Help with an apple


I have pretty much nailed on a Blackcurrant and Lemonade Mix.
It just feels like it’s lacking a little something.
I was thinking dropping in a little Apple concentrate just for the Blackcurrant to sit on.

My Blackcurrant is Inawera,
I have already ordered 2 Apples INW and was thinking maybe 1% apple with my 3% Blackcurrant.

Has anyone had any mixing experiences with Apple and Blackcurrant?

Also when I drink Apple and Blackcurrant Cordial/Squash you don’t actually taste any apple it just sits there as a base so I must be going the correct route to helping the mix?
Thanks as always



Fuji Apple is a really nice Apple flavor around 2% in a mix… You can taste it but it’s not over powering… I also have double Apple but I havnt tried it with anything yet… Hth


Do you happen to have any Fuji Apple FA it is more of a juicier apple than two apples INW. To me Two Apples INW is a bitter/sour apple blend…however you may like the sound of that. When I use Apples to boost blueberrues or blackberries it is usually a sweet juicy one like Fuji. Good luck thou !


Thanks, No I don’t have Fuji.
Looks like I’m ordering it now :grinning:
Also a few other apples just to have a mess around with


You could always use an additional berry blend to give it a multi effect like a shot or two of Forest Fruit FA would give the berries multiple layers then maybe add a drop or two of lime.


which blackberry are using ???

Ooh you got me going now, Thanks ha ha!

I’ll try some apples to begin with and then I’ll have a mess around with some Forest Fruits

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I’ve only just put one order through for a selection of apples


@Amy2 will have you buying out flavor shops lol she doesn’t have the title “flavor queen” for no reason :smile: bookmark her advice it’s good as gold :wink:


I certainly will thanks


He’s using Black Currant INW which is one I don’t have. Have heard mixed reviews some really love it others not sure if they got a bad batch of it.

earlier you said you used apple with black berry so i was curious which bb do you use

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if getting fuji you better get a big bottle its amazing


You know there’s no perfect BB out there yet. Depends on how the mix is going.

FW’s BB very good but takes on a musky hew when used too high BB INW same boat. keep them both under 1% and blend w/ a sweeter BB like Extra or Wild for a better mix.

Cap’s BB- weak but has a decent taste I have to use so much of it , it takes up a lot of my pg %s since I can’t mix higher than 15% w/o getting a pg reaction, but when I have the room I’ll use it anywhere between 4-6% in a mix.

Sometimes I feel like I want it to be a lil more bold I’ll use bilberry but put a couple drops of BB Candy TFA w/ it to help it out.

Truth is I could use BB Extra and Wild but I’d have only about 4% left over to get the job done on the recipe I really wish a better BB would be put out.

I know a lot of ppl dislike Triacetin it works ok in small amounts so sometimes I’ll use Natural BB LA which is triacetin based but you need to support it w/ a stronger BB to make it last.

I could go on I have a fair amount of BBs and more than most of them all need support from another BB or berry type.

Acai and huckleberry both very realistic yet very wild tasting too…many other choices out there to boost BB. :wink:


like always a grwat answer ive been trying to mix boysenberry and blackberry , i probably am using the Black to high so ty for the NOTES :slight_smile:


Since Boysenberry is techincally a hybrid of Blackberry loganberry and raspberry try using a touch of a sweeter raspberry since blackberry can be a lil bitter sour.


Ahhhhhh so boysenberry is similar to Tayberry ??? if thats the case i have been defeated i. the past tryi g to make a tayberry juice OMG months were wasted lol until i took a break from ot but with all this info i may be back to trying sometime soon


Yes except I believe now that I googled it again since it’s been some time…bosenberry is a cross of

The boysenberry /ˈbɔɪzənbɛri/ is a cross between the European Raspberry (Rubus idaeus), a European blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), an American dewberry (Rubus aboriginum) and the Loganberry (Rubus × loganobaccus).[2]

Where Tayberry is
Tayberry (Rubus fruticosus x R. idaeus) is a cultivated shrub in the genus Rubus of the family Rosaceae patented in 1979 as a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry, and named after the river Tay in Scotland.

very similar thou

You may find some luck in trying TFA Huckleberry in very small doses like 1-2 drops.


Thanks for all the info you have posted,
Inawera I find the smoothest Blackcurrant, Flavour Art for me doesn’t work I find it really harsh in my mixes.
2 to 3 % Inawera is really good it smoothes out the Lemonade,

I’m running 3% Inawera BC, 5% Lorann Lemonade and it really works well,
Like I said the mix is tasty and smooth but something just seems a little lacking.
When I drink my kids drinks (Apple and Blackcurrant cordial/squash) you can’t taste the Apple at all but it obviously supports the background.
I’m really sure a percent or 2 of apple will make the mix pop and come to life.

Oh and Blackcurrant Inawera is an amazing flavour

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Your welcome and the INW Black Currant sounds lovely…i’ll put it on the list…cuz yeah FA’s is kinda bitter sometimes I realize it’s a bitter tart fruit but maybe I’ll like them both or mix the two of them together and see what magic happens :smile: