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Hallo everyone,
i appreciate being member in this site.I was vaping the years 2017-2018 till i started smoking again.
Now, i am trying to stop smoking and start vaping again with my personal diys and i think it is going very well…I would like to know which of all flavour shots are more healthy and which of all i should avoid.I am talking about diketones,natural sugar,oils etc.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


Where are you shopping at? Do they have a notice on what their shots contain?


Thanks for the reply.I am shopping tpa mainly.Now i would like to create a tobacco with vanilla bean ice cream but i read that it may contain diketone.What’s your opinion about this?


If you are mixing based on “flavour shots” or “one shots”… You’re not going to have much luck.

The only way to 100% know what is in your liquid, is to Do It Yourself. That way you can research (all of this has been extensively covered in the forum).

The only ABSOLUTE no go, is that which contains oil.

If you don’t want to use sugars, then shop carefully if you’re considering FW. Also, forget about using Cap Super Sweet, and other sucralose based sweeteners.

If you don’t want diketones, then search the forums. But know that there’s never been any proof of harm from them (at the levels we use them at), and besides which, thanks to the rampant paranoia a couple years ago, many have been reformulated to omit them. Others never had them in the first place.


If I were you, I’d read up a little on the warnings on the flavor pages and what they all actually mean.
TPA has DX versions of their flavors which are diketone free and they have pretty decent MSDS sheets online. Personally I don’t think that diketones are really what you should be worried about though… the amounts we vape are way lower than traditional tobacco has (100’s of times lower). There are other substances in the concentrates.

I’d rather use super concentrates (FLV, MF, NF, …) of which you use very little in your juice, opposed to the sometimes 8-10% of a single flavor you see used with TPA in common recipes.

Again, if you’re not sure about the ingredients, it’s best to read and investigate before you buy.


It does not sound like the OP is using a one shot, sounds like OP is flavor shopping and needs to learn the difference.

A one shot is a recipe already created to use in mixing.

Flavors is what makes up one shots and or a flavor base to be added to vg/pg and nicotine.


Maybe i was not so clear :slight_smile: .I create everything on my own. I just would like to know more details about flavors to be added in my base and nicotine and what to take care.


It’s fine… I did not know if you knew the difference. Normally, at least the resellers here in the states, have some way of letting you know that a flavor might have “bad” things in a flavor by marking an image of that flavor. Not sure where you are shopping, but researching your flavors is a good thing to know. However with that, you need to take into consideration, how much diacetyl is in what flavor, as to be honest, you really can not have a good tasting flavor without a bit of the bad… it is a tough call, and one you need to find out on your own about it. :slight_smile:


yeah thanks…i just want to discover the perfect balance between taste and bad chemicals…Ancient greek was saying «Παν μέτρον άριστον»… which means everything you do .Do it without exaggerations.Would you like to share any site for helping me?In my google i get more generics about e-cig rather than what i really want to learn.Thanks in advance again :slight_smile:


Feel free to check out my website. I mainly work with Flavorah flavors, but my method of mixing will suit any other manufacture too. My site is a work in progress, but you are more than welcome to check it out.


the 3 articles you need are:

have a good read… lots of info there on how to mix :slight_smile:


Since you are mainly using tpa…on their website the list their components for each of their flavorings.

I believe Flavorah does as well and flavorart doesn’t sell the “bad” but good tasting stuff in the us.

The elr resource page doesn’t well providing commonly known warnings but may not be 100% accurate. But I will say that I use it.

After that…use well known brands. Fa, flv, tpa ect. But know that nothing is 100% safe and it’s your choice on the steps you take for yourself to feel comfortable with what your vaping.


If you’re using TPA flavors RY4 Double with Vanilla bean ice cream (warning sheet only you can make that decision :slight_smile:


@xaristsel welcome


Reading warnings on various “flavor pages” and (arguably impossibly, given the complete dearth of info relating to administration by inhalation) divining what they might actually mean seems essentially useless to me. The very prominent human tendency towards “pro/dis-confirmation biases”, together with the quite legitimate concerns surrounding the intentions (and perhaps some pre-baked goals/outcomes) of research funding these days, cheapens data (where relevant/valid information content can be reasonably debated).

“Pick your poisons” (:clown_face:):

(May, 2018): “Analytical and toxicological evaluation of flavor chemicals in electronic cigarette refill fluids

(Feb 21, 2019): Cinnamaldehyde was subsequently identified in the most cytotoxic refill fluids and was found at toxic (in vitro) concentrations in a broad spectrum of refill fluids not suggesting “cinnamon”, such as variations of “fruit”, “berry”, “coffee”, “tobacco”, and “sweet”. Cinnamaldehyde was also immuno-suppressive when tested with human respiratory cells. … Cinnamaldehyde is particularly noteworthy as it is highly toxic (in vitro) at low concentrations. EC users have apparently experienced adverse health effects with its use as some bloggers have recommended avoiding products with cinnamon flavors, which are also known to rapidly etch plastic tanks, indicative of its reactivity.
High concentrations of flavor chemicals are present in electronic cigarette refill fluids

(Feb 26, 2019): “Berries/Fruits/Citrus” favored refill fluids were the most popular in three independent methods of analysis. The 20 popular refill fluids contained 22 to 47 different favor chemicals with their total concentrations ranging from 0.63 to 7.9mg/ml. Eighteen flavor chemicals were present in at least one refill fluid at a concentration ≥1mg/ml. 80% of the 20 popular products were cytotoxic in the MTT assay. The four most cytotoxic refill fluids contained various combinations of the six chemicals (ethyl maltol, furaneol, maltol, ethyl vanillin, benzyl alcohol, and vanillin) that were cytotoxic as authentic standards. Most of these chemicals were present in the cytotoxic refill fluids at concentrations >1mg/ml. Maltol and ethyl maltol, which were highly toxic, were present in 19 and 13 of the 20 refill fluids, respectively. The cytotoxicity of refill fluids was directly correlated with ethyl maltol concentrations in the fluids. These data raise concerns about the safety of popular EC refill fluids as those tested all contained concentrations of flavor chemicals that would be cytotoxic at the concentration in the undiluted fluids.
Identification of Cytotoxic Flavor Chemicals in Top-Selling Electronic Cigarette Refill Fluids

(June, 2019): The cytotoxicity of the e-liquids varied considerably, with the cinnamon-flavored product being most potent and leading to significantly decreased cell viability, increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels, caspase 3/7 activity, and low-density lipoprotein uptake, activation of oxidative stress-related pathway, and impaired tube formation and migration, confirming endothelial dysfunction.
Modeling Cardiovascular Risks of E-Cigarettes With Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell–Derived Endothelial Cells


So as to hopefully not be accused of “selectively goring the oxen of my foodstuff inhaling neighbors”, here is the only study that I can find including some selected varieties of (what are my own personally preferred, self-manufactured and used) NET extracts (the full 2015 paper in PDF or HTML format is provided free):
Nicotine Levels and Presence of Selected Tobacco-Derived Toxins in Tobacco Flavoured Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquids


There is a list on the recipe side you will however have to make up your mind as to which of the warnings are a concern to you.


Thanks to all of you.I haven’t solved my problem but i am on track.i would like to know the difference between EC liquids and Net liquids

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The term “NET” refers to Tobacco (usually pipe blends, or cigar leafs, and not highly processed cigarette) “macerating” (steeping, with/without initial warming, for periods of time), resulting in a solution (usually in a solvent of PG, or VG, or Ethanol, or Water) of e-juice flavoring (used at concentrations up to ~20%). The leaf-bits soaking in solvent are strained-out, and the liquid is filtered to a few Microns particle-size. Little in the way of Nicotine is extracted by such “macerations” (and thus Nicotine needs to be externally added).

By “EC”, I am assuming that you probably mean to represent, “electronic cigarette” ?


Flavour art UK sent this to me i have no problem with their concentrate