How do I layer mango flavor into this?

so the recipie I was working on, turns out pineapple kinda makes it messed up so, so far this is good but it’s missing “mango layer” into the flavour kinda want it just as an undertone and more on the aftertaste,

so far it’s
Inawera Cactus @ 3%
Inawera CHERIMOYA @ 5%
TPA Jackfruit @13%
Rick’s Sugar Daddy @ 0.75%

would prefer if I don’t have the mango type that’s missing to be able to grab it from Paragon or DIY abbosford since those are quite close and I don’t have to deal with customs brokerage hosing canadians fee.


(p.s. needs some steeping time for the current profile to come through, still shake and vape but it’s more intense with steeping, tried juicy and regular pineapples and it kinda made it taste like another candy before the flavours mixed more and then it became a mess so I’m thinking mango, I have Mango Juicy and Philippine mango but I haven’t mixed much or at all with those prior.)


Keep on Mixing and Happy New Year!

<If you work at the border and think brokerage fees are funny, it’s not, they don’t give the custumer the option to do the brokerage themselves, it’s just imposed without consent>


By its holy tentacles in the sky, that’s a lot of flavouring.
Kactus over .5% takes about a mix for me.

If you divide flavouring by 10 and add .6 of say, shisha mango it might be perceptible :slight_smile:


I would suggest that you look at the median use of the concentrates in your mix you are a touch high on most of them. After you adjust a little I would suggest you look at the median use of whichever mango you choose. If you like it where it is no problem but I think you would get a more palatable outcome if you were a lot lower flavour % wise.


I know it seems like a lot of flavouring at high percentages and I would agree had I not had a job interview (didn’t get the job…) and found out that it’s 20% flavoring for the commercial line with some as high as 27% flavoring but it’s 20% baseline, I got 180ml of VanGo Cactus Jango, quite liked it in the fatality, It just seems to be missing a bit of a layer of mango or some wet undertone so it MIGHT have TFA/TPA strawberry in small percentages i was told that for a lot of the line straberry (tfa) is used instead of sweetener… but I didn’t notice a hint of it on that liquid.

Shisha or any tobacco or Hookah flavour is just a no go for me, even if it just tastes like how it does in the hookah or flavored cigs.

the lowest i mix is at 14% for another recipie that I didn’t come up with, If I make a recipie i like to make it 15-20% flavorings

a lot of the one shots from a place in saskatchewan require 15-25% of the flavorings in the mix and it’s just pure flavorings so It might seem like a lot but it’s not.

as of now the cactus is NOT noticeable it’s the chermoya that is dominant and the jackfruit is somewhat layered, missing something sweet… like a mango punch.

recipie must be at minimum 20% flavorings for this to work.


Shisha Mango is drier than your average mango and does not taste like tobacco to me.


I suggest you try 7 rfsc cheesecake, 7 wild straw INW and 7 rich cinnamon to tell me if you really want 20 total :slight_smile:

( Kids, don’t do that at home)


More seriously though,

This is not weak or subtle

This is subtle but not weak


I think you should totally forget about “baseline” percentages, do your own single flavor tests and work out what works for you.
3% cactus will totally take over your recipe. That amount would make me sick instantly and not EVER want to touch cactus again in my life. Inawera flavors are completely different from TFA, their fruits are way more concentrated compared to TFA.


Cactus at .8 is too much for me :slight_smile:

Hell I find it quite present at 0.35


Try the recipie but do 1.5% Ricks sweetener and 0.25% Capella super sweet that was V2 but the rick made it far too sweet after it settled, I give you my word I can’t taste the cactus at all it’s cherimoya and jackfruit, the cactus just makes it wet, Do a 10Ml shake n’ vape batch and replace the ricks sweetener for 0.45% Super sweet capella if you don’t have ricks sweetener and you will not have to take my word for it. you can’t taste cactus the cheremoyia really takes over do NOT go higher than the v3 recipie I posted in this thread, I just want to add a sweet mango Layer soft on inhale but noticeable on exhale. as of now all you taste is cherimoya on inhale and then followed by jackfruit which tastes like mango manilla and a bit tangy, not a hint of the cactus it’s just there to make the vale feel wet. I still am wondering if sweet mango or philippine mango will do the trick since mango guava was a waste of $$


Err… no thanks. If someone hands me a gun and tells me to try Russian Roulette, I know the risks involved and i’ll pass. I’ve used INW cactus over the last 2.5 years and I know bloody well how strong it is.
Clearly your palate is totally different from mine so I won’t interfere anymore. You do what you like but I won’t be able to add anything useful for you.

The only thing I would want to add is that if you over-flavor, it can have the same effect as not using enough (in the sense that you won’t taste it). If you say you don’t taste the cactus, all I can do is tell you to go back to your single flavor tests and see what range that cactus does work for you.


I know it seems like it’s a lot but trust me that Cactus Jango recipie from VanGo vapes is 25% flavorings… I got close with this but missing that slight mango layer… dunno if it even has it i know it has cactus jackfruit and chermoya but i don’t know which is the 4th they use to layer it and make it sweeter in the middle of the inhale with mango taste… I can’t tell between manila mango and jackfruit though.

Trust me you won’t even know there is cactus there, put the cactus first then the chermoya and that itself kills jackfruit flavour and is extremly potent, needs 10% min on jackfruit but i had added pineapple and tried to mimic another mexican candy and failed, But I did manage to do the “Chicken Pollito Lolipop from Mara in Mexico” which was my favourite all my childhood 1:1 on this one, just want the mango layer into this mix, i’m expecting flavorings to be at 25%.

my current adv was by I think Paul or someone it’s 10% ripe straberry and 4% strawberry both TPA if anything i wish it was at 20% it feels like it’s missing.

If you look at diy e liquids in Saskatchewan, Canada, you will see on the one shots to make e liquid the % of flavorings and steep time, a lot are on the high teens or low 20s and that’s pure flavoring.

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thanks for your input, not even interested in tasting the cactus, It’s literally just there to make the vape “wet” and can’t be detected, after you put the cheremoya that’s the only thing you can smell in your mix room till the Jackfruit is added at that percentage, guess you will have to take my word for it that the cactus is not detectable, STILL need help adding a SWEET MANGL LAYER to the mix to make the v4

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Try all your flavors as solos… start them all at 2% and work up.
buy up what ever mango you want and solo test it too…

Apparently your tongue isnt like any of the rest of ours, so you will have to put the work in for YOU.


I find this comment concerning… Let me explain , There should never be a time while mixing that your TRYING to get to a certain pct in a recipe … Why does it HAVE to be 20pct … What recipe are you trying to recreate ?


Apparently someone told him that the juice had 20% flavor…
I got a short pier in the dessert too…

People lie… to stop cloning of shop juices… happens all the time…


Take 10ml bottles and add 1.25pct of each mango into your bottles that will give you your 20pct. , then test it if it dorsnt work add .25pct to each and taste and repeat until your happy… Note : this is not what id normally suggest BUT simce your recioe HAS to be a min of 20pct or higher this is what will get you there :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Capella sweet mango tasted like ripe mango to me, bordering musky (?). Philippine mango tfa is probably a better option.


thanks, gonna read up the notes on the philippine to figure out what %, with the pineapple messup I did 3% jack less and 7% between the juicy and regular, tasted like a type of candy until the flavours settled then it was just kinda meh bad, but prior to adding the pineapples this recipie had already tasted like chicken “pollito” lolipop from Mara (mexico) which was the goal since that Cactus Jango tasted similar to the candy which was my favourite since childhood and I didn’t see how to make it, but it feels comparing the lolipop that it does need an extra mango layer i just don’t want it to mess the current balance tho and i’m unsure of how it will react with the cactus, that one atm only serves to make the vape wet as there’s no trace of it while vaping it.

Yeah it was the CEO of Vango Vapes that told me they use on average 20% flavorings a lot of the times 25% and very few on the high teens all across the “premium” BC line. I was interviewing but due to distance and well they already had a mixer and the mix I brought to the interview was very meh, got shown the Iso6 room, how it’s mass produced and the INGEDIENTS ROOM as well as their business account with a DIY shop on the city nearby, prices area but lower than for regular accounts… thanks to that I figured it could be cherimoya and yup that’s used on Jango.

20% as rule of thumb seems to work, the flavour shots on diy e liquid Saskatchewan are 17-23% of pure flavoring per average recipie.

I used to go by a 10% flavoring max asa rule for over two years, didn’t buy commercial, went for a cloud comp and realized my mixes were too weak compared and I want to enjoy this not just get a nicotine fix, if that was the case I would be using those tobacco vaporizers, more after flavour than nic over the last year or so.

I also thought 20% was stupid high but once I changed some old recipies to 15-25% the improvement on the flavour was extremly drastic.

my taste buds could also be damaged beyond repair from the 4 menthol packs a day i had for years,I did start to vape in 2009 but kept on smoking until end of jan/beginning of Feb of 2015

gave them a couple recipes, they gave me enough tips and offered to have me for the company lunch the week after but due to location I could not go.

also lost the car in the separation from my ex so getting there within reasonable time is now impossible. It would had been nice if it would work but I wouldn’t take a position on putting labels or filling the premixed juice, that even someone with zero mixing experience can do.

It’s not just VanGo that uses 15-25%, the one shots Zippy sell are 15-25% flavoring total in the mix aswell. I don’t like “light” flavors anymore, got gifted 6 60ML of my choice after the interview, I really noticed the difference higher % of flavoring did and I don’t see/own a single one shot from Zippy that is 10% or less i think the lowest is 13-15% but i’m likely wrong and it’s 15-17% for Tropicana

Don’t say it doesn’t do anything until you try it, I was thinking for Years that anything over 10% was overflavoring and muted the juice but, I was proven wrong.

the lychee juice is like 17% and the strawberry jam I think is the lowest mix at 14%, still feels like it could have more flavour but he did log that he tried a lot of combinations prior to that recipie i’ve been vaping for like 5 months (tastes way better on RDA but RTA is fine too)

Tonight it’s a holiday so likely will look into the philippine mango on thursday. as it stands now it’s good but I really feel it could be a bit better if i’m able to layer the mango and the jackfruit at different flash points.


I believe you, I won’t be surprised if commercial juices use 30% flavoring. It’s a factor that keeps them “different” and hard to emulate by diy.

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