Help a flavor poor newbie out?

Hi guys! Some of you may have seen me lurking around a bit.

I entered my intro in the “Be polite. Introduce yourself.” thread, so you know a bit about me.

Imma give y’all a little bit more about me, now…

I’m a disabled veteran, as many of us on here are, I’m sure. I’m also on a VERY limited income. My husband is also disabled and we’re working on getting him on disability. I just won a drawn out custody battle for my beautiful daughter. Had to move 200 miles in order to get her, had to buy new furniture (in payments) because her father shared his lovely bedbugs😒, paying off a $5,000 attorney bill…

I’m pretty much stretched to my limit…

Wait, now it sounds like I’m begging… Sigh

What I mean to say is, if anyone has any flavors they don’t like or want to thin their stash…

Ummm, I can pay shipping if any of you lovely, wonderful folks would be willing to help me increase my flavor stash? :sweat_smile::sweat:

Please? :relieved:

BTW, I AM in the US. Eastern OKC to be more exact.


BIG thanks to @Gsnap, @SessionDrummer , and @Sprkslfly for their SUPER generosity!
Over the last two or three weeks, they have each sent a package with many wonderful flavors that I am SO excited to get mixing and give them a try!

Many thanks to you guys for your SUPER generous natures! My husband and I are so very grateful for everything you guys sent!!

If anyone else has anything they want to get rid of or just feel generous… I’ll gladly take them off your hands, but at the moment, I am NO LONGER flavor poor!!



If you are in the USA, PM me with your info. :slight_smile:

If you don’t have enough posts to initiate a PM, let me know and I’ll initiate it.

Do you need hardware too? Or just flavors?


I’m sorry, but I’m not in the US. Best of luck to you Cindy.


That’s ok, @delltrapp. I appreciate the thought and sentiment!


Please keep me posted on the giveaway!! I’ll definitely be trying to watch for it!


I sent out my unused flavors last month to someone else :frowning: Wish I could be of help here.


That’s ok, @authormichellehughes! I appreciate the sentiment, though. Could you please keep me in mind, next time though, maybe? :blush:


I absolutely will!


What flavors do you like? Or what recipes are you trying to make? I’d be more then happy to help you out.

Congratulations on getting custody of your daughter! I’ve had solo custody of mine ever since she was 2


I really like fruit flavors but I’m willing to try them all.

I’m interested in learning more about dessert flavors like cake or custards, maybe pie types.

I’m definitely interested in adult drink flavors, I have several different vendor websites shopping carts stored with tequilas, rums, grenadines, orange juice types, lol trying for a tequila sunrise type, but I can’t afford those yet :sweat:.

Again, everyone who has been so helpful are so very appreciated!! :relieved::blush: :sparkling_heart:

Thank you for the congratulations, she and I are so much happier with her here!!


Thank you, @authormichellehughes! :sparkling_heart:


Sounds good. I’ll get some stuff sent your way in the next few days. Can you PM me your address please.

Is there anything specifically you’re wanting? I don’t think I can help with the drink flavors though. Was always hesitant about ordering any of that stuff


Thank you, @Gsnap! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! :sparkling_heart:


I’m really happy to help out, and I know @Gsnap, and @Sprkslfly feel exactly the same. I can’t wait to hear what you think, and I hope all of our packages help “boost” you up a bit.

Thank you for your service to our country.


Thank you for yours as well, bud! I’m excited to see what you sent!! Stupid FedUp!!

And yes, I do feel super boosted :rofl:


NP, I just wanted to make sure you actually got the package. I have all order of alerts set up for all my shipping, and all shipping exceptions text me, so I got nervous. Did they not deliver correctly ?


They did. It just didn’t get to me. It went back to the FedEx main building. Plus, my stupid apartment manager. He just wanders off whenever he feels like it and they can’t deliver to the office when he isn’t in there. FedUp refuses to deliver to the apartment units. It ALL goes to the office… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That sucks about your package and the manager. Happy to help, looks like you’re making new recipes which is awesome!


I love to cook and my nose is my biggest indicator of how much of what to use.
The notes and descriptions of flavors are all very helpful with new flavors. I just kind of guesstimate what will go well and how much…

I know it’s rare for a newbie to have no failures but so far, :crossed_fingers: I haven’t had any fails…:rofl: let’s hope that luck continues!


@Wombatred26… I will have some flavors coming in sometime this coming week.
Send me your address… I do not use UPS or Fedex… :slight_smile: