Has anyone used the flavors from candyflavor.com

Has anyone tried the flavors from candyflavor.com. It appears that they manufacture their own flavors and are in the USA. Never tried any yet so any insight would be appreciated.

Pearl sounds like a real treasure from candy flavor.com.


Other quick google searches shows people with bad experiences using them.

Granted a few from 5 years ago but still.

Check the ripoff report.

Busted for card fraud.

That alone should say stay away.



Gonna have to go with Jon on this one. I was curious and did a search…doesn’t look good. With all the great, well-known, and trusted places to get flavors that we have available, I’d say give this one a pass. Better safe than sorry unless you’ve got the money to burn and don’t mind taking a chance.


Seriously, go with tried and true vendors. Any vendor that gives you guff with legitimate issues is not to be trusted.


Thanks for the info. Think i’ll avoid this one!

I have several of their flavors and the ones I like best are Caramel and STrawberry Wild. Those two are better than any tfa or cap flavors IMHO.

I saw those 5 year old reports too, but after I ordered. My order came very quickly. No issues at all with the transaction… But, maybe I’m just lucky.