Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Questions

I am considering getting a stirrer and I found this one on ebay…

Does anyone here have any other suggestions?

Also, what temperature do you warm the juice to? What are the steps for using one? I have been reading up on them but I haven’t found any info specific to ejuice.

I was also reading the beginner resources thread here (amazing btw!). I read in there somewhere that nicotine degrades with heat. So wouldn’t it be best to add the nicotine after the heating process?

I just mixed up my 3rd batch of juice and already I am ready to automate as much of the process as I can.


Bad advice follows…
Oh, I meant to add, for these small batches I have made so far I picked up a Badger hobby paint mixer. I had one when I was big into modeling and it works great for mixing 100ml or so. It turns the juice white with air bubbles in just a few seconds. I just thought I would share that with everyone in case anyone needs a good way to mix a small batch quickly.

Here’s the link. STOP!!! Don’t use these! They put air in the mixture and this has ruined some of my juice. You’ve been warned. Air is BAD.

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Here is a thread regarding magnetic mixers that has good info.


I am considering the same magnetic stirrer. After a few months use, I am interested to know what your thoughts are on this particular product and your recent experience with the magnetic stirrer process of mixing/steeping.

Corning makes very nice stuff. If you are buying a used one I would suggest looking for one that appears to be in very good shape. Stains on the surface don’t matter. But if you pay attention to the knobs and the overall condition of the surfaces of the stirrer you can find a nice one for less than $200. I don’t experience with other stirrers to compare this. So I can’t give you much of a pros and cons type review of it. But it works well for me. I wish the magnets were a tad stronger. But I don’t know if they are weak by comparison, or if I just need better pills for mixing these thick fluids. I have considered the dog-bone stir bars. But they are a tad pricey.

I have been mixing all my large batches on it. I started out mixing at 120 degrees, but have since been informed a lower temp may be better to keep from evaporating the flavors. I never experienced this at 120 degrees, so I am still experimenting. I think I will end up somewhere between 100 and 120 degrees for most recipes. But I heat and stir for up to 4 hours. Fruits and vapes that don’t need steeping I just stir for 30-60 minutes.

Hope this helps.

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I think I am gonna buy something new. Definitely want a device under warranty. Here’s one I’m thinking of now. Any showstopper with using something like this:

The lowest the temp goes is 77. Which is about as low as I go anyway. 1500 RPM is faster than mine.

What I would be concerned about is all the one star reviews…

Yikes!!! Guess I better try to find one of those used Cornings on ebay. Is there any other brand you trust or have heard is good to go.

Had I not bought the Corning, I would have tried one of these…

If you look around, you will see that model sold under different names. They are on Amazon too if you want to look at reviews. If I remember right that one didn’t look too bad. But it has been awhile since I looked at them.

The higher end ones are IKA, Corning, and a couple others I can’t remember right off hand. Sort by price on eBay and you will find them. They will be the more expensive ones. Then look for a deal on those.

This is a fairly good deal on one just like mine…

I have seen the PC-220 in nice condition from $140-$250.

What’s the largest batch size you’ve made using your stirrer? I couldn’t find the liquid capacity for your model. I’m wanting to make up to 16 oz batches.

I will take a pic of my 600ml beaker sitting on the stirrer to give you an idea of the size. My largest batch has only been 500ml on the stirrer, but that is because my beakers are only 600ml.

I think I might just get the magnetic stirrer you mentioned above but I think I will pay for a brand name that will give me a year warranty.

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So I picked up this heated magnetic stirrer the other day and was mixing up a Max VG (85%) 240ml batch and I couldn’t get the rpms up past 600. Even when it was heated that was the fastest I could get it to go before the stir bar would bounce around and lodge up against the side of the beaker. I had it turned up to 48 deg celcius and didn’t want to turn it up any more since I didn’t want to cook my nicotine. Are others having a similar issue or am I doing something wrong?

Here is the stirrer I have and these stir sticks.

What stir bar were you using that would not exceed 600rpm?
What beaker, was it flat bottom?
Sometimes a smaller stir bar works much better than a large one.
The liquid of course matters, that’s why there are so many shapes and sizes in stir bars.
Do you have a magnetic stir bar retriever ?

I have this inexpensive set of bars, and they work OK for thinner smaller batches.
I would suggest a Scienceware octagon spinbar or a Bippee egg shaped stir bar.
They cost as much as this set does, just for one, and the size has to be determined…maybe by two are more purchases, and what container you use. I have about 50 stir bars because of it…but I can always find the right one whatever I am doing. Easy to change out with a magnetic retriever rod.
Seems like I saw a Bippee egg shape set somewhere recently, maybe Amazon…maybe a lab equipment site…

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I was using a larger one and maybe that was my problem. I switched between a mid sized one to larger and it was just as bad. Sure was a pain to switch out. I need to get a magnetic rod for sure.

I think they are about $10-12 on Amazon.
You can use any magnet [like used in automotive] but then you have the metal down in your juice…I wouldn’t do it.
The lab quality retrievers are coated.
Don’t be fooled by the price of the stirrers, they are not created equal. A quality magnetic stirrer uses rare earth magnets, and the high end stir bars use metal more compatible with the magnets. The shape of the bar is also important, as is the container you use. I make a lot of oil blends, and many are as thick as max VG. It takes me sometimes two or three stir bars to get it where I want it. I have been using these for 50+ yrs, and there is a formula in the lab for what is used, and normally for thinner liquids. If you make the exact same thing all the time, it’s easy to configure, but still make take a handful of components to achieve your goal. Erlenmeyer flasks are usually a ‘gimme’ that they will work, whereas cheap beakers on Amazon are hit and miss for this stirring application. E-juice is new to this method, and so is the info for use. But the viscosity of e-juice is nothing new. Think all the lab testing done on motor oils, and for how long. Good lab equipment makes a huge difference, and many new e-juice alchemists just don’t have the funds to spread around for all the tools they want. I,too, am frugal, but some items require the expenditure. Some of my local ‘alchemists’ attempt their stirring in the storage bottles, like boston rounds with droppers, and continually complain about stuff. They have the small stir bars,a coated bar retriever, an expensive magnetic stirrer, then bitch when it doesn’t work right. The cheap storage bottles have concave bottoms, convex from the opposite angle…BUT NOT FLAT. They want an all-in-one world for simplicity/speed, but end up pissing in the wind from just one small detail. Hate to just ramble, but certain particulars can make this DIY enjoyable…or frustrating. I am just attempting to help, especially with good folks just starting out, and bypass the frustrating part. Sometimes you just have to buy the better quality stuff in key areas, and in the long run, it will be cheaper, and much more rewarding. Sorry for the friggin book, but I don’t know how else to explain it.


Couldn’t using the magnet on the outside of the container attract the stirbar that is inside of the container and drag it to the top so your not contaminating the liquid?

Yes, that will/can work with a very strong magnet.
The lab bar retrievers are BTFE coated, so there is not contamination.
If you use certain containers with a small mouth opening, it CAN take you a couple times to get the stir bar out.
A lab stir bar retriever was built specifically for this purpose. Using the proper tool can be priceless.
Why not spend $10 on one?
Just a tip: I mix different things, not just e-juice, but I always have a beaker of cleaning solution compatible with my ingredients [for e-juice it’s water or vodka, depending] When I pull the stir bar out I just set the magnet/stir bar in the beaker of solution.let it sit while I’m dickin’ around, rinse it in the beaker, then take it out and dry it separately…presto, ready for the next batch.

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I have a few of these magnets laying within reach around my mixing table:

They work great for pulling out the stir bars. Just slide one up the outside of the container and the bar follows it out. Then I just toss the two in my USC.

You mean using the spoon I ate my chili with isn’t good to use? I’ve been doing it all wrong! Just wrong dammit!

I don’t go that far. I slap a rubber glove over the container as it stirs. Then it goes straight into amber boston rounds - with polycone cap of course!

i have a question as to what speed should i run the stirrer at? is faster better? does it depend on the VG/PG ratio?