Hot water steeping and nicotine…

I’m pretty new to this diy juice thing. I’ve made some decent tasting stuff that I’ve enjoyed but that was at 0mg. I’ve made some 6-8mg versions of them too but they always turn out very harsh. Then I read that nic doesn’t do well if you put it in and hot water steep which is what I’ve been doing. Anybody know if there’s any truth to that? Should I put the nic in after steeping?

What brand of nicotine are you using?


I don’t have it in front of me but I think I got it at

Personally I don’t hot water steep but from what I’ve read hot water steeping only reduces Nic % slightly.

0% Nic juice will taste differently than Nic juice.

Steeping should be done as a whole mix otherwise steeping needs to be done again once it’s added.



I agree with this. I keep my nic in the freezer after i break it down to 30ml bottles. I take out what i need and let it come to room temp then shake the shit out of it as it is VG based, this is very important. I pour the exact amount of VG i require for my mixes into a beaker and put it on a coffee mug warmer while i mix everything else up. This just makes for easier measuring. When i finalize my product i put it into an ultrasonic cleaner for about an hour, this helps to mix the ingredients. Then i shake and put it in my curing box for however long is necessary.

There is no substitute for curing your liquids with time. Ive tried all the different speed curing methods and time is the best.


The harshness is from the nic. You might want to get some fresh nic. If you just bought it, then I’d suggest a different vendor. I’ve had bad (peppery) nic from e-liq. com and from wizard labs. Never bought from myfreedomsmokes. I’ve purchased good nicotine from Heartland and from nude nic.

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Yeah it’s kinda peppery. I’ll try a dif vendor. Nude nic?

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Cool thanks. I’ll try them. What’s the mg that most people get?

That’s crazy. I am guessing that nicotine “flavor” is as subjective as anything else…? I’ve gotten 24mg 100% VG nic from MFS for about a year and never noticed any kind of peppery flavor. That being said, I just let my juice sit, I don’t use hot water or rice baths.

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Eff, I had planned on buying nude nic and more flavoring but now I have to wait because my bank called me about some suspicious charges on my debut card that were trying to go through. So we cancelled my card and I have to wait for my new one :confused:

For ALL online purchases i use reloadable Visa cards from Wallyworld. You should never use your debit card, a lesson we all learn eventually.

I buy 100mg/ml VG based nicotine. VG based nic is a bit harder to use but less absorption will occur if you should happen to spill it on yourself and it oxidizes at a slower rate, from what ive read.


Good idea, just glad none of the charges went through.

Correction, my nicotine was from vice electronic cigarettes. Just read the label

Hi Jeff. I have endured the pain of buying “peppery” nicotine, and actually MOST of what I have bought (both unflavoured AND flavoured nic juice) has a peppery taste at anything over about 8mg/ml. I DO find that with time it tones down but I have been using M.F.S. nicotine (took advantage of the $50 per litre deal) and thought I would just have to endure the peppery taste.

Glory Hallelujah! I took advantage of the NudeNicotine “free sample” offer (check their website) so you can try it without making a big investment and I found that there IS a peppery taste BUT it is so much more subdued.

I am placing an order for 500ml today and will palm off the other 10 x 100 ml bottles of M.F.S. nic to someone else. Even if I have to dump it only $50 wasted, and how much did I waste on “stinkies”?

But if you have ever used Nicorette brand of gum or mouth spray, you will notice it is very peppery and tastes justs horrible. And I am sure Nicorette would use the most palatable kind of nicotine they can source.

The peppery taste is an inherent by-product of nicotine unfortunately which is dulled by all the tar and other chemicals we draw from burning tobacco.

I highly recommend Nude Nicotine, but note they are very slow to respond to any emails. They are very busy but the owner, Jake Rubenstein, (who is a formulating chemist), replied to my enquiry personally which is why I am very impressed with Nude Nicotine!

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You must be lucky, or their $50 a litre offer is for inferior grade nic! I have got 2 lots from MFS and both of them taste peppery over about 8mg! Two things I have noticed. First vape of the day or after a few hours break makes the peppery taste very obvious and dulls with more vaping. Also if you allow your juice to steep and use a stronger flavour such as 555 or Cinnamon based flavours they tend to “hide” the nicotine pepperiness.

You may also be one of the lucky ones who just do not taste the “pepper” or perhaps your tastebuds have dulled from years of smoking “stinkies”?

I found that steeping will dull the “peppery” taste of nicotine and I agree with you that there is no substitute for time. I had 555 Mt Vaker Vapor 24mg juice that was unvapable when I first go it 3 months ago. Now it is just right! Still a little peppery but much better to vape!


No clue. I haven’t smoked in about 2 years, so I’m pretty sure my taste buds are back to normal. I do let my juices steep for a week minimum. Maybe I just don’t taste it or don’t know better. I know I like my stuff more than most of the liquids I’ve purchased, but I could be biased. :stuck_out_tongue:


Placed an order of 100mg nic from nude nic to see if it’s any better.

I’ve bee using M.F.S. for about 2 years and don’t seem to have any problems. IMHO but to each his own… I have a mixer the I bought for my airbrush. …it’s kinda like what you see in a shake shop, a round propeller that is bent all around and it fits in the bottles perfect! I think I knock off alot of steeping time by mixing it well with it first…by the next day, it’s pretty good!