Help. First Diy juice all harsh

I’ll give it a shot thanks

Start using French Vanilla Cream instead, you will not regret it…

Regardless of having a shop I too would not put up with 15-30ml bottles of flavor. Don’t like running out much either…

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I actiully ordered PG nicotine at 30mgs
But received VG.
so the shop said they would give me a bottle of the PG nic.
should I get Lower nic?
Isn’t it just a trade off? Higher nic = less you have to mix in.
I normally buy 3mg when I buy already mixed bottles from stores.

Being you are complaining of harshness the last thing you want is PG based nicotine. Remember VG is for vapor, PG is for throat hit. The more PG the harsher just like nicotine.

One thing you never answered for us, what equipment are you using to vape with?

Istick 50w with a Herakles sub ohm tank.
.2 coil

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Very good, that means you can go MAX VG. If you can tell this shop NEVER MIND on the PG Based nic, you should probably do it. Your next batch just add you flavor and the rest all VG base (Includes nic). If you have decent nic (not peppery) and no flavors that are peppery as @601VaPoRs says then this will be the best you can do. If you need thinning use Distilled water but no more than 5%. Do not exceed 5% or popping may occur. Keep in mind using that much Distilled Water may require strong flavors and/or longer steep times. Probably should keep the Distilled water 2% or under with Max VG…

Here’s my vg and vg nic.

I think I’m going to add way less nic on my next batch.

And not to hijack my own thread but is there a page where I can add all the flavors I have and it will tell me what recipes I can make?

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If you goto your account page look in your ‘stash’ & click ad to stash.
Best o v luck

You can upgrade your TFA account at the website for a bulk account and pay between $6.50-$8 for most 4oz bottles of flavouring. If you’re not in the USA though expect almost the same cost of your order for shipping.
I purchased 2x4oz flavours and a 16oz flavour for around $38 and it cost me in all $61 inc shipping to get it to the UK and it took 33days from point of order to reach my door.
EDIT… I will add though that it brought my 10ml flavour costs though down from £1.95 per 10ml to £0.53 per 10ml and that’s factoring in the shipping charges too.

As for custards.

I too found the black pepper taste with TFA initially off putting. It does steep away but man o man is it weird on a fresh mix.

I’ve also tried CAP vanilla Custard v1 and V2.

Version 1 is all I buy now for custard.

I’m on a bit of a Custard Trip at the moment lol.


I really like custards :frowning:
But Dayuuuuyyyyum how can I get this Forrester to cool down pepper wise?
I know I resolved this pepper issue before but each time I forgot how hardcore it is.
I’m gonna leave em in 100f degree car all day tomorrow I’m not to a point that I have a bunch of steeped liquid on hand & it’s making me smoke because I can’t Vape that and suffer.

This statement I do not understand. Why is it preferable to go buy a pack of cigarettes rather than go to a Vape shop and buy something that’s not harsh till you solve your problem?


Because I’m disabled & can’t drive & there are no Vape shops here there’s 1 & it’s crazy priced.
I roll / fill my own and have tobacco still.

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Now I understand, thanks for clearing that up!

Unfortunately the TFA Vanilla Custard needs time for the pepperiness to settle down.

If you want an immediately vapable custard then Capella v1 is definitely better to Vape immediately but still requires time for the creaminess to develop.

The other alternatives are things like Vanilla Swirl.

Fruit flavours are pretty much shake and vapes so that could be a way to go until your custards have steeped long enough.

I’m with @ringling though don’t go to the death sticks just pick up a liquid from a vape shop and get your Vape on.


I haven’t experienced this particular problem with a flavor or a nicotine, but would something like MTS Vape Wizard or Smooth help? It’s supposed to help tone down the harsh taste that comes from some tobacco flavors.

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I understand too.

Maybe you could make an online purchase for some flavours you like until you refine your skills/flavours.


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No problem :slight_smile: embarrassing but theres nothing I can do about it .
So how the heck can I get this pepper taste to go away? It will cook my taste buds if I try to Vape it, I know time it will steep away but I screwed around & made a big batch,I know it’ll turn out good I just wish I could use some now,or tomorrow even…lmao

Maybe try sticking it in a hot rice bath with the lid off for a bit and vape unflavored until the harsh goes away?

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I’m gonna do method of high performance steeping :slight_smile: .
I’m trying to find some shake & Vape recipes,thanks for the suggestion

Where is my account page. Lol. I still don’t see how to do it?