How can I extract a flavor?

I’m itetested in doing a coffee extraction for use as a flavor to mix e-liquid with.

I’m also very interested in doing a N.E. tobacco.
1 for flavor but also to see if I could get some of the alkaloids yo help totally end my cigarette addiction,I know from experience that some of the alkaloids are what my body misses & could really help me .
The only place I know of that sells the alkaloid mixes I.E. ,WTA is aroma eliquid & it’s very expensive for something I possibly could do myself.

Thanks for any and all help as always.

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I just started a NE tea project with Rooibos Moroccan Pomegranate tea. Placed 5g of tea (out of the little pouches) and covered it with roughly 25ml VG. Heated the mix in a hot rice bath, stirred and now it sits. I’ll heat and stir/shake over the next week, strain the mixture several times through some coffee filters and see what I have created. Hoping it’ll be good, cause there’s no Rooibos tea to be had anywhere with flavor vendors.

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I’ve read tons of ways different individuals do N.E.T.'S
Another method commonly used is covering the shredded tobacco with pure grain alcohol & freezing the alcohol which obviously doesn’t freeze…
Remove from freezer filter cold then draw threw a filtered syringe.
If evaporated in between filtering it’s my understanding some of the base alkaloids can be expected.

My thoughts on this are that if I could extract a lil tobacco alkaloid then I could use it to back away from cigarettes all together easier

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