[Help] Making Chreese Crown by Graeters Ice Cream Co

Grateors Ice cream company just releashed a cinnamon cheesecake ice cream flavor named the Cheese Crown.
I started on a rough draft but I’d be honored and very interested in seeing a final completion of this flavor.



I havent had it before, cant buy it around here, yet hopefully, hehe. I would probably start with some CAP flavorings, Cin Danish Swirl, NY Cheesecake and use Liquid Barns Vanilla Ice Cream. Also i would start low on the NY Cheesecake CAP, maybe 2% and add Cheesecake LA to enhance the Cheesecake without the graham crust as most of the ice creams that i have had with cheesecake were heavier on the cheesecake than the graham. Maybe something like this:

1-2% Cin Danish Swirl (CAP)
2% Cheesecake NY (CAP)
1-2% Cheesecake (LA)
2-4% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)

As for the fondant flakes, i really dont know, it depends on what it is made from. A simple fondant would be just sugar and water cooked and stirred/beaten. Sometimes Vanilla is added to it as well as other flavorings and coloring. Maybe try marzipan (FA) too.

Id love to try this stuff, it is available in some store in Milwaukee and the wife works up there but i dont allow her to travel to the neighborhoods it is sold. Not the safest places, if you know what i mean.


Marzipan may be a good suggestion for Fondant. When I used it that is kind of the flavor I got from it. Maybe that and a touch of Maple Syrup FA. Or maybe Walt’s Powdered Sugar? I really need to get that LB Vanilla Ice Cream!


Tell me about that LB Ice Cream Ken? I’ve been using TFA’s is there a huge difference?

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It is the creamiest and most ice cream like flavor that i have used, i lubs it muchly.

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That’s all the convincing I need… lol adding it

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I like quite a few of their flavorings, i still need to mix up the rest of them. Just got the bottles today. Butter Scotch Graham Tobacco is fantastic as well.

EDIT TO ADD: Here is a quick simple Rootbeer Float i made with it:

Rootbeer Float

Ingredient %
Koolada 10% (TPA) 0.25
Rootbeer (LB) 4
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 2.5

Flavor total: 6.75%

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Ive since dropped the koolada tho, i like it better without.