The Flavor Apprentice Reviews

Just thought I’d ask whether or not anyone has had luck with Flavor Apprentice butterscotch? I usually do a 10 ml stand alone mix to see what the flavor tastes like by itself. This butterscotch, in my opinion, has a chemical back taste that does not go away with time. I let this steep for 4 weeks. No change. Needless to say, it found a home in the sewage system.


TFA Raisin is another one that is about to find another home in the sewage system. If someone can tell me what to put with this flavor that will make it taste less crappy, let me know.

I have an almond custard juice that is the same way. I have found adding more VG to the mix has helped or decreasing the flavor %'s by 1 or 2 can make a difference also. I may be way off here but it has worked for me so far!

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TPa Honey. …I mean wow …what the hell’ happened …where are they getting this honey (sorry tpa but this is just gross)


MixedUp1- good to know about the TFA honey!!! I just got Vape mail today with FA honey. I’ve heard good things. Soon as I mix a batch and let it settle in, I’ll put my thoughts out there. A lot of folks regard the honey from many vendors as having a “cat piss” smell. This has not been said of the FA honey…so far. Hoping to use it with various tobacco blends for a little sweet note in the background.

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I don’t recommend testing with 10%.
Some favors are way too strong for that!
You might only need 10ths of a percent.

I suggest the “Drop Test” method I found on

20 drops of your PG/VG/Nic( Base mix ) + 1 drop of flavor = 5% flavor
40 drops of your PG/VG/Nic( Base mix ) + 1 drop of flavor = 2.5% flavor
(Some people only use PG/VG for their “Base Mix” to avoid using up NIC. I use NIC with mine because I believe it has an affect on the flavor.)

For 20 drop test:
Shake your 20:1 mix and use 3 drops on your coil.
This is your flavor at 5%
Then add 2 drops of Base Mix and 1 drop of flavor.(To replace the 3drops)
Shake your 20:2 mix and use 3 drops on your coil.
This is your flavor at 10%
…and so on and so on…

I printed a stack of “This Document” from
When I get a new flavor, I use it to get an idea of what % I like.

Hope this helps. It sure helped me!


This is awesome! Thanks @iceman7 this will help a lot!

@iceman7 I agree with you 100%. The TPA flavors listed above (esp honey) are pretty concentrated and I normally stick at 1% with it. TPA has tons of great flavors in my opinion, but just like every other company out there, they have a few that I just don’t like. TPA has a big selection and don’t cost much, which is probably why I used them when starting DIY.

Here’s 5 of my favorite Flavors from TPA:
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Juicy Peach
Dragon fruit
Grape Juice

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream lover myself! @Don3

No Problem @jzerba2013
Can anyone here give me a suggestion on how to sweeten a Coffee mix?
I’ve been trying all sorts of Coffee flavors (Tried Coffee(LA), Coffee(TFA) and Cup of Joe(CAP) but they all seem too harsh on their own.
I’m just looking for something to maybe give it a creamy or sweet taste.

I’ve tried:
CAP: Super Sweet, Sweet Cream, Simply Vanilla & Vanilla Cupcake.
TFA: Ethyl Maltol, Bavarian Cream & French Vanilla

Any help would be appreciated.

I have some TPA Cappuccino, haven’t tried it yet but when I bought it I was counting on a little bit of a creamy flavor. Has anyone tried TPA Cappuccino?

Maybe Marshmallow or malted milk… I like Caramel Candy with a hint of coffee, other than that Good Luck :smile:

BE WARNED… That is Super Concentrated!!! (disregard, was thinking of the caramel Cappuccino,lol)

I have found TPA dulce de leche and/or FA Catalan cream to be a nice way to soften the edges on coffee. They are kinda the same thing but either one will do in a pinch. Vape wizard at 1 or 2 %??? Also helps.

I have quite a bit of TFA flavors. I use Wiz. Labs or Myfreedomsmokes if I’m ordering any hardware. I haven’t seen much of a choice of FlavorArt either place. Anyone know of a good place to get it? (USA)
Or other brands for that matter.
I feel like I’m missing out only having lots of TFA, around 20 CAP & 20 Loranne.

I’m frustrated trying to create something worthy of sharing.


Flavor West as some good flavors.


I very much like Flavor West. My favorite flavors come from them…


@iceman7- I was in the same boat, bunch of tfa flavors in little 4oz vials, then 15ml. After reading a bazillion reviews, I started branching out to different vendor flavors. I was purchasing from Ecigexpress because of they carried lots of manufactures flavorings; fairly good prices and usually could find a coupon online. Then I located Bull City Vapor. I started purchasing from them due to the fact, they are a local company to me (I like to shop local if I can) and they carried most all of the flavors I wanted to try. They carry Vapor Tek nic, which I have come to realize, is a superior nicotine. Yeah, I get charged tax, but, they are one day away ship time!

As far as the frustration factor of creating something vapable…been there as well, but taste is subjective. Some things I don’t like, my wife loves and vise versa. Keep mixing! We all hit something on the head and sometimes we make drain freshener!


I once blended a nice floor wax. Well it tasted like it lol


I once made a mix using TFA raisin, that I swear I could have put in a spray bottle and used as roach, flea and tick poison. I had to throw out the bottle it steeped in 'cause I couldn’t get rid of the smell.


Perhaps all their coffee like flavors are very concentrated. I just received my shipment from TPA and ordered the Mexican Liqueur which is a liqueur that tastes of Columbian Coffee with a touch of chocolate. I unpacked and started putting things on the shelf and as I put the Mexican Liqueur away I just happen to take a wiff of the bottle, cap still on. Even with the cap on this stuff smelled strong enough to sizzle the hair on your toes. Got the feeling this stuff is gonna go a long way…