Cosmic E Juice Calculator now available (free)

Made you look :slight_smile:
check out this spreadsheet I made on Google Sheets:
be sure to leave comments and suggestions, You can PM me here in ELR.

Please see the updated calculator that includes recipe blender:


You did make me look!

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PM me cosmic :wink:

@CosmicTruth This is a great idea. The ability to alter/modify % post mix could be a critical testing tool. One of my recent escapades is mixing up a candy vape with a high % of sweetener (Gobstppers thread). Being unsure how multiple sweeteners might contribute in a mix I was thinking of making separate heavy sweetener bases and then mixing. If I found that 15% CAP Supersweet was too unmanageable I could use your tool to add the appropriate amount of diluent and get a known % If a successful final mix still needed thinning I could do the same. Thanks for helping me not do math :sleeping:

Your welcome!
I actually have made some bad batches that I noticed were too strong in flavor and am able to dilute them to a vapable strength. It really just gives an approximation of the final recipe % because specific gravity of the flavors are not considered.
But for sure I’m glad you find it useful, If you can think of other calculations I need to add let me know :slight_smile:

UPDATED 9/30/16
The NEW and Updated Cosmic Calculator now has a built in Recipe Blender!
please check it out and let me know if there are any errors.

UPDATED 12/23/2016
Added a tab to calculate VG/PG and Nic when combining 2 e liquids.
Everyone is welcome to try it out.


I Added a NEW Nicotine strength calculator to my Cosmic Calculator. It is chocked full of my research, and is designed to calculate what you used to use, and what your liquid strength should be for new vapers to get the right nicotine fix. It also lets you calculate the daily intake of nicotine based on volume and strength for your e-liquid.
I think I have the sheet protection figured out now and the calculator should be usable by anyone who finds it on the internet. I have the same questions as before: Does the sheet work at all for you? Can you add data from a recipe into the input cells? Are the result cells protected so you cannot edit them?
Are there any other calculations that should be added into the calculator?
Please feel free to try it out and let me know (there or here) if you encounter any problems.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.


As always your awesome!

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Thanks Bro, I finally came up with a useful addition (I hope). And I figured out I vape too much! :roll_eyes:


@CosmicTruth this calculator Rocks! Thank you. I used it to easily combine different nic level to come out to my desired strenth. Same brand just different mgs. I had a headache and couldnt think so wow I appreciate this so much.

Also adjusting recipes is a snap. What an awesome idea



Thanks Lexie, enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I just added a new tab on the calculator spreadsheet to interpolate between 2 flavors when the mix % is known for each flavor and the recipe % for the old flavor.
for instance, your recipe calls for Strawberry Ripe (TPA) which is suggested at 5% see
but you want to use instead Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) which is suggested to use 2% see
the recipe you are making calls for 4.75% Strawberry ripe. enter the data into the appropriate fields on my Flavor recommendation % interpolation sheet on the Cosmic E-juice Calculator to calculate that you should use 1.9% of the Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) to sub it for the 4.75% Strawberry Ripe (TPA) the recipe calls for.


I just used your Tool to blend two recipes… worked great and was very easy. Hey I couldn’t even break it :wink:

Thank you sir!


Good to know it works! Glad you got some use out of it, I do too about 1 time a month :smile:

It’s time for the 1 week taste test, did it come out close?

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I just added flavor input onto the PG/VG/Nicotine calculator. This may make the calculations needed for one-shots and nicotine boosters.

the tab is now labeled FLV|PG|VG|NIC


This is Great, I’ve used it myself, thanks so much!