Help for Newbie please

Hi I’m a newbie and would greatfully seek your help. I am placing my initial order (I already have scales and bottles). Is there anything I have missed. Also any MUST HAVE flavours/additives that are not on my list. Thanks for your help.

TFA – The Flavour Apprentice
1 x 30ml Bavarian Cream
1 x 30ml Berry Crunch
1 x 30ml Berry Mix
1 x 30ml Cheesecake Graham Crust
1 x 30ml Fruit Circles with Milk
1 x 30ml Graham Cracker Clear
1 x 30ml Malted Milk
1 x 30ml Marshmallow
1 x 30ml Pineapple Juicy
1 x 30ml Strawberry Ripe
1 x 30ml Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1 x 30ml Vanilla Custard
1 x 30ml Vanilla Swirl
1 x 30ml Blueberry Flavour Extra
1 x 30ml French Vanilla Deluxe
1 x 30ml Crunchy Cereal (Crunchy Captain Cereal)
1 x 30ml Whipped Cream
1 x 30ml DX Peach Juicy

1 x 30ml Pina Colada
1 x 30ml Sweet Strawberry
1 x 30ml Sweet Mango

1 x 30ml Cappuccino Coffee

1 x 30ml Mango (Natural)

2 x 1000ml Vegetable Glycerin
1 x 1000ml Propylene Glycol
1 x 150ml Nicotine (100mg) RTS Vapes
1 x 100ml Sucralose Sweetner
1 x 15ml Ethyl Maltol
1 x 30ml High Concentrate Chiller
10 x 30ml Glass Dripper Bottles Code K07
10 x 3ml Pipet Plastic
2 x Spuit / Syringe / Suntikan (20ml)
2 x Spuit / Syringe / Suntikan ( 1ml)


I’d suggest buying smaller bottles of flavors and more variety. It’s quite likely that a few of the flavors won’t appeal to you and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t order smaller volumes. Order big when you know you like something.

I’d definitely add Capella vanilla custard v1 and cinnamon danish swirl to your list :grin:

Good luck & wait for more replies before you order.


According to the stats on this forum, you’ve only read for 9 minutes. Maybe you’ve done more while not being logged in but I recommend reading a bit through the Beginners and General forum to learn about the basics of DIY.
You can go ahead with this order but giving the forum a little more time may save you a lot of money, time and frustration…

A few threads that I recommend are:

Your question is one that many new mixers ask, many of your answers have been covered in these topics.

Not to forget, welcome to ELR, happy reading and success with your mixing :slight_smile:

EDIT: another one to read:


Like Cooper said, you seem to be starting off with “large quantity” bottles… there are some people that start DIY and soon find out it’s not really for them. It would be a shame if you spend 100’s of $$$ on stuff you won’t necessarily use.
Also, taste is very subjective. Before buying 30ml bottles, try the 10ml bottles first to see if you really like the flavors. Even with quite a bit of research, experienced people still buy flavors that they don’t like and end up collecting dust.
I’d rather recommend ordering a few more flavors in smaller quantities than less flavors but in bigger quantities, even if it makes more economical sense to buy in bulk.

1 x 30ml Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1 x 30ml Vanilla Custard
Lots of people get peppery notes from these flavors and end up getting those from other brands. I’m not saying that you will, but in case you do, 60ml concentrates is a shame to throw away.

Any chance you could tell us where you’re from? Maybe some people here can help you find the best & cheapest place to get these ingredients, find you some discount codes etc :wink:


1 x 100ml Sucralose Sweetner
I also suggest using just the 36 or 48mg nicotine if it is available, it’s safer to handle


I have to agree with smaller bottles of flavor. My first order consisted of 6 4oz bottles (got a bunch of samples as well) i ended up gifting 3 of them. The other 3 are just now becoming empty…a year and a half later.


You’ve received great advice from some of our very active members here. There’s only three things I’d stress to you.

#1 - Read, read, read, all you can in the linked threads @anon28032772 provided, above.
#2 - Find a couple of popular recipes that appeal to your own flavor profile in our recipe database and purchase those required flavorings first. And, like they said above, purchase only the smallest flavorings first.
#3 - After you’ve done a few mixes and get more comfortable with mixing, read up on, and purchase a scale to mix with. You’ll be MUCH happier with mixing and save a lot of time and money with mixing by weight.


Nicotine is one of the most toxic of all poisons and has a rapid onset of action. Apart from local actions, the target organs are the peripheral and central nervous systems. In severe poisoning, there are tremors, prostration, cyanosis, dypnoea, convulsion, progression to collapse and coma. Even death may occur from paralysis of respiratory muscles and/or central respiratory failure with a LD50 in adults of around 30-60 mg of nicotine. In children the LD50 is around 10 mg.

medical Definition of LD50. : the amount of a toxic agent (as a poison, virus, or radiation) that is sufficient to kill 50 percent of a population of animals usually within a certain time — called also median lethal dose.

LD=Lethal Dose
50 means 50% chance
IDK why anyone would want to use 100mg/ml nicotine if it can kill an infant 10 times over if he/she ingests just 1ml of your base.
Think safe when purchasing your chemicals.


while logged in. New account, maybe he’s been reading without an account for a while?

I wouldn’t blindly buy any flavors just for the name or because you think it might be a good thing to have. I’ve done the same thing (to a degree) and ended up with some real rubbish I’ll never use.
If you’re interested in a concentrate go to the ELR database and look what other users have written into the notes.
I only buy new concentrates if i want to try a recipe others have recommended to me or a ELR member who’s reputation i trust (or i know that guy likes what i like) have rated it highly.
Don’t hesitate to ask, there are no stupid questions. That said, most questions have been asked before so have a quick play with the search function and see what’s already there.
One item’s missing from your list… If you don’t already have one get some $20 digital scales with 0.01g resolution.
Good luck!


I’ve seen this claim since who knows when but I started to doubt this. It’s off topic here but apparently the person who documented the toxicity (and that it’s lethal) did that in a self experiment. And survived.
Also all the videos where people stick their hands in nicotine juice. Personally (which of course doesn’t really prove anything) I have never seen anything worse than a headache but no real reports about nicotine poisoning where somebody really died.
My main point: If it were lethal, there would have been SOME idiot by now from the huge DIY community who would have poisoned himself. And the tobacco/pharma cartels would have used it to get vaping banned.


I was wondering where you got the nic “@Bad_Influence” but now I see.
Nicotine is a toxin, and it is safer to handle 10mg than it is to handle 1000mg. Furthermore you can easily mix 6mg e-liquid with just 10mg base. Nicotine is toxic even when it contacts the skin, stronger e-liquid can be toxic from just breathing the evaporating vapors.
Why do you want someone brand new to the mixing world to make a purchase and mix something that might have a chance of killing themselves or their children if mishandled?

I still suggest 36mg or 48mg nicotine at the strongest for your first purchase, then if you decide to change later the recipes can easily be adapted or changed.


My only suggestions would be

  1. Get a bigger bottle of VG (gallon !!)
  2. get a scale and don’t order the pipettes
    only get the syringes for metering out the Nicotine
    with the scale, you can measure by weight and don’t need the pipettes.
  3. Buy a giant bag of (100) 30ml bottles off eBay for mixing your new juices -
    This is what I got for around $24
  4. buy separate 8oz dispenser bottles for your VG/PG and refill as needed.
  5. figure out a system to label all your new mixes – and make sure that removing those labels is EASY and clean. Don’t spend 5 minutes scraping off the adhesive from each bottle !

With your flavors, you’ll go through 2000ml of VG very, very quickly.

Nic River has very good selection, and free shipping at $50+ – my first gallon bottle of VG was bought from Bulk Apothecary (based in Michigan) the bottle was $14(ish) but I think I paid around $18 for shipping (very stupid) If I had known about Nicotine River I definitely would have bought from them. If you buy larger bottles of juices from Nic River, ask for the twist top caps – they’ll give them to you for free!

See about free shipping requirements from the different vendors and if there are any coupons (or discount codes) available from each of them BEFORE you order.

Nic River - $50
eCig Express - $60
Real Flavors - $100
DIY vapor supply (don’t buy their scale ! I have it, it works, but I really don’t like it – can get the same thing for half the price on ebay – and be just as disappointed with it.)



I’m not against your precautions. I just don’t buy the horror without having seen a single trustworthy report about any incidents. Of course it’s not nivea cream but where are all the victims?


Or maybe it’s thanks to the many warnings from the whole community and that mixers aren’t all as dumb as many think?

This is just regular vaping e-liquid, not our super concentrated version.

Just google around, there are enough incidents and I think the only reason why pharma and tobacco don’t even see the point in fighting us is because the DIY community is just a very small part of the vaping world (i.e. not worth their effort and money) and we’re mostly treating it with the necessary respect and due diligence.


WADR, If there is an infant involved, I would put the 36mg in the same danger zone as the 100mg nic. I’ve been using 36mg for almost a year (since I was scared off from using 100mg for my first order), and I’m kicking myself for not getting the 100mg. I mix at 2mg, pretty low, and still have to put 4 grams into a 60ml bottle. That seems like a lot to me.

If I were to give any advice to new mixers, I would promote education about proper precautions over abstinence from higher concentrations. Anyone with an infant - or more importantly, a toddler - in the house, should exercise common sense and keep that stuff put up out of reach from wandering baby hands. Just my 2cents. As a mixer who has a toddler in the house.


I’m not going to do the math, but 100mg nicotine is about 3 times more toxic than 36mg

That is exactly what I am trying to do, and exactly what you are trying to un-do.
I’d like to let @DonRon know the facts about toxicity without you guys giving possibly dangerous advice. I think the best message is start small, small bottles of flavors, you don’t need 100 30ml empty bottles maybe just 20, weaker nicotine is safer to work with especially if there is an accident. Start smaller and work your way up.


Agreed that this has to be the main objective. Playing down the risks by saying that it’s not all that dangerous because no serious incidents happen is IMO plain wrong.


That wasn’t me… my point was that we should treat the 36mg nic as equally as dangerous as 100mg, and keep all of it out of reach and educate ourselves on proper precautions. If my toddler got ahold of my 36mg nic, I would be exactly as freaked out and ashamed as if it were 100mg. It’s poison.


Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply you said that :wink:
Nicotine is an excellent pesticide (ever need to get rid of that nest of ants?) and should be treated as such, somewhere out of reach with a big fat skull on the bottle. No matter the concentration.


I think you may have misunderstood my post.

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