Help me fix this Please :)

My head hurts trying to figure this out help me out please :). So this was inspired by one of our own here on the forum… Once i get it right i will definitely post it for all to share. This is supposed to be a blueberry glazed donut. this was my second version of this and i should have left it alone. I thought i was making it better but it was actually great the way it was the first time… So now i want to adjust it back down. I originally made a 30ml of this with the blueberry percentages lower. I thought the blueberry wasnt strong enough but i was impatient and didnt give it enough steep time grrrr. after 3 days my original mix was awesome! but i had committed a horrible crime and mixed 200ml of the “enhanced recipe” that you see below.

So here is what i want to do. I need to drop bluuberry extra down to 4% blueberry Jam down to 2% and berry cereal down to 1%. this is what is making my brain hurt. I know i can make a base at 3mg with glazed donut at 3.5 and super sweet at .2 and vanilla ice cream at 3 that would keep them the same if i mixed it with the made liquid. but to get the blueberry the way i want them i am having a hard time figuring that out… if this makes any sense please help me out… thanks in advanced!


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