Heavy Hitters

Always a fun thing - post a short video of your heavy hitting mod.

Smog Mods Mongrel (a little dirty like my office atm)


The HOG with the modfather


The Spanner with a black Goon 1.5


Wotofo Phantom & Freakshow v1


Cherry bomber and Gear


Whiterose stabwood LiPo NLPWM 8v, 0.4Ohm dual 24ga kanthal, hemp wick, 30mm Fogwind Ally.

PS, this build is at least 2 months old.


I knew all along that u would come along and show us off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I preferred your original version.

I dunno, mine looks similar to the others to me, but it is an absolute beast for non-eye-vaping. Im just now getting used to it after several months.


@therabidweasel I am LIKING that @Whiterose0818 stabwood !!!


Hell-to-the-amen-yes! I just switched, as a test, to a maxamps LiPo. Could be placebo or it does kick a bit harder. Either way I’ve become addicted to this thing I could barely hit 3x a day two months ago. Im going to need to grow some gills if im going to keep vaping it tho. It’s well into the way-too-much side.

I am not bragging, im thinking maybe I should recommend against this? The Gear hits way too hard and tastes a bit better, but this throws more hugerer clouds. The Ally is much bigger and much cooler in a weird way due to the crazy airflow. It’s extremely wet, like a carwash for the lungs. Im not sure it’s a good thing. Seriously.


Bump for the scardeded


only works when u add

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Don King’s hair for wick…hilarious!

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thk @LordVapor for the work on that, great guy! i built it but no one can see thru all the wick/hair, lmao


i thk him everyday not only for funny gifs but from beginning, friendly guy in a strange new world.

After owning MCV cherry bomber clone and seeing how much thought goes into it, i fell in love w/ a lot of their products. If u look at a lot of their products u will realized they revolutinized (sp whatever) a lot. I am i not in a position to buy an authentic (google search will price it for u) so went to a chinese clone.
I fell in love w/ panzer g3 and tho old school, it has everything u need to make it hit hard and easy to maintain. I spent diddly since i had a nice gold plated stiff spring from a wotofo phantom but thats another whole story but panzer mags are a common size.9.5 x 6.35. https://www.vapehappy.com/products/n45sh-pure-silver-plated-magnetic-switch-set
My 2nd recommend is a fuel v2 and all thought the chinese vendors offer this a kit, i might not see u tomorrow, i recommend getting a 24 heatsink to match em up. The fuel is an awesome alt to bottom air flow where u are worried about over dripping. Alot of atty designs have recently copied it so u again, old school. If u go with a clone, then again u have probs as the o rings come arrived torn, hope u have some that sudo fit and dental floss. As to the hybrid cap, i enjoyed it w/ heatsink but man, i know how to tinker. I “sourced” a screw, ground it down and now its hybrid save. I looked into it and 'goon" replacement w do it 2.5mm and i would lean toward an lp since they are tad longer.

Another prob?? i have w/ MCV rdas is that they have big ass caps which arent ,cough, 810, i prefer the mcv one but fuelv2 has a built in spit back so u have to remove it everytime. The well is deep but removing the cap digs into the orings and dental floss, lol, You can look till your eyes hurt but wont find but 2 @ 20-30 bucks to fit so i made one,3/4 sharkbite pex plug, a drill, a file and patience

anyways have fun, hope i could help and remeber always use mech safety!!