How do I make 100ml 0mg strawberry custardflavour

OK so I want to make strawberry custard 100ml 0mg 70vg\30pg and I dont know what percent to add so can anyone help me I dont know how much flavouring to add and I want the flavour to be nice and can taste it a lot

@mohammed2 What flavour concentrates are you using?


Where are your attempts?
What have you tried?
Do you know how to use the calculator?
What is the flavour your using?

When you have the answers to those come back and edit your post :wink:


I have not tryed it but the flavour is extr a concentrated its for vape and its strawberry custard I have already made 70vg/30pg but dont know how much flavour to add if I add flavour and its wrong it will not be good as I am making 100ml so can anyone know how much flavour to add and its no nic

the name of the flavor you are using is called strawberry custard ??? have you typed any percentages into calculator ??? you cld start anywhere if your not sure do small test batches instead of 100ml , not to be rude but thats silly , you shouldnt just jump in and start making 100ml of something you dont know anything about to be honest you cld be anywhere from 5 to 20 percent its up to you and how you want it to taste , so i suggeat doing a few 10ml samples maybe do a 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 pct , and please give us more info @Grubby has asked you the guestions that are needed to move you in the right direction


We all would love to help you but we need to know the brand of flavoring as well as the flavor because flavor percentages vary among vendors…

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If it’s a lesser known concentrate which is what it sounds like to me I’d be inclined to put 15% in and if it’s not strong enough then up it but stay under 20%


Totally agree - don’t make 100ml if it’s not something you know you already love - would hate you to waste all that vg/pg @mohammed2 :+1:


First, go to which is the calcultor. Sign in or create an account and sign in.
Next you’ll want to create your “stash” which is the flavors you have. Most flavors are already in the ELR database, but if they’re not you need to create them. Here’s the steps -

  1. A the top right of the calculator page, click User / My Flavor Stash
  2. In the box “add flavor” type in the flavor name. Check the results carefully to see if your flavor is in there. That way you can help avoid making duplicates. If it is not, then type the flavor name followed by the manufacturer name in parentheses. Then click the button that say +Add. Do this for all your flavors. Then scroll to the bottom and click “save.”

  1. Once all your flavors are input, you can then begin making recipes. So click on “create recipe” at the top.
  2. On this page you will give your recipe a name. The boxes below are as follows -
    Amount to make = total amount of liquid you want to make
    Desired strength = nicotine strength you would like. If zero, put zero.
    Water/Vodka/PGA = if not using these, leave at zero
    Desired PG = final PG percentage desired
    Desired VG = final VG percentage desired
    Max VG (checkbox) = if you want the recipe to contain as much VG as possible check this box
    Nicotine Strength = the strength of your nicotine base liquid. If not using a nic base, set to zero
    PG-content of nicotine and VG-content of nicotine = if making zero nic you can have 1 at 100% the other zero, it doesn’t matter. If you have a nic base, then enter the proper ratio for vg/pg here.
    Add Flavor = add the percentage you would like to use for each flavoring.

Once you have completed the above steps you will get results that will show you how much of each ingredient to use. Here is a sample. Notice I’m mixing by weight so the amounts shown are in grams. If you use volume then it will show drops. I highly recommend getting a scale and mixing by weight. Second best would be volumetric measuring by ml. Last resort would be mixing by drops. There is a ton of information available to explain this. First, the recipe with boxes filled in -

Next the final recipe showing amounts to use -

When you edit your recipe and change the final amount to make, the calculator automatically adjusts the amount of each ingredient to use. So it’s really super easy and you don’t have to think much at all. Please let us know if you need more help.


OK but the concentrated flavour is extra strong so it shud be good and how much is 20% in ml

If you type it into the calculator it will work it out for you - it’s really easy to use


If you’ll follow the above instructions the calculator will tell you exactly. Sorry, I want you to learn it for yourself instead of doing all the work for you :wink: Please give it a try.

BTW everyone, that recipe is an example only…a work in progress. Don’t mix it and tell me how bad it is :slight_smile:


I did it and in flavour I put 20% and it said to add 20ml so is that right 70/30pg 20% flavour 100ml

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Yes, 20% of 100 is 20. This is actually an easy one if just determining flavor percentage when using volume to mix. Every flavor ingredient in a 100ml mix will be the same ml as it’s percentage because it’s a percent of 100…easy peasy. Arriving at the proper amount of vg/pg/nic liquid is not so easy even when mixing 100ml batches. That’s why the calculator is so helpful because it does all the math for you!

Keep it up…you WILL get it! :slight_smile:


So I should make 70vg/30pg with 20ml of ejuice BTW the VG and pg are already made I jus need to add flavour and I’m done

If you add 20ml of PG based flavor to your pre-mixed PG/VG the final out come will be closer to 50/50 than 70/30

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and don’t forget the most important thing, once you have the right amount of everything you HAVE to pour a little bit into your left ear and then sing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in a Welsh accent…otherwise it won’t work.

This is what they told me to do and I’ve done it ever since…




oh and video it…and post it up here…


Since your base is pre-mixed, you can simply add to your mixing container 20ml of the concentrate and 80ml of the base liquid to equal 100ml. As @Duneatick says you won’t end up with a 70/30 mix because of whatever carrier is used in the flavor concentrate.

@Pugs1970 for President! :slight_smile: