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How do I know how much 100mg nic. to add to 0mg liquid


I am purchasing gallons of eliquid from a distributor. 0mg costs $99, 6-24mg costs $225! I registered as a mfg w the fda so I want to add my own nic to the gallon. I know how much 100mg nic I need for a gallon of 6mg (roughly 227ml) and need to know how much nic to add to 227ml of 0mg eliquid to end up with 1 gallon of 6mg eliquid. 24mg is similar, I will have to remove 910ml of the 0mg and add the 100mg nic so I’ll have 910ml of leftover 0mg eliquid to nic as well. So my question is how much 100mg nic do I need to add to the remaining amount of 0mg eliquid? I’m sure there is a formula to use and I’d really appreciate that information please.

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It’s important to know what base the nic is mixed with, along with the PG/VG ratio of the mix.
Have you tried the ELR calculator?


Maybe Cosmic E Juice Calculator now available (free) i forget but ELR’s will work if ya trial error reverse the input/output :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: However, these “exact” numbers you are providing are irrelevant till ya receive the actual e-liquid. The manufacturer maybe frugal or generous and the systems of measure are different. I would metrically measure it once you receive it.

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they are using PG based nic and the ratio is 70VG / 30PG. However I will be using VG based nic so it’s a tad bit thicker unless there is a good reason I shouldn’t use VG based nic in this situation. Bottom line is I know there has to be a formula for this as far as just the amount of eliquid you have in 0mg and making it 6mg or 24mg eliquid - that’s what I’m looking for. I understand the other variables.

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Yes, I will measure out any and all portions to mix. And I have done the trial and error method but there has to be a ratio to figure this out. I was thinking it would be 227 X .06 = 13.62 for 240.62mL of 6mg finished product.


not sure if this helps but I usually do is calculate total mg of nicotine
if you want to make 240 ml of 6mg
6 mg x 240 ml = 1440 mg of nicotine
1440 divided by 100mg
so that would be 14.4 ml of 100 mg nicotine
your formula seems correct too, you just forgot that nicotine base counts as total liquid
240 x .6 = 1440
How I did it you can mix together different liquids of different strengths accurately
unless i did all this wrong or didn’t understand the question


I would recommend PG nicotine though because it won’t get thick in the freezer and is much easier shake so you won’t get nicotine hotspots. nicotine seems to settle to the bottom.


Using only 100 mg Nic.

3mg use .031

6mg use .06385

9mg use .0989

12mg use .1367

16mg use .1905

24mg use .3159

227x.06385 = 14.49 ml. 227+14.49 = 241.49ml. 1449 / 241.49 = 6.0002mg

Using these will include the added pg/vg in the Nic.


I am a bit worried that you are asking this question as this is clearly a resell operation.

Have you got homogenisation equipment?
Always measure what you received and never trust the manufacturer.
Would you be able to justify that you process is not at fault if a customer ends up having a problem?

Assuming we are talking us gallons, 3785ml, you should be using about a tenth on 100mg/ml in volume for 10mg/ml end product 378ml ballpark. I am unsure what the numbers you quoted before are but they don’t make much sense to me.


…that, or he’s stocking up for the vapocalypse.


Oh, I see they are proportions.
Careful what you do still though.

Thought about your problem, and maybe what would make sense for you is to prepare nicotine solutions at the same VG/Pg ratio that your base juice with so that you can simply add a volume of premixed juice and have even dilutions across the range. Say 25% nic solution, 75% premix.

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Yep, good point :+1: