Help, not getting any flavor from my mixes!

Tfa are rarely stand alone good and are best suited as mere additions to a flavor profile. As has been said already research is your friend as tfa percentages vary all over the map. You will find every flavor has its own goldilox zone. Keep in mind the right amount for Shakenvape will not necessary be the right amount after a month steep. To make a single flavor mix like say blueberry will require blending several brands of flavoring eg…

7% Flavor west Blueberry (acts as a base somewhat candy flavor
3% TFA blueberry extra (adds real berry nuance)
3% Olive Nation blueberry (a pg free extract that adds earthy depth)
.5% Flavorah blueberry (sweetens)
.15 FA bilberry (adds depth)( 2-3 drops ina 30ml)

From this point you can push the mix in any direction you want adding say
2% molinberry Blueberry or
.5% Inewera Blueberry
Will yield a more european blueberry profile

Or half the percentages and add maybe some cream(s) or raspberry(s) or vanilla(s) :grinning:


Thanks @Amy2 I will look into mixing by weight, I am buying the recommended scale today.

@ringling I don’t put EM on all of my eLiquids, I create 3 version of each flavor I make and in only one I put EM to see which one of the 3 comes out better, so far none have come out good so I need to keep on trying.

I will start using the recommended usage ratio by flavor and company that I find here, although there are some flavors that nobody have commented about their single usage ratio, I guess for those I will keep on trying and post recommendations if I find a good ratio.

@GPC2012 @ozo I am trying to make single flavor juices right now, at the end I will write how I make them.

@Chrispdx thanks, yes I have been reading about this problem, I will try mixing using the recommended usage ratio for each flavor, my question is, if I am really close to that ratio, shouldn’t the flavor come out kind of good?, i have seen in some cases that the recommended usage ratio is 8.9% and I am using 10% and it doesn’t taste like anything, and I read other people in the comments saying that with 10% or even 15% it taste great.

@mixologist13 I guess what you are saying is true, I have some other capella flavors and the mixes made with their flavor have come out better than with TPA, but just better, not good enough.

So, I got a bunch of flavors from TPA, mango, Philippine mango, strawberry, blueberry, energy drink, horchata, lychee, french vanilla II, vanilla bean gelato, vanilla swirl, mojito, orange cream, peach, pina colada, pomegranate, tutti frutti, watermelon and others.

for the recipes this is how I make each version of all my single flavors.

Version 1. (10% flavor. 60vg / 40pg)
6ml VG
3ml PG
1ml Flavor
Total: 10ml

Version 2. (15% flavor 60vg / 40pg)
6ml VG
2.5ml PG
1.5ml flavor
Total: 10ml

Version 3. (10% flavor + 1% EM 60vg / 40pg)
6ml VG
2.9ml PG
1ml Flavor
0.1ml EM
Total: 10ml

I decided to make all my eliquids for now 60vg / 40pg, trying to get more flavor in my mixes, but I will like to get to 70/30.

Have anyone tried the VG and PG from essential depot? I also got some from liquid barn but I don’t see any difference.

Thanks to everyone for their response, I wasn’t expecting so many replies in such a short time, is nice to know there are people out there willing to help.

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We don’t mind… @daath pays us $100 per reply. :smile_cat:



As for kinda good. Well yes. All of our tasting abilities are different and the ceiling for how much you could put in can be different for people. And unfortunately the user comments can sometimes be alittle off or just wacky. That’s why it’s important to read as many individual user notes and not just look at the averages.

Here is an example. Most people like billberry FA. The recommended percent is 0.5%. I believe that number to be true. But for me, I won’t add my notes to the system because I know my tasting ability is different on billberry FA. I like it at 1-3%. 3% for most people is way to high. They will be blown away by a “perfume” affect…which I don’t get. So if someone where to ask I would say start with 0.5-1% and be willing to go higher.

All in all. Imo, once you hit the ceiling for a flavor you will get nothing. If you still have your mixes sitting around that didn’t work. There is no harm in adding some more pg/vg to see what happens. Just give it a day to mix/distribute.

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Each flavor has their own suggested ratio like I was trying to explain about the strawberry differences ^ there in my post ( hope it isn’t too confusing )

sb ripe TFA - is way different than sweet sb by capella’s. Meaning you can’t say for all flavors a blanket % mark. For some flavors it will be too high and taste really gross or not at all over flavoring most of the time results in tasteless juice believe it or not weird huh…and underflavoring is of a similar sort kinda taste something but not enough.

When you start out making a mix research what the starting ratios are for that flavor on ELR it is programmed once you click on a flavor it links you to that page and it states what it’s best at % wise for in a mix use and for stand alone ( single flavor mixes like you are doing )

why I go into so much detail is …every flavor is different you can try to blanketly say 10% on all my 10 ml batches until the cow’s come home and it will not matter majority of them will not be desirable. ( some will be good as certain flavors you have to use more )

Learning what each flavor’s potential ratio is paramount / get into the habit of checking the flavor link after writing your recipes and double checking that you are within the desired ratio for that flavor that way you can insure that your mix isn’t going to be bad…now it could still need tweaking that’s kinda the fun part, but that becomes more fun when you start to incorporate more flavors within a batch.

There is a TON of info on here the search bar is quite friendly !

Here’s some good info thou


I get my VG from either essential depot or nicotine river. Best product/best price IMHO

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Thank you all for all the Help!!!

@Amy2 I got my scale yesterday, will start mixing by weight tomorrow. I got one question, when I see a recipe someone made, sometimes I see that instead of the grams for each ingredient there is drops per ingredient, is there a way to change it to grams?

Sorry to tag a few of you here, i just want to see what you guys think about these two things @Amy2 @ringling @Maureeenie @ozo @GPC2012 @Chrispdx

I have a TPA strawberry ripe flavor that I made 3 month ago, I haven’t tried it yet, it is 60 vg / 40 pg and I used 10% of flavor, which is exactly the recommended ratio for TPA strawberry ripe stated in here, no nicotine in it. It smells really really good, just like freshly cut strawberries, my question is, should the eliquid taste as good as it smells when u vape it? Or the smell of the eliquid I make does not have anything to do with the flavor you get when you vape it?

My other question is, I got an eleaf TC60W, would the way I set the vaporizer up play a role on the flavor I get when vaping? I am fairly new at this type of vaporizer, before this I had one that didn’t need any set up, it was a small vaporize. I found some tutorials on how to set my eleaf up on YouTube, but they just give you general settings information, it doesn’t tell you which set up to use to achieve more flavor or more clouds, would I be missing the flavor of my mixes because the way I set my eleaf up?

Thanks again to everyone here!!!

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Don’t expect smell, or taste (Drop on your finger) to be exactly the same as the vape. It is usually stronger in taste and smell than when vaped. Consider it giving you a idea what it will be like…[quote=“alexferfa, post:15, topic:63717”]
I got an eleaf TC60W, would the way I set the vaporizer up play a role on the flavor

Yes, it will. In wattage mode you can possibly get a different taste per each setting of the wattage though probably only noticeable at increments of at least 10 watts difference per step. Same with temperature I imagine as well…

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Glad you got your scale. Under the preference tab on ELR there is a setting you want to choose show in grams. Ppl who are using syringes will want the drops/ Mls

The smell of a batch can be tricky it doesn’t always taste as good as it smells and vice versa.

With your new set up depending on what coils ( stock or self made ) you’ll want to try a few wattages up or below your ohm level meaning if your vaping on a 1.8 ohm coil try what it’s like in the 11-14 watt range it’s a pretty decent range with warmer being higher cooler being lower of course. I am not sure of your set up tank / coil wise type of vaping your preference is for instance I MTL which is mouth to Lung inhale always have prob always will. Then there is DLH where the vapor directly hits your lungs you don’t hold it in your mouth first. This will give us some clues as to help you out.

As for drops. In general. If you found a recpie only listing drops, in theory you can convert to percents then plug into a recipie calculator. There are a few sites from the EU that just lists drops.

10 drops of flavor = 10%
30 drops pg = 30%
60dropsvg = 60%

But when I have done the math I go back to my research. I have found recipies that only list drops can be inconsistent. So I look at every ingredient and ask myself does that really look right.

Although I have never tried it I have read in many places that 20 drops of PG based flavor equals one ML+/-. I have always measured, someday I’ll get scales but not right now.

@alexferfa What scales did you get and where. Pics maybe?

You can click on the Blue Wrench and use the adapt function. It will adapt the recipe so it is set up to read as you have your preferences set, namely Grams. Please be sure to set the recipe as private so that the recipe is not duplicated for all to see. Makes too much clutter…



Sorry I’m late responding, we were out of town :slight_smile:

Smell - sometimes equates to delicious vapor, but not always and it’s too bad. What I do is use a lot of popular recipes on this site, test them and tweek them to my liking :slight_smile:

The power on your mod absolutely changes the flavor of your vape and it’s a very personal thing.

I use .4 and .5 ohm coils and run my mods between 28 watts and 35 watts. My minty menthol vapes I run lower power, the custardy creamy things I run higher. I don’t use Temp Control and I stick with A1 Kanthal for my wire.

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I would download and use the ejuice me up calculator it gives ml/grams/and drops
all at the same time

There are some people such as myself that does go by smell. I have used EM in just about all my liquids. I think the amount if EM you are using could be less by a substantial amount. I would try 2 to 3 drops per 10 ml of liquid. It is a flavor enhancer when used in the right amount. Too much and it will mute all of your flavors flat even the tangy ones. How do you steep your liquids? Cap on or off? If you do it with the cap off you might as well let the flavor just go into the air and chuck those bottles. Honestly you can use EM or a sweetner in any liquid, but has to be in the right dosage. Too much of anything in the sweetner department can make or break a liquid.

If you are going by percentages then do the math and use the right ml calculations.
10% of 10ml = 1ml
10% of 30ml = 3ml

Also, why 10%? Why not start at 1% -5%? Too much flavor can mute the flavor as well. Also if this an all day vape your palate can be numb to the flavor. Your friends say the same things about your liquids? Might be a good source if they say the same thing.

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I don’t use EM anymore I did when I first started out and it was usually around 1-2 drops per 10 mls but I’ve moved on and can taste flavors very well w/o the need to sweetened them any longer. Not sure you meant this for me or you posted it in general.

I go by smell to add a flavor smell then move on to the next profile in the recipe and then smell as I start to layer and make the batch often as the batch is changing my recipe can change just by how the smell is.

It depends on whether or not the flavor is bold or if it contains ethyl whether I let it have the cap off for a few hours, otherwise it’s standard steeping practice dark drawer 1-2 months.

MF- extracts I have found need a lil sweetener but other than that can’t say I’ve used a sweetener in a while.

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Agreed, I will not use EM unless I want to mute a very strong flavor. Usually fruits that are strong…

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