Hit Salts by Nicotine River

My mixes have seemed to have gone downhill the past few months. I have made quite a few mixes and they seem muddied and inaccurate, flavor-wise. I have turned percentages up and down, to no avail. The only thing I changed was going from the standard salt nic from Nicotine River, to the hit salts.

The liquid nic I received was extremely brown, but I had just assumed that this was due the difference in chemistry between standard and hit salts.

Is this normal for the type of salts I have switched to?

Did I simply get a bad batch?

I cannot tell what is going on and need to order more nicotine, but want to make sure I get back to my mixes tasting good whether it be getting a normal batch of hit salts or switching back to standard salts.


@Pentine I’m NO salt expert to be sure, but at face value, something doesn’t sound right to me. I’m pretty sure I read that one of the BENEFITS of Salts was how slow they oxidized, if at all. I can’t speak from personal experience, having never purchased any “hit” Salts, but my general rule with NIC, is it’s dark(er), and / or peppery, I don’t even waste time ruining my mixes with it. It sounds oxidized to me, and I am NOT surprised your mixes are suffering for it. Sorry to hear that.

Not to get on my NIC Storage Rant Box here, do you store your NIC in the fridge/freezer ?? Do you break down bigger bottles into smaller bottles, only opening one at a time, until done, then moving onto the next, to prevent oxygenating your entire bottle ?


Yeah, that just doesn’t seem right to me at all.


I have been using this nic for 3-4 months, it is only a 60ml of level 250. Good thing I purchased a smaller quantity as if this was a bad batch, I would have a whole lot to go through. I don’t freeze it, simply keep it room temp, away from light. Small bottle should not go bad so quickly and I noticed the issue since day one but pushed on assuming it was my doing in tweaking recipes.

I don’t get any peppery taste, but it seems to dull my flavors and even add a ‘dark’ taste. I can post a pic, gimme a sec, but it is the same color as the day I received it.



_Longer shelf life and less oxidation. Nicotine in its natural state is more stable and less likely to oxidize._ Oxidation of nicotine in e-liquids causes an off-flavor and discoloration.
Possible smoother hit. This is due to the lower alkalinity of the nicotine salts. Alkalinity, e.g., free base, results in a “bite.”
High levels of nicotine. This may be very helpful for people who are trying to quit smoking. Vapers of low wattage devices can absorb as much nicotine as with a cigarette.
Less vaping required to achieve nicotine satisfaction. With higher levels of nicotine, less vaping is necessary. The vaper may put down the device more often resulting in less usage of battery and e-juice. This could provide noticeable cost savings.

I have used regular, hit, and smooth salts from Nude Nicotine, before so I am no stranger to them. I started getting my nic from Nicotine River as it was more convenient. First salts I got from them were just fine, but when I tried their hit salts, this is when the issue started to occur.

Here are pics;

Maybe there is someone here who has used NR hit salts and can confirm whether the color of theirs is the same.


250mg/ml ??? !!! If that’s correct, that’s pretty high strength NIC, and yes, higher strength NIC will oxidize faster. I would highly recommend at least, storing in a fridge, or better yet, freezer, and since you’ve only got a 60ml bottle, I don’t know if any benefits will happen by breaking that down further into (2) 30ml bottles, but it never hurts.


WHEW, that’s pretty dark there @Pentine. I’m not sure if I’d use that if it were me. You sound like you’re far more knowledgeable than I am as far as Salts go, so I will defer to your judgement, but the most genuine response I can give you, would be what I would do myself, and I’m thinking, getting some fresher, clearer NIC would not be a bad idea, in my opinion.


For reference, I have used a bigger bottle of hit salts from NN, lvl 100 using my same storage method without any issues. This combined with the fact that I had a 60ml, lvl 250 standard salts from NR tells me that I can rule out the storage method as being the issue.

Keeping an open mind, just giving details on what I have done in the past.


No no, that’s great, the better the info, the better the help. I guess I’m a real stickler for my own NIC, so whenever anyone posts, I go right to the “freezer”. Will watch this to see if any fellow Hit Salts users chime in.


LIke fishing, just have to wait for someone to bite.

For now, I am going to order some 100 lvl hit salts from Nude Nicotine, see how they look and taste when they come in. Whenever that is… I hear they are still slow to ship.

In the meantime, maybe pinging @Nicotine_River will provide some insight.

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I’ve had a few issues in the far far past, but I made a huge order earlier this year (and I did NOT choose the FIFO – First In First Out), and I was blown away by the speed. If you are going to get some NN, and can order soon, you can take advantage of their Labor Day Sale.


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I have heard complaints and that in combination with my past experience, is what I am basing that statement on. As for the sale, I had better put in my order, today. Thanks for the heads up, do I need a code for the sale?

Edit: Thanks for the screenshot, I see the code, thank you.

I always use PG based nic, any difference in using VG nic?


You’re very welcome @Pentine.


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Hey @Pentine, regarding the Nicotine Salts you’ve received we have had recent issues of oxidation while in transit due to sweltering heats in certain locations. Hit Nicotine Salts are more susceptible to oxidation in comparison to Smooth Nicotine Salts due to the Smooths increased amount of anti-oxidative properties. If you’d like, I can definitely get a fresh bottle of Hit and Smooth both sent out to you for the inconvenience since I noticed you were considering switching back. Please PM me your order number so I can get this taken care of for you. We have noticed in our area the heat is beginning to die down and we are hoping the rest of the nation begins to follow suit as it will make the transportation of Nicotine much more reliable. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Wow @Nicotine_River and @Pentine. Talk about Customer Service AFTER the sale. Wow. How RARE is it, to have a vendor come into a thread, like this, a mere 2 hours after it was posted, offer up good information, and work towards helping out the customer ?? Very impressive @Nicotine_River, and thank you for the information on Hit Salts, as I learned something here today.


I’m going to add some thumbs up to this exchange.



Nicotine River has always been good to me and everyone I have spoken to. This is why I created this thread out of curiosity rather than anger. Great job, @Nicotine_River