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Wow @Alisa, guess CASAA was smoking crack on this eh? Or Chad Halle has it wrong!

2: HB 1432 criminalizes home brewing of e-liquid, for personal use. Home brewing, or DIY, is currently allowed for beer, wine, dry tobacco, and other adult products.

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Sec. 1. (a) E-liquid distributed and sold within Indiana may be
comprised of any of the following ingredients:
(1) Vegetable glycerol or vegetable glycerin.
(2) Propylene glycol.
(3) Nicotine.
(4) Flavorings.
(5) Water.
(6) Other ingredients approved by the department under
section 2 of this chapter or any ingredient specifically
approved for inclusion in e-liquid by the federal Food and
Drug Administration.
(b) A person may not purchase, sell, use, or possess any
substance intended to be vaporized and inhaled in a vapor pen that
contains any ingredient other than an ingredient allowed under
subsection (a).

Sec. 3. (a) Except as otherwise permitted by this article, a person
may not purchase, receive, manufacture, import, or transport, or
cause to be imported or transported from another state, territory,
or country into Indiana, or transport, ship, barter, give away,
exchange, furnish, or otherwise handle or dispose of e-liquid, or to
possess e-liquid for purpose of sale.
(b) A person may not knowingly receive or acquire e-liquid
from a person or authorized distributor who does not hold a valid
permit under this article to sell, deliver, furnish, or give the
© A person who violates this section commits a Class A

Emphasis mine. This is scary stuff. Most deals with retail establishments, but those two sections seem to include everyone. Granted, my lawyer mumbo-jumbo lingo is a little rusty…but yikes.


Signed and commented!


Signed and discusted

I live in Indiana. I left a comment and was going to sign it until you asked me for money. I did sign the petition, but I hate being asked for money.