Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)

Just saw this one tonight (this morning now)…

STR - Stringer

They’re ooooold ones though.
Choccy Nut Caramel STR #32470
choccy nut caramel Stringer #65082

They just keep coming out of the woodwork (“old walls” in database time :wink: lol)


Added “SSM” (Sasami, DE/EU)

Their websites ( and are getting timed out for me ATM, but was able to verify the acronym via some VERY uniquely named flavors (thanks to GoogleCache). Cassis, Physalis, Khaki, etc

/pardon my rant
Yet another find that will need to be overhauled to the full name… (“Sasami”), because I can already see lazy fucks entering it where they bought it (EG: NomNomz), instead of the damned brand name. >.<


added IPRA, a French manufacturer.

Be careful with this brand folks… They are like TPA/TFA.
There IS a difference, because like the aforementioned, they produce products for a few different industries (which would not be safe for vaping). EG: perfume, etc


not sure if this can help somehow, but anyway…


Very much appreciated @Mikser! :slight_smile:


Added yet another “CF” thanks (in part) to the post here:

Thank you @mixologist13 for including the link in that post! It’s like you knew I’d be scratching my head going “Ok, so did he mean Chefs or Cyber or…”
Which since you inadvertently threw me a curve, made me go into ‘research mode’, and I found a post buried here that I don’t recall seeing before:

Which seems to indicate some previous issues…
But then @Alisa mentioned that she hadn’t had any issues (though that thread was back in 2015). And I assume that you haven’t either @mixologist13.

Not many posts about it (that include the website anyways) other than the one thread, a post by @Jondamon (in a redacted thread by PV…), and the first link I quoted at the top of this post.


It seems to be a fairly small business labels were mere label maker style untill a couple years ago they upgraded them. Flavor are all consistent and when a mistake was made (recieved two pink lemonades instead of one pink lemonade and one fruit loops) a quick email was sent and the fruit loops arrived 3or 4 days later.


I know there are much bigger fish to fry, but if you get the chance please revisit how Nicotine River’s Bliss is listed:

Thank so much!


Thank you for the very friendly request.
Other than the capitalization, what seems to be the problem?


Maybe she’s like me and wonders why in the hell more and more people are showing they never learned the fundamental rules for capitalization.
Plus… (nicotine river) should appear as (NR).


Are they going to change that name to River Supply as well? Never ends…


I would assume so, but good question.


It’s more than that. They don’t know how to use punctuation at all. Leaving a question with a Period drives me crazy.


As I mentioned in post #1:wink:

I’ve been converting some of the acronyms as I go, and when certain conditions are in effect.
Which I’ll go into a bit more below…

That’s something that largely needs to be left with (and done by @daath). Because he can do a far more effective change than I (if I’m not mistaken; possibly all at once).
Even if he can’t do an “all in one” change, I’ve mentioned to him before that the database/server experiences issues with high volume single entries. And with my name change being basically a “kludge fix” (to workaround the limitations of the framework that I currently work in) I don’t have the ability to go into a single entry (any given flavor name), and enact a fix to simple things like a capitalization error (as above), or a missing space (in an otherwise correct listing), etc.

And when it comes to flavor entries with more than around say 10,000-20,000 recipes (roughly speaking, as I think the “cutoff” [referring to loss of notes] may vary with dependancies on such things as the number of ‘notes’ entries, to the volume of notes cumulatively within a single entry, etc etc. Hell, for all I know, it may wig out once a certain flavor is part of “x number of user stashes” (whether used in a recipe or not.))

At any rate, rather I’ve been trying to stay out of such things, until I either am granted the tools I need to effect a safer change in such cases (again, speaking with high volume flavors in mind), or until I decide to announce my own “retirement” of being a volunteer.

In this particular case though (Bliss), I expect it will be a minor fix, without issue. But I wanted to address the topic in general, since this fits the subject matter quite well. :wink:

Personally, given all of the duplicates (in acronyms and abbreviations) that have come to light since I first posted the topic, I think abbreviations should probably be done away with. Everything should be spelled out. Just so the end users (especially new folks) don’t have yet another hurdle to overcome while learning to mix. I think it’s bad enough that there are individual vendors who have (and continue to) introduce additional confusion by using abbreviations exclusive to their site which are partly directly responsible for the additional entries and database inflation. But, that’s a forward looking statement. Not where we’re at currently.

I’m glad you brought it up @christylh8!
I’ll look into it soon! :wink:


What exactly is it about that makes you crazy.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


that part there. :upside_down_face: :laughing: :weary:


Personally I would not prefer doing away with abbreviations. The stash is cumbersome enough with them. Two or three line entries will be a plain pita imo.


I would be surprised if he went to multiple lines…
I know he has plenty of room to play with (in width) though. :wink:


Hi and thanks for all the great work here. I wish I had found it earlier :sweat_smile: I’ve been working on a similar list based on only the top 2,000 flavors on ELR and came up with a few I don’t see listed here or in the thread. I’ll try to post them below with links to their websites.

Bickford Flavors
Blck Flavour
Corvexo - Website redirect f/One Drop Flavors*

  • New website dated 9/2019 also lists the company as “Real Flavors Corp / Corvexo LLC” Also lists another new flavor company Beary Farms on thier site0

Delosi Flavors
Eliquid France
Frandy Flavours **
** Listed on the Blck Flavour site above.

Hiliq Flavors
Raw Concentrates (Malaysia)
Real Flavors VgSC Super Concentrate ***
*** This is one on your list but here’s what the site shows now. “Real Flavors is no longer in business and has closed.
Real Flavors understands that customers need these flavors and have sold the formulas to DIY Flavours out of Canada.”

Sterling Cloud Flavors ??
Web search didn’t find Silver Cloud but did find this site.

Stixx Mixx
VSO Flavors
Wizard Labs

I found this post late last night that lists some I have listed above. I didn’t check to see if others are listed here on this thread.
Flavour Master List

I also found this table while I was searching. I’m not sure where I got or how accurate it is but it is interesting.

Vendor Brand Rebrand
Vaping Zone Bakers Flavors SC-Gourmet
High Desert Vapes Capella Ella's Gourmet Flavor Drops
Chefs Cupcake World Chefs Choice
Chefs Flavor Express Xpress Flavour
Chefs Flavour Art Flavour Creative
Darkstar Flavour Art Dark Arts
Drip Hacks Flavour Art Drip Hacks
NomNomz Flavour Art Craft Flavour Flavour Art Flavour Max
Vapable Flavour Art Arte Italiano
DIY Vapor Supply Jungle Flavors Rain Forest Flavors
Chefs LorAnn Lauren's LorAnn LorrAine's LorAnn Lorain
E-cig Express Medicine Flower Lotus
E-cig Express Real Flavors VG NorthWest VG
E-cig Express TFA Signature
Chefs Wrecka Reka-n
Thanks again and I hope this helps you a little.



Because there are no current restrictions in place for flavor name entries/submissions, those hurdles are largely created by the end-users themselves. I could see going with full-on spelling or staying with abbreviations… either way. But also take into account the spelling and grammar skills many of the users possess. In terms of minimizing those ‘hurdles’ it may be helpful, but I doubt it.