Help. First Diy juice all harsh

First post and could use some help.
97% / 3.0 % vg nicotine
Capella and flavor apprentice flavors.

I’ve used a few different calculators to make 3mg strength nicotine ejuice and everything is tasting really harsh. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome aboard!

What mg is your nicotine? Where is it from? What are you flavor percentages? Can you post one of your recipes that is harsh so we can troubleshoot? If it is on ELR you can click the blue wrench, click “copy as plain text” and paste that in a post.

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My nicotine is 30 mg from bama vapor it’s 97%vg 3%nic

1.5 nc /vg
11.8 vg
.2 water
1.5 flavor

This is close to what I’ve tried.

They are all harsh like to much nicotine.
Tried multiple flavors.

How long are you letting it steep and what is your vaping setup/equipment like? You might try making a small batch of the recipe without the nicotine and see if that helps. It could be that the nicotine is harsh. I’ve never heard of or tried the nicotine from there. If it turns out that the nicotine is the problem, you can try decreasing the amount of nicotine you’re using or buying from another company. Your flavor amount seems fine and Capella’s and TPA are widely used around here with good results, so I’d tend to think that the nicotine is indeed what is causing the harshness.

To add to Jojo’s help :slight_smile: .
Explain harsh try to describe that word in taste sometimes it’s the nicotine sometimes the flavor.
Either way steeping or adding less nicotine is the answer.

I just have to ask, when you say water, you do mean Distilled Water. Tap water would have chemicals in it you most certainly wouldn’t want in your juice. Also did you shake up the nicotine before you used it? If the Nicotine was shaken and distilled water was used then I agree with @JoJo. Make up a batch that has no nicotine. If this solves the problem then you need to get your nic elsewhere…

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I’m guilty of the no shaking the nicotine, I think I vaped 100mg/ml on accident taste pretty bad.

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Can’t say I haven’t forgotten myself, it happens…

Yup, same here only I’ve only ever used 24mg. One of the big reasons I’m scared to go higher. I need to put a label on it in big letters that says “SHAKE ME” lol



I didn’t shake mine.
I also used vodka rather than distiller water but only a drop or two.
I think it’s my nicotine. I tried it at 1.5 nic and it’s not as bad, but still a little harsh.

Could be that, like the others said, you wound up getting a nicotine hot spot and the nic level was actually much higher than it should have been. You could try making it again or diluting it with more vg and flavor.

Also hasn’t steeped.
Pretty much made, set in hot water then tried vaping a hour later.

Maybe give that one some time and while it’s steeping mix up another batch using no nic or very well shaken nic. :smile:

Sounds like the nicotine. Try shaking real well and then do another batch. Use Distilled Water instead of Vodka also. If it’s still very harsh I suggest getting your nicotine from if you are in the US…

Ya know the harsher nicotine is tuff stuff,there should be a way to remidie this I just don’t know how.

Now let me say this I have some TPA custard flavor that’s like vaping black pepper with a custard background flavor when it’s fresh,after steeping it looses that pepper effect.

Are all custard this way I wonder? I gotta find a vendor that sells larger bottles at a fair price & have no clue where to look

You running a shop too? Your nickname and the fact you need large bottles gives one that impression. I use a lot of Flavor West and TFA concentrates. If you buy from and you can buy the big bottles. You can buy good nic from and also pick up some other concentrates like Capella and Loranne (just a few).

Perhaps that’s why I don’t use it. Rarely use custards because I don’t care for the spiced custards. Flavor West Vanilla Custard is not peppery but it is spiced. I use a little but usually choose French Vanilla Cream (notice I said cream), straight cheesecakes, vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla swirl, and others instead depending on what I’m looking for in taste…

There is, trash it and buy some good nic. Expensive but to my knowledge the only way…


Nope I’m not running a shop but I have big issues with 15ml for 3.25 versus 10.00 for 4oz.
Kinda stinks when you try a bottle & like it but run out after a couple recipes,so I’d rather find less flavors & only buy larger bottles if that makes since.
I wish there was a simple list if most commonly used tfa flavors.
I agree on the nicotine but am stuck with what I have at the moment & honestly I can’t say it’s not the custard fravor that is peppery because EVERY time I Mic any with tfa custard it’s spicy as heck

I got you covered :smiley: Use the flavor list and search for (TPA), then sort by # recipes :smile: