HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win Free 70W UD Balrog TC kit

Wanna upgrade your old VW regulated vape device to a TEMP control one? Desire to try something new in the new year? Looking for a super compact TC kit so long? Well, here you get one chance to satify your desire. Heaven Gifts prepares 2 sets of 70W UD Balrog TC full kits to give away.

To enter this giveaway:

  1. Tell us what features do you like about UD Balrog.
  2. Whether you used any product from UD brand or not, please tell us your impression on UD brand or products

This contest will be lasting for half a moth, ended on Jan. 21,2016. The winners will be selected randomly by random.org and announced on Jan. 22,2016.

Please feel free to join in and spread this good news to your friends. Good luck!!!

--------------------------------70W UD Balrog: one Mini TC Kit for all ------------------------------------

After earned a good reputation for various amazing vape products in 2015, UD continues its innovative spirit, starting the year of 2016 by introducing its very first super mini starter kit - the UD Balrog, which comes with a specially designed 78mm height. Though built as a small body, this Balrog starter kit still performs powerful, with max output wattage up to 70W, supporting both VW/TC function. Featuring metallic housing, ergonomic purlicue button, condensation collection ring and magnetic battery cover, it delivers a feeling of solid quality and uniqueness. With 3 different coil heads included, this Balrog is definitely a good device to meet different vaping demands.

Resistance and Working Wattage:
1.8ohm: suggested 15 - 22W
0.5ohm: suggested 20 - 38W
Ni200 0.15ohm: suggested 200 - 450℉

Looks like a good entry level kit. I’ve really no experience with UD products but would like to give them a try :slight_smile:

1st thoughts

DAYMMMMM it looks like a little pitbull very appealing indeed.

Balrog made me chuckle it used to be my fav character on street fighter 2 hehe

The tank looks epic i am very intrigued about the smart cotton i wonder if this will start to roll out with other devices.
this thing should make a growl noise when you press the fire button hahaha

i would be interested to see what the RRRP is on this its a very appealing device

as always @Heaven_Gifts thanks for the opportunity to enter the comp but thanks for putting time in for all these comps


is this separate or the same to the comp on your site for this device as i signed up for that too

and great site BTW you have some really cool stuff

heheh :smiley: I was thinking more along the lines of AD&D and of course the LoTR scene where Gandalf has a stand-off with the balrog!

The Balrog is kinda cool looking, and hopefully it’ll give the eVic VTC mini some competition ;D

I’ve had the UD IGO-W, Crown and Bellus - good stuff, though I sold my Bellus.


I’ve always been a fan of UD products. My first atomizer was a UD IGO-W single air hole style dripper; still use it every day for taste testing my DIY juices! :+1: I own many more UD products today, which I use in my daily rotation of atomizers.

This package looks promising as UD’s entry into the realm of TC; can’t wait to give it a try! :sunglasses:

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I have not try this ud ,tc. I only have ud crown tank with RBA deck love that tank. would Like to try a TC box mod.

My only experience has been with a UD IGO W6. A bit challenging due to the limited build space, but was happy with the performance. I’d like to have a shot at anything called a Balrog. Thanks for the opportunity!.

Thanks for your support to us.
It’s separated from the contest on our site.
We will exclusively choose 2 winners here.:wink:


My experience with UD comes from owning the Golath tank. It was a major step up from the Kanger Sub-Tank Mini I was using. It was my first dual coil tank and I still use it occasionally. My first impressions of the Goliath were that it was very well made. And the vape was and still is fantastic, especially since I switched to Ti coils.

What I like about this Balrog setup is it is small and would be great to carry around at work. I will keep my eye on this one!

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Interesting to see UD jumping into the mod market . Looks like a nice compact starter setup .

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I like the look of the mod and tank tho i would prefer it to be rebuildable. I have owned a bunch of the W series RDAs and years later we still use them. Very solid RDAs and havent had a single issue with any of them, i bet we will still be using them in a few years from now.

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There is still one week left.
You have lots of chance to win.
Let us feel your passion.:sunglasses:
Come on & invite more friends to participate this contest. Hope you will be on the winner list.:grinning:

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I would like the UD balrog because it could probably start
my truck on a cold morning @ 70w, while I vape from it !
New to vaping so I’m at the eleaf stage atm. But I do have over
60 flavors ready to put in the UD.

The balrog looks like a quality device, and i’m pretty sure my Bellus tank would look good on it

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Guys, hurry up!!!
3 days left. You still have lots of chance to win.:wink:


Balrog looks fantastic, tc control, compact and ergonomic
I havent used any ud product but from what i see and have read it looks like they create pretty good and high quality products!

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The last day for the win.
What are you waiting for?
Join us. And the UD Balrog may be yours.:wink:


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