Honest conversation about pre-prepping and FDA Deeming Regs

First off, thanks out to @Leilani for her posting …

And out to @Nicotine_River for posting some straight to the point facts and truths. I gathered that at least here in the US, that it’s all happy happy until MAYBE (yes, MAYBE) November of 2018. I know we’ve already got more than a few deeming reg / prepper threads, but let’s say for EXAMPLE, that MAYBE say THIS November it appeared as if we MIGHT not be able to get our NIC, maybe flavorings and/or devices and mods, just for argument’s sake.

Basically when big, bad things happen, about 100% of the sheeple who panic are about 100% of the sheeple who didn’t plan ahead. Let’s not be them, hehe.

Realizing this is rather OPEN as no one knows what’s coming, will it just be NIC, flavors, devices, mods ?? so keep that in mind.

I know I personally have over 10 new tank/RDTA/RTA’s with a small dump truck load of wire and cotton (yes I actually bought some “other” white stuff, just haven’t tried it yet), close to 7 in use mods with 6 more unopened. Gallons of VG/PG, and maybe close to 2.5L of 100mg NIC with 1.5L of it sitting on Argon. Over 330 flavors and MOST (can you ever really … ?) of my daily go-to’s in 16oz. bottles. I’m guessing I might have a little too much, hehe, BUT, do I ??

Anyone else out there, JUST thinking about some of the possible outcomes, and more importantly, thinking smartly and broadly, to decide what you MIGHT be ordering/stockpiling ?? I’m looking for any posts other than, “YEAH, I’m buying a GALLON of NIC”, etc. Curious to see who’s thinking about what. Def. never a bad idea to think ahead, plan ahead, start burying NIC in the yard, etc., hehe.


I have enough Nic to last a couple years so if they decide that Nic needs to be regulated I am good for a while. I have literally dozens of Atomizers and about a dozen Mods so I’m good there as well. Wire and Wick are available everywhere since I get my 316L from a DIY Jewelry supplier and my Cotton is just Makeup Pads. Flavors are available from Candy and Cake supply stores. VG can be sourced through Beauty supply stores and I can do without PG even though I’m sure it is readily available as well. I think I’m set.

Funny thing though, I think that the regulations will be scaled back to reasonable levels as more and more data becomes available regarding the limited health risks associated with Vaping.


My biggest concern is nic, I think that’s where they will hit us. Everything else can be sold under other supplies, that being said I will be stocking up on mods and nic.


I’m voting for you Louie !!


Truth is DIY is no big secret to anyone in the Vaping community, and least of all to the FDA. Facts are facts right now, and all I have to say is that fate favors the prepared. @Nicotine_River, @ecigexpress, @Walt_RealFlavors told us as much as they could right now and that’s enough for me to get a gist of what needs to be done moving forward on my end.

I got my shopping list in order for everything I need: mods, attys, & accessories. I know how much I’m willing to spend out of each paycheck and what vendors I can look to now and which ones that might not be explicitly marketing to the DIY community in the next year or so. Regardless of what happens, I won’t be up S#&#S creek without a paddle.

Side note
*Notice how new vape gear has been rolling out like crazy in the past year. Why in such a hurry to release products back to back I wonder?


Good points, NIC, clearly is the obvious choice, but never a bad idea to think outta da box too. Another obvious choice is anything vape specific, devices, mods, etc. Many others, as you mentioned can be used for various things, and from various sources. I do wonder at times, for the bold flavor sellers out there, where they clearly state “specifically for vapers” etc., etc.


Truer words have never been spoken…

There’s the key…


Ding ding ding… we have a winner. Post(s) of the day.


I’m only into vaping for about seven months. I have a good amount of everything I need but I am going to wait until I have a year in to better understand my habit and give the guberment another five months to figure out what the hell they are really doing. That will give me about a year to make adjustments as necessary. I also want to watch positioning among manufacturers. They are chucking out mods and attys right now like “little liver pills” to get grandfathered. I want to see where production goes over the next little while.


I agree with Cutlass that it’s the nic I’d worry most about. I haven’t really “prepped” on that, yet, at leastas I don’t want to take up the freezer space, and I figure it’s a bit premature. But I’m keeping an eye on things, and if they start looking dicey I will pick up a lot of nic.

It’s hard to see flavorings being hit too hard, as they are multi-purpose (though some of the companies that have positioned themselves as primarily flavors for vaping could potentially have some trouble.)

I have a number of RDAs, and I think I could keep them in working order for a very long time. On top of which I think RDAs would be hard to really eradicate (though I think innovation could be stifled, and things could become more expensive.) I do software-related work, but a lot of it is related to machining these days, and while it mostly involves really big expensive CNC machines I do wind up keeping an eye on the sector in general. I think we’re on the verge of a real democratization of small-scale machining.

Mech mods are impossible to regulate away- they’re just too easy to make. Regulated mods are probably the same, unless the FDA starts going after the boards in them, which I think is unlikely, and even then there would be options. So, while I think it’s at least possible that the FDA could kill the sale of most mass-market mods, I don’t think they can do much to keep you from having a pretty effective mod.

So yeah, the nic seems like the weak link here, as long as you DIY. Nicotine has other uses, but I still think that if the FDA went after it seriously they could make nic suitable for DIY difficult to get for most people. I don’t necessarily think that’s going to happen though.


Very interesting take, and perspective.


I, for one, am very glad to see this topic being discussed again. Thanks @Leilani for getting this back out, to get people thinking about planning for what might happen. People should be thinking of a plan. People should be sitting down, and making a list.

The list should start with two basic questions.

Why do I vape?

What satisfies me? (vape-wise)


For the moment, I think there is no need to panic. Nor go crazy stocking up.

The only thing I would recommend “tucking away” (as storage space and funds permit), would be nicotine. And only because of the expected taxation.

For those thinking/concerned about flavors, I would absolutely say “Buy only what you need, as you need it.” IMO, flavors are never going to be under serious threat, because both manufacturers and vendors alike will reposition themselves (for those that haven’t already) to be outside the “target audience”, though still be usable by DIY. Just like the “pioneers of vaping” before us did with LorAnn, etc.

Hardware is the only other aspect in contention, and while many still search for “their ideal vape”, things have come far enough (in so many respects) to adequately support/facilitate our staying off of cigarettes. Which is the critical point to remember in all of this.

Also, given the majority of us stopped smoking to improve our health… How many of us are still focusing on cutting down our nicotine dependence I wonder? Or do others not share my thoughts on that? I know I started at 18mg/30ml…and I’m down to 3mg/30ml…though I’d like to see that drop to 0mg.


“Also, given the majority of us stopped smoking to improve our health… How many of us are still focusing on cutting down our nicotine dependence I wonder? Or do others not share my thoughts on that? I know I started at 18mg/30ml…and I’m down to 3mg/30ml…though I’d like to see that drop to 0mg.”

I’m not focussed on that, because I am not at all convinced that reducing my nicotine intake would improve my health. The jury’s still out on this, but given the available evidence I think it’s at least as likely that nicotine is good for you as it is likely that it is harmful. I’d worry more about other aspects of vaping than I would about the nicotine.

I don’t mean to discourage you from going to 0 nic. There are a lot of reasons you might want to, eliminating your dependence on the stuff being one of them. But I don’t have any real desire to reduce my nicotine intake at the moment. I just want to avoid the diseases (and other unpleasantness) associated with smoking, which don’t seem to have much to do with nicotine.


AHHH this subject gets my blood boiling, yes everyone in this group should prep if they wish to continue, and I agree nicotine will be the most likely first target, then vape specific devices commercially produced. Just love my freedom. Enough said by me before I go off on a rant,


Ranting is always good !!!

verb: rant; 3rd person present: rants; past tense: ranted; past participle: ranted; gerund or present participle: ranting

speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.

Nah most would not agree with my political stance, worked 26 years in the belly of the beast and believe me they have no concern for you at all.


I would like to achieve zero nicotine only because then I could take or leave vaping. Wouldn’t have to have a rig with me at all times. It would be wonderful to be able to just have a vape after dinner if I felt like it.


It’s miniscule in regards to the scope of things (I agree)! I was just adding it in as a side note, primarily of curiosity.

For me, nicotine (in our capacity/application) is pretty much the equivalent of caffeine (coffee/sodas) or 5hr energy. Both are safe enough, but, ideally, we should be able to be fully functional without them.
It’s kind of like those who get the shakes from too much caffeine, or being in a fog without it (once you’ve developed a dependence on it). Even though, again, by comparison, it’s far less harmful, you’re still regarded as being healthier without the dependence on such. That’s all I was getting at. :wink:

Completely agree! And well said!


I don’t plan on reducing my nicotine any further, either. Yes, I did reduce my levels from .12 to .9, then to .7, then to .4mg. I didn’t notice any changes until I went from .7mg to .4. At that point, I noticed a general ‘off’ feeling. Uneasiness, some anxiety, concentration issues at work. It never dawned on me that I was experiencing nicotine withdrawl symptoms. I stumbled on a post about it, in another forum, and searched for more info. When I looked at the list of symptoms it was check, check, check, check. I was actually relieved, to find out why I was feeling the way I did. At least it wasn’t a mystery any longer. I decided to ride it out for a while. At least I knew I could bump the level back up a notch, if I needed to. I may decide to take it up to .5mg/ml, and see if that improves things. At least I have that option, if I wish to.


Here’s a link with more info. The jury is still out on a lot of it, which seems to be the norm, when it comes to vaping related studies…lol. Being that I’m creeping toward my mid 60’s, a little nic may be of benefit, when not connected to tobacco smoke.

Just my view