Has anyone tried the new Nomnomz Supercharged flavor line?

Hey guys,

I just received an email about Nomnomz new “Supercharged” flavor line. Has anyone tried these? Are they created by Nomnomz, or is this just a rebottling of some other company with a new name, like Chef’s Flavors does?

Some of the flavors look extremely delicious, but I have some concerns. They have a flavor called “RY Fortress”, which is somehow already sold out, and then on the next page they have a “Tobacco (RY4)”. What’s the difference? And how did people know to buy one and not the other? I’m really confused.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!





I know a few of their new line have caught my eye. I would normally wait for some reviews though this one really caught my attention

Irish Cream?


Noted Dx will be starting to go over them on February 19th and then Feb 26, March 4th and March 11th. And keep an eye out for @SessionDrummer , his reviews will be coming out soon on many platforms as well!


I couldnt wait to try the new supercharged graham craxker. Mixed at 1.5 percent Holy shit is it good on just a one day steep. Its a 100 percent authentic honey graham cracker. Its awesome and the taste really lingers in your mouth. Its perfect. Dont even need to explain the notes. Its exactly this


But the question is, IS it better than RFSC’s GC ??

I feel a showdown coming…


Idk. Thats like the only graham i dont have. It def blows away all others

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I was vaping it like 10min ago and all i taste in my mouth is perfect graham cracker still. Its one of those flavors thats scary authentic. How did they do that

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I hate to say it, but I tried the Nomz - Watermelon (SC), and my results were less than promising. I’d normally wait until @SessionDrummer wrote his reviews before posting something myself, but as it’s just one flavor, I don’t think he’d mind.

Nomz - Watermelon (SC)

Tested at 2% off the shake, 24h, and 48h after mixing.

It’s a watermelon, kind of. At 2%, this was fleshy, but not really wet as a melon of any kind should be. Right off the bat, I couldn’t say that this was definitely a watermelon flavor, but it DID have some watermelon floating around in there. This flavor is artificial, but also natural tasting, and is most likely composed of several melon-ish compounds, one of which could be watermelon, possibly. Can I see myself using this? No. And I unfortunately bought a 30ml. Maybe one day someone will post a good recipe with this, but I personally don’t like the flavor enough to put myself through the process. This kind of smells like TPA Watermelon Candy, but definitely doesn’t taste like it. Will let it steep and then rate it when I know ALL the facts. May need to go higher than 2% with this.

24h - same, kind of harsh. I feel like this is more of a honeydew flavor than a watermelon. Think watermelon flesh with a honeydew taste. Super-effing-weird. Added 0.5% Nomz Cucumber (SC) to try and help with the wetness/harshness.

48h - flavor more pronounced, but still not a watermelon. Well, MAYBE a really unripe watermelon. Or maybe just the pink or white parts near the rind? I’m SUPER confused by this flavor. Let’s see if aging more helps. A bit less harsh than yesterday, but I think that’s because of the cucumber.

If I had to use this, I’d probably mix it with FLV - Wild Melon and JF - Ultimate Watermelon. Maybe they would complement each other. Other possibilities are WF - Hami Melon, and possibly TPA - Honeydew if you’re trying to make a honeydew or wild melon mix. I really don’t see this working in a “watermelon” mix, but this MAY have a place in other melon mixes.

Will update if any further changes occur.


Great review IggyZ! Keep 'em coming!

I’d suggest you post them in SD’s thread since that one will be most read in coming years (and this one will get lost somewhere on the road); it’s cool to have them all on one place and i’m sure SD wouldn’t mind.

(maybe a suggestion; try it lower, not higher next time. I have around 15-20 CSC/Nomz and i don’t remember i ever user used any at 2% except when testing. Try it at 1% and you’ll get an idea if you have to go even lower or slightly higher and/or what other WM might work with it)


Yes @Mikser, @IggyZ the more perspectives, the better.

I have had flavors like that as well.

It smells fantastic. Still steeping here. All the biscuits smell amazing.


Thanks for the tips, Mikser! Looking forward to get home from work and try it again at 1%. Hopefully my results will be different than the first try.