn Freddie3, make me want to run out and pickup that new 8 batt mod !!!


I have 4 18650’s I use also. I know the first guy in the video it was a single battery that went cookoo because of loose change in his pocket no battery carrier. Just thinking local hunting sporting store for a bag to carry, instead of tight pants pockets. Sorry D-Man :frowning_face:


[quote=“Freddie3, post:16, topic:218925”]
And I’d imagine some of the candid videos below are smaller pod/vapes?

Id say those were mods with 18650 type batts or just the batteries them selves , lithium is a crazy metal it reacts in a weird way … Just my guess


making him at least the second person in the United States to be killed by an exploding e-cigarette, according to the newspaper.

I hate to say this but 2 deaths in how many years ??? Compare that to ciggs , alcohol or heroin … Just think about that for a few minutes … May god bless this mans family , i feel for them …