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Has anyone had anything vape related explode, or blow up?


At least 7/10 of the incidents in the video are loose batteries shorting/ 2 of the incidents were mechs and only one incident which concerns me. As far as the pocket/purse loose batteries I have had it happen but they never explode on me. They vented. My understanding is that the high drain batts we use are designed to vent and thereby not explode. My guess is the battery wraps were severely compromised and contact with keys/coins caused a hard short.

Personally i am done with mechs and would like to see proper education around safety requirements in place for the purchase of mechanical devices…

The incident in the video with the man in the warehouse concerns me because the man is holding what could be a regulated device he drops it right before it explodes though which means it gave some warning (heat most likely)


lithium ion batteries scare the shit out of me…I worked as a mechanic for the Post office for 25 years…I have seen many battery packs go off…we had a charging room to bring batteries to recharge…but they also went off in the work areas also… I have done a lot of reading on li ion’s and there is like 6-7 chemistries in batteries…the safest is either IMR or INR…the others can result in a violent vent…

i have metal charging boxes i use to put my chargers in…like ammo cans…

A frtiend of mine bouight an expebsive drone…well he chargered the batteries in garage…he woke one night to see the garage a blaze…well after the fire marshalls did the investigation …the cause was the batteries…

please check your wraps every time u take batts out…charge in a safe place…i will never charge in a mod…dont leave house when charging or stop the charge…get a metal bread box an some thing simular to place chargers in while charging an in a safe place…

u seen what one batt can do if it goes off…imagine a 4 or 8 batt charger going off cause of one faulty one…

be safe my brother an sisters…its no joke


Ive had a battery vent and catch fire, due to my negligence last year. but i was fishing a couple years ago, out on the lake and my friend had a bite on his line, he panicked ( which i still dont get) because he CLAIMED to be an avid fishermen but anyway he put a 18650 in his pocket with some keys. It exploded. His right pant leg caught fire. He suffered 3rd degree burns on his leg and hand. If it was me i would have jumped in the lake . It was terrible though. He told the er doc that a flashlight battery exploded in his pocket. He didn’t tell them it was vape related, it technically wasn’t. He didn’t want any negative kickback to the vape community. because of his error.


"I hope it stops someone from [smoking electronic cigarettes]. I don’t know how many more people will have to die.”

definitely feels that way whats with the brackets inside a quote? technically this has nothing to do with “vaping” just battery safety which vape shops online retailers battery manufacturers etc should be forced to educate their customers. But yea sad sad stuff

edit: i literally googled brackets inside quote its when writers put their own words inside a quote as I suspected… so this is obviously targeted to demonize vaping


No never…the closest thing was a stupid mistake. We were going on a weekend trip when I packed my bag I left the batteries the charger. We got to the hotel and threw my bag on the bed and unzipped it to find at that second one of the batteries shorted out on the charger and started to burn…charger and batteries when out the window!!! A minute later my whole bag would have been in flames. I always pack my batteries in plastic cases that time I was in such a hurry I didn’t… never again.


I was going to let this go but I thought about it and I really want to say a few things.

I hate to see the words Ban or Regulate applied to anything vape related for a few reasons.

A ban or heavy regulation left with the governments of our world - do you really think they would even come close to getting it right? A ban is an abdication of personal responsibility what is really needed is the ability of a vape shop to educate.

Bans are only ever called for when the person suggesting a ban is unaffected by it - after all who would want to ban something that they use everyday. I would assume you are against the Flavour bans that are cropping up in the USA as what they are doing will affect you so you are against it - what you propose is doing to others what they are doing to you - which in my opinion isn’t right.

Given the current climate in the vape world if any regulations were bought in anywhere they would likely be draconian and cover batteries as well as any mods after all it is the batteries that can explode if mishandled.

Education is the answer bans are not.

I don’t mean to call you out specifically even though it sort of comes across that way but I really don’t like seeing the word BAN on this forum & I see it more and more.


Well spoken…


Believe me i do not trust governments or agree with liberty being taken away from us in any form “to protect the children” After careful consideration i retract my statement. My thinking was along the lines of those who really want one could still obtain one. I vaped nothing but mechs for 3years and count my lucky stars i never had an incident. I do not understand the need for them any longer. That said, my inability to understand the desire of others does not warrant a call to action by a nanny state. I believe education on safety as you stated is a better alternative. #changedmymind


As a daily mech user, i realize that there isn’t a “need” and the same vape wattage can be achieved nowadays but the same experience is not. There is more i get out of using a mech then just a nic fix. I see more personality in a mech then a boring plastic box w/ wires in it. There is satisfaction in building to what wattage u prefer without the ability to simply turn it up or down. I take pride in maintaining mechs so they perform well and look… well sexy, something i dont see w/ most regulated. Take it as hobby if u will and w/ many other things that have evolved w/ the times such as cars. Perhaps not the best analogy but antique car owners take pride in them even tho they can drive around in a newer one.
While not totally directed at you @mixologist13 you indirectly asked the question asked of me before. That question does have me stop and think hmm? perhaps that may help w/ why we do what we do.


I held onto my belief that mechs were superior longer than i wish i had. After converting to a regulated mod i have far less teching to do, i get a consistent hit time and again. With a mech, sure you can build to specs (as do i on my rda) but the battery drops off soon enough and im left unsatisfied. I vape a lot! And do not wish to chsnge my battery out every 45min-1hour. Also i pour place and finish concrete for a living and the dust and debris wreaks havoc on a mech and creates a safety hazard…

Edit: I also no longer vape straight lung hits either and now prefer a more restricted lung hit with a MTL finish lol #toeachhisown


All this talk about mechs, I just had to go fire one up. I have to say there is something about a mech that is cool although I rarely use them. Never drove a battery into thermal runaway. No fires, no booms. Closest I came was a mod that would fire constantly whenever you put the batteries in it. Obviously it was easy to spot and I didn’t let go long enough to cause any damage to anything. It was a regulated mod so maybe it would have shut down before serious damage was done. I don’t know. I didn’t let it continue.

I consider a vaping device as a low risk article. I have hand many more destructive accidents with things such as cars, lifting heavy items, cooking, being around people with illnesses, etc. Having said that, I have a hell of a lot of respect for vaping batteries. Immense amount of power in a small package.


I had a battery vent on the charger just last week. The Sherlock Ohm ones. The wrapping was shitty and I did not see it. The wrapper peeled just enough to make metal on metal contact. Rewrapped all those fuckers and no issue since that.


I had an old vape pen autofire then the battery vented. The firing did not auto shut off after 10 seconds. It was only by the grace of god that I was home and sitting in the same room as the device.


The old devices I had heard local stories of batteries venting but those were in unregulated devices and well… honestly, the folks were TRYING to do it under controlled circumstances. When this happens, I want to say its like 99.995% user error, but it might be 99.994%… sad to see, but also some aspects (building coils/vape mods/mixing juice… it might be second nature… or first nature… to some of you vape mugs out there…

It’s second nature to us, easier than cooking boxed mac/cheese. To newer generations that the first vape thing they see is a vape pod or tide pod or boogy woo, whatever… they have no history or experience that we have about …venting batteries or knowing how to heat coils from the inside out and how to get hotspots out… sad to see… and I don’t think stores are allowed to assist with that anymore :frowning:


Well said, and I agree. But it’s still on the individual to do the research and educate themselves just like we had to. Seems the newer generation has less patience and way more entitlement which could be detrimental to things vape related.


“Oh, you been doing it for 8 years… well… I just started 3 days ago… I know wtf i’m doing” lmao that’s not towards you but the general “my way is always right” kinda deal with new folks I’ve been seeing. This is strictly… like… B&M stores and not here on any forums ive seen