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Has anyone had anything vape related explode, or blow up?


Cigarette fires cause close to 1,000 deaths and 3,000 injuries each year in the united states, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). As the ignition source in fires responsible for over 20% of all fire deaths , cigarettes are the nations largest single cause of such deaths .



I’ve never personally had anything blow up on me but I did see a buddy of mine blow up his M80+ by loading up his RDA with dual twisted 22g coils. He fired it and it wouldn’t quit firing. He threw it into the sand and boom! It was a pretty warped mess afterwards. Told him no to do it…



Wow! I did almost take a draw from one of my uncapped attires. And pocket change and mods don’t go together that’s for sure I’ve surely experienced a hot pocket before!



Just once a battery started smoking when I put it into the charger, off it went… and once I felt my trousers…. veeery hot, i forgot to switch it off :joy: The idiot…

But I think that if you don’t use mech @ 0.0000000002 Ohms… but those that do… deserve it…:joy:



Taking a draw from an uncapped… well, it’s part of the fun!
I use mesh and it’s straight to your lips … believe me, it hurts…



Never had anything blowing up on me. I’ve wanted to blow a few of em up myself but that’s something different :grin:



Does my wife count? What I want to know is if it blew up in his mouth, why was the drink tray melted down? Was it already on fire when he tried to use it?



I had a vape pen battery vent one time. It was a regulated Joyetech Exceed D19. The tank had leaked overnight I guess and it started auto firing. Fortunately I was in the room at the time. It didn’t shut off automatically after 10 seconds and started to vent. I managed to grab it and throw it outside.

I just am thankful I was there at the time.



Same here! :sob:



Thank god i felt the heat …



I was just thinking about that as I read thru this thread again. We used to hear about smoking in bed deaths all the time when I was younger but usually it was at the local level in terms of media coverage. Now… a single, unfortunate individual has a vape-related accident and it seems like the entire nation is put on alert!



I got a small blister on my lower lip. Looked like I’d been smoking crack.



Only issues I’ve had was a burn to my finger by stupidity forgetting about a hot coil or hot juice to get me. Never had the first battery issue, to date. :slight_smile:



Yep. Had a vape pen w internal battery start auto firing after juice leaked from the tank. Started to vent the internal battery. It was too hot to get the atty off so I had to throw it in the yard.

I was just thankful I was home when it happened. Really shook me up.



I had an rta blow up.

Admittedly i did hit it with a hammer at about the same time. Pos just wouldn’t work.



Never had anything blow up, or well anything happen that would fall under the definition of blown up.

But my husbands mod started to behave very weird, after 8 or 9 months. First it would adjust its own wattage. For example one moment you vape at 50 watts, half hour later its the full 200 watts.

First my husband thought it was his fault, saying that maybe on accident he cranked it up while driving or not paying attention during lunch breaks.

So we ignored it, couple days after that the mod would auto fire, we did catch it in time, nobody was harmed and no battery venting etc.

We both were afraid of using the device after, warranty department didnt wanted to help, saying its probably juice somewhere, hence the mod behaving like that and he should just buy a new one.

Funny enough i opened the mod after that conversation, no juice to be found anywhere inside the mod, no scolding of wires/cables, nothing melted or losened up etc. It also wasnt a battery issue, wraps were fine, we using correct batteries not something weird.

At the end of the day, i still dont know what the issue is/was, but i know for sure i dont buy from that brand again and if any other mod shows that behaviour, it flies in the trash right away, instead of waiting. Even tho nobody was harmed, it was damn scary :frowning:



I had an old Eleaf 100w TC mod that used to do that. Took it apart and could find nothing wrong with it. Thought maybe the buttons were sticking, but nope, learned nothing new except that the brand uses thin wires and cheap components. Never bought another Eleaf after that.



My husband and i have had a few minor issues ( that could have turned ugly)
We bought a couple devices from health cabin. It was an awesome sale and they were both yihi chipsets so we were pumped. We bought silicone cases for them. After a week or so we noticed the device was getting extremely hot so we took the cases off. Well, my husband was vaping next to me and we smelled burning plastic. We took the top part off and sure enough it was melting from the inside. No explosion. But i stopped using mine and weve never ordered a mod online since.
Next, in the beginning of our vape jourmey, around 2016, we decided to spring for coils online. At the time we didn’t realize that if the price was too good to be true, you probably shouldn’t buy them. Well the coils came and I was vaping and my husband said you need to stop. Look in the mirror hun, my coil was burning red hot and it freaked me out and we never ordered coils online again either.
We also had a battery pop in our charger, kind of ruined buying batteries online as well.
The first two companies we didn’t research enough. The third company is a very reputable battery site and we figured everything would be fine. We bought a lot of batteries from the site , only have had one explode but that was enough to freak us out.
My heart goes out, but i would love to know the whole story. I am in no way dismissing his death. PLEASE NOTE THIS. i am just wary of these stories because sometimes i feel like they are changed from “someone got hurt and that sucks” to " vaping is evil, heres the proof"



Never happened to me, but the lesson that I draw is if I have a choice in the batteries for my mod, I get only the best from a reputable source, use only the mfr charger that goes with them, and as I’m not an electrician I’m not going to experiment with building coils and RDAs. I just don’t trust myself doing it for what I feel is a marginal benefit from the tanks prebuilt by the mfr and designed for their use with the mod. Call me paranoid, but I still have all my 10 fingers.



That’s not paranoid, that’s setting a boundary for your personal safety! Yay!