Help Needed Finding Supplies

I’m going to make hand sanitizer for Truck Drivers . I have found and ordered (or already have) ingredients to make a couple of gallons of @daath 's recipe and I’d really like to get this stuff made and distributed as soon as possible.

I’m getting a little worried now . Been looking all over the place, trying to find small 60 ml PET plastic bottles and sprayer tops. That’s my preferrence anyhow. But any suggestions are encouraged.

Any help iin finding them is MUCH appreciated.


I’ve been tinkering in the bottle dept with this much thinner hand sanitizer. PET is too stiff as you actually need to squirt out quit a bit. Our type e-juice bottle are the correct choice as the small tip gives great control, and my HDPE bottle (30ml) works perfectly and seals extra tight (blocks evaporation of critical alcohol%). 30ml (Tall Gorilla in my case) also is perfect for the pants pocket to always have on hand. Maybe 2x 30mls? Look on eBay for USA sellers. [chuckle] Maybe a “His Hers” arrangement where one is Lavender and one is Old Spice :wink: Very charitable idea Ms. @Alisa …Kudos


Thank you so much for that information, @BoDarc ! VERY helpful. I will go look for said Gorilla’s . :slight_smile:



@Alisa you’re going to LOVE SKS.


There’s somethin’ wrong with that site right now. I click and just wait , wait, waiting…


bookmarks need a good organizing and thats another that i was looking for. :smile: Did stumble on this again which some may find helpful


Amazon, or any medical supply company?


This is what I use, PET and it works perfectly.
60ml, 0.13€/pc (amazon uk)



Super speedy here. They literally have EXACTLY what you want.




Flip Cap:



Just a semi-related FYI, MFS sent out an email that they are raising their prices on VG because of diesel production being way down. Might want to stock up on VG while you can still get it at a relatively low price. MFS already raised theirs.


I wish I could help, they are getting hard to find now. I was looking for the same exact thing last week, ended up ordering these glass ones, $pricey, but looks they’re out of stock now!


Yeah… they show exactly what I need, but out of stock for most everything . :frowning:

Thanks though, dear. I’ve ordered some gorilla type bottles from Amazon. That will have to do.


See Amazon to rescue. A little late than never.


My lab is sitting at 31.00 per gallon atm… about average maybe??
I only checked a couple spots… I did hear they are going up too… :frowning:

Not sure if it is just during the 'rona or?? but ouch!



MFS has zero gallons… and has new prices…

email I just received:

Important Announcement!

Glycerine Market Update:

  • Demand for glycerin continues to increase. One of the major drivers is its use in various cleaning, hand sanitizing formulations and pharmaceutical applications (cough and cold medication).
  • Biodiesel production plummeting (less biodiesel means less crude glycerin and less refined glycerin), so US produced glycerin will be limited
  • Coronavirus in India and Asia is having a direct effect on production. Shipments are slowing out of Indonesia and Malaysia (two of the largest manufacturers of USP Vegetable Glycerin).

Due to the current state of affairs, glycerin demand has increased drastically while production has slowed nearly to a halt. Because of this prices from our suppliers have skyrocketed (hopefully temporarily). Therefore, we are forced to increase the prices of USP Vegetable Glycerin for the foreseeable future. We hope that the market returns to normal very soon, but in the meantime stay safe and we are wishing you all the best.


In my humble experience… first I use high% alcohol for cleaning electronics etc almost daily, so for years I’ve had some little delivery device …spray bottle etc on my desk. Spray bottles cannot lay on their side and are otherwise leaky. Most of these little “health and Beauty” bottles are not high enough quality. Usually I find something already being used for a similar purpose and refill it.

My actual Purell Advanced bottle is brilliant. It has a twist lock pump which is very tight …obviosly high quality and carefully chosen for it’s purpose …but that’s dispensing the original gel. I diluted it with some 91% Isopropyl and it doesn’t work so perfectly.

I prefer my HDPE 30 ml because it’s all but unnoticeable in my jeans pocket (I mean by me). The relative softness for me helps with comfort and application. I can see how a 60 ml PET would be better in the application, but I don’t wanna walk around with a bigger stiff PET in my pocket whilst I attempt to Social Distance :smirk:.

@anon28032772 that’s not how I get the ladies tho bro …I just untie one shoe and walk around the grocery store. Oh yees that drives all the Mommies over the edge …they are powerless to resist a male of any age with an untied shoe. That’s all the game I got, but that’s all the game I need …seriously tho, you got a great price for those 60’s!


Could (perhaps) lead to what might be termed by some as being a “major world-class fail”, there ?

Brian Williams just reported on The Tubes that folks are jealously “battling for the Brawny” in urban grocery store aisles. Did you perchance notice the NBC news-crew when you were out shopping ?