Help with DIY Concentrates Harshness

im kind of new to all this, have been making my own liquids for a couple of months now
i buy my concentrates from a site called vampire vape but it seems 1 of the flavours i always make is fine and not harsh but whenever i try a different flavour they always come out harsh even though im making them in excatly the same way and leaving them to steep for even longer than usual
can anyone help or give me some tips on how to improve the liquid?

hey, what flavours are you playing with?

Can you give us a recipie?

Flavor X %
Flavor y %
Flavor m%

For example

thanks for your replies the flavour i use most is called vimto
Nic 6.25ml
PG 38.75ml
VG 75ml
Juice 30ml

use the same recipe for 150ml of liquid

whenever i make the vimto the liquid is great but ive tried other flavours such as a lemon sherbet and blueberry and they are harsh

what brand flavours are they? are they Vampires own?

yes they are there own brand

Have you tried using alittle but less flavoring? I am guessing these are premade flavor bases. Try alittle but less.

Or better yet. Take 15ml from your batch already made and add some pg and vg. Thus diluting it alittle bit.

If you have flavor concentrates like from cap, FA, tpa ect you could add 0.25 fresh cream FA, maybe 0.67 marshmallow tpa.

You could also try upping your vg percent. If your final mix is supposed to be, for example, 30pg/70vg try going to 25pg/75vg. And so on. Some of us, like me, are sensitive to pg.

That being said, there may just be one flavor component that doesn’t agree with you and just will always be a bit harsh.

Hope this helps.

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totally agree with @Chrispdx, I’d try and cream them up a little bit, never used Vampires flavours, I have tried their liquids but not really a fan, before you give up on it I’d buy yourself a handful of the more popular brands like Capella, TPA or FA, Meringue and marshmallow, maybe some sweet cream, toy around with those first. :+1:
and give them plenty of steep time, maybe a month or so.

Great thanks for all your help and advice i will try everything you have said
thanks again!

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no problem, and welcome to ELR :wink::+1:

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Whenever I hear “harsh”, I equate it to alcohol (when I’m reading DIY stuff). Though not always the case (as sometimes a poor vg or pg or even nic can be the problem) most often IMO it’s the fact that either the new person is unaware of "the alcohol factor, or forgot to consider it.

I would be willing to bet that there’s nothing wrong with anything, and that it’s just part of the learning curve that comes with learning to DIY mix.

Some flavors have more alcohol than others, and some have no alcohol at all. Given the variances, you’ll have to learn (and make note of) which flavors you need to breathe, and for how long.

After you’ve mixed a batch (especially if you use heat, you need to let it cool to room temperature) you’ll need to remove the cap and let it breathe for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours (varies depending on manufacturer, and particular flavor -even when the same company is used).

Good luck, and welcome to ELR!

@JoJo is great with links for this kind of thing, and as I’m on my phone, I’ll leave it to someone else who might be able to share those far faster than I ATM.

These links? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Use 5% Distilled Water to cut your mix. Bam - Smooth.

I find those flavors harsh when bought directly ready made…

I agree go with more common but great flavors Fa fw caps inawera Tfa never really had a harsh mix with any even when first starting out. Geez didn’t realize how old this thread was lol oh well!

Jamie1234 what did you find out with this? I’ve been diying for about a year and I have the exact same problem. I use vampire vape vamptoes which is great every time but everything else I make is harsh unless I mix it with vamp vape. This is doing my head in! I’ve tried so many different flavours and strengths of mixes with no luck. I don’t think it’s my vg or nic as its fine with vamptoes. Please help me!!

Vamptoes is a one shot, right? It probably has sucralose in it. Do you add sweetener to your other mixes? Have you tried mixing with similar flavors to Vamptoes? Like Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Strawberry.

Maybe it’s not your juice.

Try lowering your temp (TC) or your wattage.

Have you used stainless steel wire? Good and clean 316L.

Obviously, clean coils and clean wicking…

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