HeavenGifts Giveaway: Time to win a flavor chasing tank OBS Engine RTA!

The creators of CRIUS and ACE tanks recently released OBS Engine. Engine RTA blends in one unique design features from other existing tanks in the market (velocity style deck, Aromizer style well…)

This tank is highly recommended for flavor chasers. Although the vapor production is also pretty decent, we have to highlight the flavor as it is exceptional.

OBS Engine RTA Tank has 25mm diameter (there is also a mini version in the market) and it features side filling, top airflow and a velocity style deck for easy building with a well. Made in quartz glass and 304 stainless steel, the tank can hold up to 5.2 ml. The airflow is especially designed to cool the chamber when working under high wattage.

Now Heaven Gifts give you a chance to win this amazing tank. To enter our contest, simply reply to any of the rules below:

  1. What’s your impression on OBS brand?
  2. Which feature do you like about OBS Engine Tank?
  3. Let us know which tool kit you are/are going to use if it comes to rebuilding


  1. The contest ends on 29th Sep., 2016
  2. We give away 1 OBS Engine Tank
  3. At least 30 participants join in.
  4. We use random.org to select winner

Guys…if you love building, this is nice prize for you. Please don’t hesitate to join in and also share this good news with your friends. Good luck & have fun!!

Entry #1

OBS are innovative and seem to always produce a quality product.

@Pugs1970 @Kalahariuk @anon88729607 @Lolly @Josephine_van_Rijn @ozo @amy @Maureeenie @BoyHowdy @Anonymiss


Entry 1.

I like the large deck size for ease of building and the side fill looks interesting also!

@Grubby @BoDarc @ozo @Pugs1970 @LordVapor @SthrnMixer @Anonymiss @fidalgo_vapes @VapeyMama


Thanks for the up @Grubby, we seem to be flooded with giveaways :joy: Thanks again @Heaven_Gifts
I’ve got the OBS Crius which is a nice tank. This one looks pretty cool, I really like the engine propellor on it, although the huge OBS logo on top could be a little more subtle IMO . Nice how they placed the glass and I love the big velocity deck.
@JoJo @Uncaged @kreed @Pattie @vonTrueso @Lostmarbles @Sprkslfly @Bogey_Again


Entry 1

The OBS Engine RTA looks like a nice design, I really like the top airflow and wide open build deck.

@MysticRose @Fozzy71 @fidalgo_vapes @juice_junkie_lover

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The OBS Crius served me well for a great while.Quality product and very easy to build!
I would love to try a top airflow tank and I love the big build deck!
I have used the Coil Master tool kit for a while now and am very happy with the way it works.
@Ken_O_Where @Whiterose0818 @Big_Benny_MI

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Thanks @Josephine_van_Rijn …I’ll have a crack at this one! …& thanks @Heaven_Gifts!
Love the size of the build deck & the velocity style posts. Never had an atty with top air-flow so I’d def like to try that!
All-in-all, a great looking unit!
@Sprkslfly @Anonymiss @ozo @Pattie @VapeyMama @Lostmarbles @Ken_O_Where @LordVapor


The velocity post deck looks nice and easy to build on. The tank looks durable overall.

@Bearkat @wvsanta @Whiterose0818

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The 17mm build deck looks real nice and roomy and it doesn’t hurt having velocity posts either.
@anon88729607 @Josephine_van_Rijn @GPC2012

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Entry #1

The OBS Engine looks like a decent RTA, I really like the look of the wicking and the top airflow

@Ozzy2 @Lolly @Pugs1970 @Pattie @BoyHowdy @zombiepenguinwrangle

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How spoiled we have become :grinning: There’s only one price in this contest peeps so entry #1 is all you’re going to get :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha! I wasn’t sure what to write, maybe it should be “My comp entry”

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I love the big build deck, never tried top afc before so that would be a nice experiment! I also like the black color version, not completely blacked out but looks very nice.

It comes with coils and cotton? Bottom wicking vs the top like my Avocado is a huge plus. You can clean the tank and coils with out having to rebuild. It will be going on my wish list.

I have yet to try one of their tanks, so I’m all ready to be impressed :wink:

I really like the look of the airflow system on this one. I have an old Kuros coil kit, does the job for neat coils.

@Dan_ltz, @faerie_laedie, @Scott36, @vaporettes

  1. I’ve heard good things about OBS but haven’t had the opportunity to try products from the obs brand.
  2. It appears the juice ports may be a little bigger that the aromamizer.
    3 I would be using a coil master kit.

@IanMain @ianmcconnell @Ian_J @IanW maybe someone named ian wants to win something for free.

My comp entry

I would like to fire that engine up.
I use a Coil-Master V2 tool kit.
Air flow looks good.

@Scottes777 @Samouil @Shelly @Shane @Sarah @Sonya @steve

Entry 1

The OBS was a interesting top fill design
I like the large deck size for ease of building and wicking
I use small screwdrivers to wrap coils

@Fenrir1 @anon88729607 @RobynG @BoyHowdy

Entry #1
I like the deck design a lot, and like the sound of the airflow design.

Top airflow is great…works best there.

Velocity deck also good… seems to be the industry standard these days :slight_smile:

Side filling is good…like the way that works on the Limitless.

Changing coils without emptying is also good!

Like this a lot! :smiley:

@Josephine_van_Rijn @Uncaged @Grumpy @JoJo @MysticRose @robin @fidalgo_vapes @Anonymiss